Monday, September 30, 2013

Oh my, my, my

A few weeks ago my girlfriends were here and we popped in the very first Taylor Swift CD, oh fond memories. I don't know about you but I've been following Miss Taylor from the very beginning of her radio days. I still remember sitting in the driver's seat of my mom's Yukon XL, about to drop my friend off, when we heard the Tim Mcgraw song come on, we both stopped before she could get out, turned it up and listened to it all the way through. We both had thought we'd heard it here and there in the past few weeks and having listened all the way through loved it immediately.  As big Tim McGraw fans, she had us instantly.
That was a super random side story, but basically the title of this post is from one of her first songs. So yep, that's that.
Lately, Kevin and I have had a lot going on and I don't feel like I've really written about life currently here on this blog in a long while. Blogging has sort of taken a back burner and I've focused primarily on my Christmas series and then posted whatever else was easiest to get out, with the exception of our story posts, which take a long time..and which is currently going to be put on hold until I finish with the NCIDQ exam.
So hello, I'm Veronica! I'm still the coral loving interior designer who's obsessed with her puppy and husband. In the past few months, Kevin and I have had some awesome celebrations like paying off another loan, making it through 16 months of being married( well tomorrow), we've played with our pup, Kevin's played softball, we've watched football games, attended the first OU game, I ran two 5Ks (the third to happen on Saturday), Kevin has gone crazy on fantasy football, I've gotten a little crafty with some little projects, we re-arranged and re-designed our bedroom and I LOVE it, crickets attacked Norman like in a scary way,  Kevin and I visited the brand new IT Store that I helped with on campus and witnessed a 3D printer- crazyness, Holly attended Girlfriends with me and some of my small group girls- it was a blast, Kevin got word he is officially going to Japan for 2 weeks with his job which is crazy exciting for him, we said goodbye to a dear friend and Paisley's bestie, we got new phones and switched to a pre-paid plan with TMobile- hello $70 in saving a month, I finally got a twitter, we have served and led at Lifestream- the college service with our church, and we've basically put together one heck of a shower coming up in just days now for some of our best friends. Oh yeah, and then there's the NCIDQ which I've been  in crazy studying mode for.
So for a recap of sorts of all that has gone on, a slue of pictures sounds appropriate right? How about the biggest collage ever? And hey, if you'd like to do a guest post some time this month, I'd love to have you!!!
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Puppy Loving

Heather posted this, last week and I really enjoyed reading hers and loved how it kind of documents the here and now so I participated last week, and now again this week! So here it is from Heather who found it from sydney who found it from pip. And this week Karla is joining in!

making : professional outfits for myself with clothes in my closet.
cooking : last night qusadillas...but salads every night this week, can you really consider a salad cooking? No probably not...
drinking : water , water all the time
reading: the Love Dare by  Kendrick...a daily devo my husband and I do together.
wantingto move... the moving bug bit me again, I'm sorry husband!
lookingat my sweet puppy just being absolutely precious next to me on the sofa.
playingwith my new phone and trying to find all my missing apps... favorite collage app anyone?
wasting: time, I should be getting ready right now but I'm typing this... that's not really a waste though right?
sewing: a new pillow with some CHEAP fabric I got the other day, $3 yo!
wishingfor some answered prayers
enjoyingthis past week. It was a good week at work and I had a lot of fun basically every night this week too.
waiting: umm same as last week? -> on the day when we don't have student loan debt...(kept this answer from Heather, I feel the same way! looking like it will be another 5 years).. also for the NCIDQ to be over and for the Lord to provide an answer for the upcoming future.
likingmy push to eat healthier this week but not enjoying it too much yet
wonderingwhat the upcoming future looks like and where the Lord is leading me...still
lovingmy sweet puppy girl and my sweet husband.
hoping: for God to do the miraculous, and knowing he can! Ephesians 3:20
marvelingin the Lord's favor and blessing...I stand amazed.-> same for this week...
smelling: an awesome fall candle in my home, and a smelly wet dog...
wearingsomething fall-ish today
following: my puppy this morning on our run...she's fast!
noticing: God at work
knowingGod sees me, God loves me, God has me
thinking: about the color run next week with all my okie bloggers... ready for some fun with all you ladies!!!
bookmarking: some tasty treats when all I should be making is salads.
opening: packages with truly one-of-a-king gift options for my Christmas series, (what have you thought about the last three shops?)
gigglingat Modern Family...LOVE that show and so glad it is back!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

ID Life: Carnegie

Well obviously, this image is from the cold winter time. It looks so sad, doesn't it? I prefer summer and spring any day. This is Carnegie, it is one of the oldest surviving buildings on campus. The stairs directly upon entering the front door are some of my favorite on campus.
The College of Letters moved into a section of this building and thus a project was born. Facilities Management updated the building with carpet, fresh paint, etc. and also cleaned up the historic woodwork. Per President Boren's request the desking and other lounge spaces were designed to coordinate with the favorited areas of campus that have a historica-southwestern-like feel. 
These spaces are not terribly exciting but it was cool to see how the spaces changed through the renovation and the end result is nice. This is another project I completed while I was an intern, with the help of the very talented ladies in my office.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Exceptional Gifts: Dress Dreams

About a month and a half ago I was paroling etsy for some unique Christmas gifts for family and friends, also a wedding gift for a friends wedding that we would unfortunately not make it to. That's when I decided to make this blog series. I, like I am sure many of you, are doing gifts on a budget this year but still want to give my friends and family pretty, or fun or useful gifts, not something they're going to toss because it clearly said, hey I spent $10 on you this year. So every Wednesday tune in to find some unique, affordable and exceptional gifts for your family and friends. If you ever miss it, just click the button and it will bring up all the posts.

Some of you may have already heard of today's shop, Country Couture from the lovely Rachel. Rachel put this shop together not too long ago and boy and am I glad she did! If you're looking for that special outfit purchase for your mom, sister or friend then this is the place to go! Her prices are phenomenal for dresses, especially maxis!  And the quality is actually great! I had my reservations because her prices were so low but she's blown me away! Read on and then grab the discount code at the end for a special promotion!

Rachel offered to send me an item to review for the post and I ended up choosing the zig zag chevron dress in coral,  of course my favorite color. The dress is still available and is ONLY $16.50 yes, yes you read that correctly.

 I particularly love how the chevron has some pattern to it pretty.

I got the dress in and immediately slid it on...AMAZED. I particularly loved that the interior lining goes all the way to the end of the dress and doesn't let my panties show through. The fabric is so soft I never wanted to take it off. It's loose and doesn't cling to my rather curvy body and that's always a blessing! Also, Rachel is great on giving you her honest opinion. I have a rather thick set of hips and legs but the upper portion of my body is on the smaller side, Rachel helped me choose the perfect size. Thanks girl!

 I paired it with a sweater the other day because we actually got some cooler weather here! It was so comfy altogether, I'm definitely a fan.

Let's take a look at a few other awesome things in her shop:

First up the maxi dresses, they range from $16.50 to $38 with most of them in the low twenties. She has all different colors but these were my most favorite:

Rachel has dresses, tops, leggings and special plus size items. The prices of these are about the same as above, generally in the 20 range with some teens items and a couple thirty. Here are a few of those:

Be sure and check out some of her clearance items.

I think one of my favorite parts of showing off Country Couture today is getting to mention that you don't just have to take my words for the great quality and beauty of these products! You can check out my dear friend, Karla's opinion because she's purchased products from Rachel and clearly loves them as much as I do!

And one more GREAT thing for all of you! Rachel is offering you a special 20% off your first purchase! Seriously take advantage now! 

Use the discount code at purchase to get your 20% off: 


Keep up to date with new items, discounts and giveaways buy following:
Oh and here's a pic of when I first wore the dress:
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Young Mind

Probably one of the greatest and most beautiful blessings I've had the pleasure of experiencing on this earth is watching my little sisters grow into young and outstanding women, women that are seeking Christ's Name and learning what a real relationship with Him looks like.

Truly, my heart is never so full as it is when I listen to them talk about God at work in their lives.
I love those little ladies so very much and I cannot wait to see how their lives continue to change and grow over the years.

Today, I wanted to share some of what my youngest sister sent to me. She has had the privilege to attend a private high school for her first year in high school and as such has the privilege of taking Bible class, thus getting to write openly about God.

This is her paper.
When I was younger I believed in God, but only because it was what I was taught. As I grew
older I was conflicted and doubted Him as well as the bible, it was only recently over the past 
year that I had come to the conclusion of not only his existence, but his numerous attributes. 
Two attributes that I was entirely grateful for after my realization were His patience and mercy, 
because without we as a human race would be nothing. I would be nothing. 1 Timothy 1:16  
proclaims “But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ 
Jesus might display his immense patience as an example for those who would believe in him and 
receive eternal life.” To me this verse says that God is patient with us so that we can be patient as 
we wait for Him, He gives us the eternal patience and wants us to be patient for Him and the day 
He comes for us. If you ask me (and you are in this circumstance) that’s the least we can do. As 
Timothy describes the patience that The Lord gave him, it reminds of the same kind of diligent 
patience he displays for us. We sin, He forgives, we sin again, He forgives, we sin again, He 
forgives, time after time. I can barely stand still when my mom’s late to pick me up. 2 Peter 3:9 
“The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, 
not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance” which basically sums 
up that whole paragraph in a sentence. Clearly his patience is as endless as His mercy. God let 
his only die for our petty human sins, if that isn’t mercy than I’m not sure I know what mercy 
means. His only son, crucified. That’s how eternal His Mercy is. Some believe that Hell was 
created because God know we can’t overcome our sin, but He overcame our sin for us, and after 
all if we descend into Hell it’s because we chose it over Him. Psalms 86:5 “For you, Lord , are 
good, and ready to forgive, and plenteous in mercy  to all them that call on you.” He is merciful 
everyday in ways that we cannot possible comprehend. You asked me to give you a personal
example and this is it: I have been saved by Him because He is merciful and He is patient.

And this is her second paper:
There are some people in this world who do not believe in God, but without a God how 
could we even know to question Him? How could we have any moral standards at all if there 
isn’t a God? We have been given more than enough proof for his existence. We know he is here 
through the creation of this world and how it was constructed, and through our own mind and 
conscience. Romans 1:21 says “For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God 
or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were 
darkened.” which I have interpreted as though mankind can feel the presence of God through 
their morals and their own principles, they have not only decided to ignore it but also to defy 
it with trivial and impossible ideas such as “Atheism”. There was once a time when I would 
question God, so much so I looked into other beliefs. As I read through excerpts on evolution 
and Taoism  it occurred to me that if these were in any way true, why would I even have the 
ability to question a God? If I wasn’t created by His hand than how could I even determine right 
from wrong? These are the questions that those who do not walk in the light of the Lord have 
failed to ask themselves. His existence is proven to us every time we step outside. Hebrews 11:3 
confirms “By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what 
is seen was not made out of things that are visible.” Not only does the bible state that God is the 
creator and has created our earth, but God himself has given us an undeniable proof through his 
making of the world, the mathematical imprint of “Fibonacci” he left cannot be explained by any 
other beliefs or ideas. And though there are people who do not believe that Fibonacci numbers 
are clear proof of His superior hands shaping us, I know that it is more than enough validation 
I need to put my everything into Him. There are people in this world who consider those who 
know God as people who are propelled by blind faith; however there is no belief with as much 
clear evidence as Christianity. My faith is not blind.

Sing Hallelujah! 
I will never tire of hearing the stories of God at work in people.
I will especially never tire of hearing stories of God at work in my sisters lives.
I love when the Lord speaks to me through the mouths of those younger than myself.
How about yourself?

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Life&Love: Final Farewell

This is a post series that I'm writing about Kevin and I's love story, read about why and how I'm doing this, as well as all the prior posts under the Love Story page.

All previous posts here.

At long last I was less than a week away from a summer with M. The final project for studio was OVER  and I survived! Now, all that remained were two finals, a 7 hour drive and a final walker stalker lunch between me and M.

studio besties and professors

I packed up my entire dorm room into several boxes, crates and whatever other form of storage I could find, shoved it into my car not one, not twice, but three times to take over to my friend Sarah's condo. She was kindly letting me basically take over one room in her condo for the entire summer to be used purely for storage.  I knew I would accumulate more stuff during the year but goodness I didn't anticipate this much!

For a final hurrah with our beloved small group leaders, the walker stalkers gathered at one of the BSU leaders homes for lunch after church on Sunday, May 18th. I attended my last service and watched my children for one last time before I would leave for the summer at Journey church. It seemed surreal. I'd been looking forward to time with M in Houston for so long and now it was literally within my reach and I almost wasn't ready for it.

I had become the only one who chose to attend Journey from my small group and was about the last to show up as a result, serving one and attending one put me out of church a little later than everyone else. We ate lunch, took silly pictures and talked of the year that was now behind us. Every single one of us in that room has a fond memory to recall and none of us could imagine the year without the group that surrounded the room that day. The Lord had truly blessed each of us with incredible friendships in one another.

As the time came to an end, Kevin asked me for a ride back to the dorms. "Sure," I volunteered. It would be nice to have someone to chat to since I'd been alone in the car already that day. We got outside and suddenly I felt nervous...I'd been in his car thousands of times before by now but I don't think he'd ever ridden with my in the driver seat. I tried to be on my best behavior driving,  the Houstonian in me is a little brash on the streets,  as he pointed to random things in my car and asked about them. The letter E stuck to my stereo- it'd falled off my mum senior year of homecoming and I'd left it there ever since, a strange green monster toy- it'd belonged to some children I babysat for, an angel- my dad had given me to keep in my car, and plenty other knick-knacks that I'd grown used to and didn't even realize were there.

We arrived at the dorms and rode the elevator up together, parting ways at my floor, saying farewell for one of the last times. We promised to keep up by email over the summer already. Kevin was off to work summer camps with StudentLife and I would be nannying for my favorite family while living with my best friend in Houston. Where had time gone?!

a final lunch in the caff all together

Two days flew by! I texted Kevin and asked if he needed any help before leaving,  he was getting out of town a day before me. He said he has everything ready to go and would be leaving very soon. I was shocked and saddened. He was about to leave and hadn't even given me a proper goodbye. My heart fell and I begged him to wait till I could get down there and tell him goodbye. I couldn't believe he was going to leave without a real, final farewell.

A hug and wave of the hand and he was gone.

I'd just taken the final load over to Sarah's and now my dorm was empty. It was so strange, as if I'd somehow reversed time and was looking at it as I first had back in August. I couldn't shake the weird feelings. A few of my friends came up all in smiles eager to help me get my room to a pristine state. They helped me dust, clean floors, toss trash and scrub nail polish off the desk. My heart was so full having them all in there with me, in minutes I'd be leaving them.

Waving farewell from my car, that they'd decorated, with them standing on the sidewalk in front of me as I pulled out of my parking spot broke my heart. I had no idea that God would give me such wonderful friends and that they would be so willing to invest in my life. I nearly burst into tears.

One day away from seeing M again, finally.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

all about the -ings

Heather posted this, this morning and I really enjoyed reading hers and loved how it kind of documents the here and now so from Heather who found it from sydney who found it from pip.

photo credit to Birds&CoffeeDesign
making : notecards, lots and lots of notecards for the NCIDQ exam.
cooking : last night I made breakfast for dinner...this is quite possible the third "breakfast" we've eaten for a meal this week... it's fine when you don't feel so hot right?
drinking : water in my tumblers, currently 3 are sitting on my desk.
reading: out of Proverbs, almost done with that book, and my husband and I'd daily devo. Wishing to get back into reading my prayers for your husband book.
wanting: a new purse! I don't think I've bought myself a purse since my sophomore year of college and even then it was $15 bag on clearance at Target that I keep trying to "fix".
looking: forward which is kind of terrifying
playing: with twitter...what am I even doing?
wasting: paper...but really is it a waste when you're making 50 thousand note cards from all the graphics on those copies?
sewing: or rather dreaming about sewing up some curtains.... 
wishing: that the Lord would just tell me already what will become of this change.
enjoying: the past 3 Saturdays I've had with my husband and sad that they've come to an end.
waiting: on the day when we don't have student loan debt...(kept this answer from Heather, I feel the same way! looking like it will be another 5 years).. also for the NCIDQ to be over and for the Lord to provide an answer for the upcoming future.
liking: the idea of eating healthier, but not very good at making it happen.
wondering: what the upcoming future looks like and where the Lord is leading me...
loving: my sweet puppy girl... she steals my heart every day. I mean really, this picture
hoping: that I can learn to rest in God's peace and stop thinking about this upcoming change so much.
marveling: in the Lord's favor and blessing...I stand amazed.
smelling: my new body spray from Victoria Secret, blush! I've been on Heavenly for years now. The new scent is fresh and I'm loving it.
wearing: Nice work attire today, navy slacks and a white lace top. 
following: lots of people on twitter now...
noticing: how much people care for me, those at work and those who I've worked with from work.
knowing: God is so good and has always taken care of me and always will and I have nothing to fear... time to turn this knowing into my constant thoughts
thinking: about my 5K tomorrow as it is currently a navy sky and rain is coming down ... more rain tomorrow or will it just be nice and cool for the 5K?
bookmarking: some curtain inspirations... and dreaming of when I can do it!
opening: packages with truly one-of-a-king gift options for my Christmas series, (what have you thought about the last two shops?)
giggling: at New Girl and Duck Dynasty this week...oh goodness SO FUNNY!
feeling: happy but confused and overwhelmed... begging myself to give those up to the Lord.

and I'm adding one:
tweetingabout a way to win ad space on my little blog. Follow and tweet at me, anything you feel like, to win!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

ID Life: SEC

Last time I did a post on something related to my design in my professional world was when I posted about the National Weather Center Observation Deck. I had fun with that one. Today, I have another space, or spaces, that I was able to have some more fun with.  This was one of my very first projects and I did the whole thing during my time as an intern at OU A&E Services.

This one takes place in the SEC building, otherwise known as the Sarkey's Energy Center. The college was looking to update some offices and spaces students use to study. Let's take a look:

A Conference Room: 

I really enjoyed working on student offices. We wanted to be relatively inexpensive but that didn't mean we didn't get to have fun with it. Keeping everything metal allows the numbers to go down however it also allows for various color options. I decided to keep things cool on the work surface area and to bring in that OU crimson with the task chairs and the framing of the desk stall. The PEDS (storage units under the work surface) vary in color from the light blue color to the green color.

Student Offices:

Here you can see the red framing.

And the most fun space of all. The student study lounge. The same colors were used here. The room was tight but we still managed to make three different areas out of it. A lounge area with tablet work surfaces and the ever popular ENO board from Steelcase. The study group area was in the middle with tall tables and seating and plenty of whiteboards. At the opposite end of the lounge group was the casual presentation area. A sofa-like product from Steelcase was used here to encourage students to work closely together and still be comfortable. This grouping looks onto the projector screen. There is also a ledge on the back of the sofa where students can pull up on the stools and prop their laptops. My one regret for this space was that I used too much gray and I wished I would have popped in some color in the middle section more.

The Student Lounge:

The final to photos of this project give an idea of the desking that went into private staff and faculty offices. The brand is OFS. This was the most complicated office as this staff member utilized a student intern in their same office. As you can see we created a small, almost mini, station on the right side of the office. This staff member also met with several people often so the right side of her desk, with the rounded end, moves back and forth to accommodate more people for meeting or more work surface for her.

Office Example:

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