Friday, September 20, 2013

all about the -ings

Heather posted this, this morning and I really enjoyed reading hers and loved how it kind of documents the here and now so from Heather who found it from sydney who found it from pip.

photo credit to Birds&CoffeeDesign
making : notecards, lots and lots of notecards for the NCIDQ exam.
cooking : last night I made breakfast for dinner...this is quite possible the third "breakfast" we've eaten for a meal this week... it's fine when you don't feel so hot right?
drinking : water in my tumblers, currently 3 are sitting on my desk.
reading: out of Proverbs, almost done with that book, and my husband and I'd daily devo. Wishing to get back into reading my prayers for your husband book.
wanting: a new purse! I don't think I've bought myself a purse since my sophomore year of college and even then it was $15 bag on clearance at Target that I keep trying to "fix".
looking: forward which is kind of terrifying
playing: with twitter...what am I even doing?
wasting: paper...but really is it a waste when you're making 50 thousand note cards from all the graphics on those copies?
sewing: or rather dreaming about sewing up some curtains.... 
wishing: that the Lord would just tell me already what will become of this change.
enjoying: the past 3 Saturdays I've had with my husband and sad that they've come to an end.
waiting: on the day when we don't have student loan debt...(kept this answer from Heather, I feel the same way! looking like it will be another 5 years).. also for the NCIDQ to be over and for the Lord to provide an answer for the upcoming future.
liking: the idea of eating healthier, but not very good at making it happen.
wondering: what the upcoming future looks like and where the Lord is leading me...
loving: my sweet puppy girl... she steals my heart every day. I mean really, this picture
hoping: that I can learn to rest in God's peace and stop thinking about this upcoming change so much.
marveling: in the Lord's favor and blessing...I stand amazed.
smelling: my new body spray from Victoria Secret, blush! I've been on Heavenly for years now. The new scent is fresh and I'm loving it.
wearing: Nice work attire today, navy slacks and a white lace top. 
following: lots of people on twitter now...
noticing: how much people care for me, those at work and those who I've worked with from work.
knowing: God is so good and has always taken care of me and always will and I have nothing to fear... time to turn this knowing into my constant thoughts
thinking: about my 5K tomorrow as it is currently a navy sky and rain is coming down ... more rain tomorrow or will it just be nice and cool for the 5K?
bookmarking: some curtain inspirations... and dreaming of when I can do it!
opening: packages with truly one-of-a-king gift options for my Christmas series, (what have you thought about the last two shops?)
giggling: at New Girl and Duck Dynasty this week...oh goodness SO FUNNY!
feeling: happy but confused and overwhelmed... begging myself to give those up to the Lord.

and I'm adding one:
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  1. I do something similar to this one a week. It's a fun way to catch up - especially since I've been on my photography blog more than my personal blog lately.

    I made breakfast for dinner just a couple days ago. I don't very often, and usually only if it's just me. Definitely an easy and quick meal when you don't feel like cooking for real. Ha!

  2. I've had twitter for a year and I still feel like I'm just getting the hang of it. And waiting on clarity when it comes to big life changes is tough! I tend to be impatient....

  3. This. This I might have to steal too! What a cool idea.
    I'm with ya on the twitter thing. I have no clue what I'm doing..
    so I usually just ignore it haha.

    Good luck with your 5K!! =D

  4. loved reading yours :) good luck with your run.. and all of the change! :)

  5. oh man....i hate shopping for purses. i'm so picky! I HAD to get a wristlet after my last one broke and ended up settling just to have something. Better luck to you! TJMAxx and Marshall's often have good stuff.

  6. I love New Girl! So darn funny.

  7. Duck Dynasty is so funny! I always giggle when I watch! And have fun shopping for a new purse! :)


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