Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Ad Space Deliberation

Since Passionfruit has recently announced that in September they will be moving to a paid service I've begun thinking about how my ad spaces would change.
After much deliberation I will be closing my ad spaces as they exist now, unless you've paid for or won a space and then it will stay up until it's closing period.
 I am trying to move the blog to a place of greater consistency in the way I share about my faith in the Lord and my career as an interior designer. Don't worry, the random and silly posts will still be around but you'll start to notice some greater attention to the subjects of faith and design.
As you read through the new ad spaces, please don't be shocked by numbers, consider the timeline of the space and all that you receive with each option!
Check out the new opportunities you have below to partner with this little blog space of mine, and if you have any questions whatsoever contact me!
What's up for grabs:
Paisley's Place
An in-post ad space that remains up for 1 month.
Price:  $10
This is for those of you who want to get your name out there as simply and noticeably as possible. Your banner will show at the end of every new post I write, giving you the best visibility. I will write up shout-outs etc, and be an active participant of your blog Additionally, you will have the opportunity to do a guest post, that talks about your faith story (see examples here). 

A guest post opportunity.
Price:  Swap Option, free
This is for those of you who want to get your name out there in a big way. When I started this blog it was my heart to share my passion  for the Lord. In this ad opportunity, which is FREE, all I ask is that you write up a post on your faith story (see examples here) and in return post my button or allow me to do the same for you and write my story.

An ad space that remains up for 3 months! There is only one spot for this size space. 
Size: 200X200
Price:  $22
I will give you the opportunity to do a guest post that talks about your faith story (see examples here), write up shout-outs etc, and be an active participant of your blog! As a paid sponsor under the pink space you will also be given the opportunity to purchase a design board - the Pretty in Pink package- at half price! ( see design board details here, please keep in mind you are not receiving a board in this spot, just the opportunity to purchase a board at a discounted rate, not available to others). 
An ad space that remains up for 1 month. There are two spots for this size space. 
Size: 200X200
Price:  Pretty in Pink Package: $50
If you are a blogger and you are interested in both my design services and ad space then this is for you! You will receive a Pretty in Pink package (see here) and have your button feature on the sidebar in a special design client space. This spot is the most expensive but gives you and your blog some fabulous feature space. Your board will be posted on my blog with special recognition to you and your blog, giving you great exposure in addition to your ad space. This is a special discounted price for the Pretty in Pink package via my Pearls Design business, take advantage now!
*Payment will go through paypal*

What do you think of these new ad opportunities?
Is this something you would consider purchasing?
What are you doing with the new changes to Passionfruit?

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  1. I hadn't heard they were switching to paid...thanks for letting me know! I think this is a great way to go about it!!

  2. Hey if you want a free service..check out don't charge a monthly fee.

  3. Love the new sponsor ideas! I also love that we are going to hear more about your ID life and the Lord! woo hoo!!

  4. I've been looking in to other options, too! And to think, I just started accepting sponsors not too long ago. :(

    I love your take on it--similar to one I was debating.

  5. shows how out of the loop i have been - i took a blogging break and came back to a lot of changes - but for one, advertising was just too much for me so i stopped all together. but IF i were still using passionfruit i would definitely stop if they started charging. that's what happens....people make money and get greedy and want to pay more. :/ no good! good ideas for your advertising though.
    by the way, i had no idea i was following such a fun blog - to be honest, i probably started for a giveaway and then took my blogging break and forgot about your blog :( glad I found it though. feel free to stop by and say hi!


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