Friday, August 23, 2013

To my sweet friend

Dear Caroline,
It doesn't seem that long ago when you first stepped foot into our office February of 2012. For a while we were both interns and it was hard at first to share my intern duties with you in the beginning. As time progressed you became a great friend to me and an integral party of the spirit here in our interiors department of the office. This past year and a half wouldn't have been nearly as wonderful without you in it. 
You've been there with me through thick in thin, not only in the life of the office but outside it, the personal life.

When you came home with Amelia, I celebrated with you! We talked about your puppy nightmares and we always looked at sweet  puppy pictures. And when I was on a hunt for a puppy myself, you were right there helping me search. Two days before Christmas, it was you who I messaged first to tell you that we'd found our furbaby. On quiet days in the office I knew I could talk to you, about literally anything.  We shut off the air conditioning and spoke through the desk wall between us that we so desperately wished we could cut in half. Our conversations would drift between school, work, puppies, life, marriage, weddings...anything and everything. When we needed some music to jam out to I knew we could share in some pandora blaring from my computer. On the days when school was rough, we encouraged each other to keep going. And when I abandoned work to finish out my time in school, you stepped in to help Amber and Tara even more. When Tara left for maternity leave, you and I picked up the slack together. And when Amber left for maternity leave, I knew I could count on you to be my second hand. As you neared the end of your classes, I was there to encourage you to persevere. When our dogs were going completely crazy, you opened your home for Paisley to come play. Soon enough our dogs became besties too. 

I remember when the ring shopping and the talk of a proposal started, we would get all giddy as any girl would and talk about ring styles and wedding details. We counted the days and guessed at hints Jon left you. We discussed what the future would look like for the two of you. Amber and I freaked out when we saw a fake proposal over your spring break trip in 2012 and we stalked our phones and facebook for the proposal to happen over spring break 2013. And on the weekend he finally got down on one knee, you messaged us to share your big news. I squealed with excitement when I got that message.

As summer began this year, we knew the days till you would leave were coming soon but pretended they were forever away. We talked wedding ideas often, and dreamed about your upcoming possible move to the North Caroline area. When those dreams turned into plans, I listened as you talked about the various areas, the cool home opportunities, job opportunities,  and the awesome distance to the beach you would soon have. You and Jon made the plans become reality as you began selling your house possessions  Here in the office we talked excitedly about this grand adventure you were stepping into and ignored the fact that it meant you were leaving us.

Your last week here in this little office of ours was a blurred fly-by...your last day I swear didn't even happen. Your empty desk area the next Monday morning made it so much more real. You may no longer be here to talk over the desk wall, or to share Pandora tunes with. You may not be here for Paisley and Amelia to have play dates, or for us to walk back and forth between computer screens to look at pretty pinterest ideas. You may not be here to make random runs to Sonic or a ride in the golf cart on campus. 

You may not be here physically anymore but you will always be my friend. I will always hope to share future dreams with you, puppy stories, wedding talks, and life conversations with you. North Caroline is far in a car but our phones are almost always with us and I know we will be in touch as life goes on. 

I couldn't be more excited for you as you walk into your dream of living near the beach with your sweet man and puppy. I know you will do an amazing job in whatever job you find out there. I know you and Jon will soon create the best memories out by the beach.  You've got this! And even better than that God's got this! Don't worry about how it will all fall into place dear friend, pray and trust the Lord to provide, I know He will.

As you drive away from this little state you've called home for so long, never forget the friends you've left here and always remember that I'm here to talk whenever you need or want to. I will miss you deeply sweet lady! You are most assuredly one of the most sweet and caring people I know! Thank you for blessing my life with your own over this past year and half. Thank you being a friend to me, for allowing Amelia to be a friend to Paisley and for teaching me so many new things. I sure will miss our little researcher fanatic. I'm praying for so many great things to come your way and I just can't wait to see your life come together in your new home state.

Love you dear friend!
don't worry about tomorrow
no worries!
Philippians 4:6 Don't Worry Pray Printable

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  1. Aw such a sincere post - isn't it such a comfort that God's got her back? That He'll look after precious friends even when they're far! <3

  2.'re such an awesome friend :)

  3. this is such a sweet letter and a blog post dedicated to your friend. You are such a great person and a great friend

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