Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Days Drifted Away

Each week this summer has absolutely flow by and I just can't get over it. I've not been consistent about regular life posts as much as I had intended to so I have a little life in rewind post for today.
Let's swing all the way back to May shall we?
We enjoyed FREE THUNDER snow cones on evening:

We toured the great city of Chicago AND enjoyed some sweet time with family in Wisconsin!

We had fun on Memorial Day at the river:

I made this cute bed for Paisley, nevermind the fact that all the little pillows I made for her with it have been torn up...word from the wise, don't stuff dog pillows use pillow forms.

We attended and were apart of Saxon, from Coffee Darling, beautiful wedding! Kevin made a recap video:

Spent some time with this adorable face:

 We had some fun with these cuties one night:

Tornadoes came through our area on May 19th, I spent that evening with one of my sweet church families. And on May 20th the world watched as a massive tornado broke hearts 6 miles up the road from my home. Despite the pain I've never experienced such deep appreciate, pride and joy from the experience and the way my church stepped up.

We celebrated our anniversary at the end of May, right close to the beginning of June!

We celebrate one whole year of marriage! And took anniversary pictures with our awesome photographer.
More from this session coming SOON
I participated in a lovely link-up:
I finally talked about my mommy, and got real about some hardships in life.

We went out to downtown OKC with friends for fireworks and food trucks

Paisley found a mud water hole...she's got a keen sense for these kinds of places

I met this awesome lady! #newbestfriend

I went to NEOCON for the first time EVER:

I got some girl time in with my besties:

We took Paisley to the park a lot...she officially loves going down slides:

Kevin and I took a tennis lesson session, a wedding gift we were given:

Paisley pulled a cool move:

We had board game night with our small  was a blast

We went to a co-workers was absolutely fabulous!

I wrote a from-the-heart post about the beautiful home I grew up in.

This building starts driving me crazy:

I got back to writing our love story again:

I went to the Oklahoma Twister Benefit Concert:

We had the best fourth of july with our friends:

I found the BEST way to keep up with Instagram photos and wrote about it.

I was blessed with the opportunity to go see my family and help out with a baby shower in Florida:

Kevin and I finally completed our furniture projects! 

I came home to a sweet note and flowers from my husband one day:

My husby rocked the gray and yellow combo for work:

This song spoke to my heart one morning so I doodled it out:

We had some fun time out with Paisley one night:

It rained A TON here and the creek behind our home has never ever been higher than it was that day:
gotta have a stylish rainboot outfit

Hard to see but that brown, that's the creek water and this is take from my doorway...normally I can' even see the water till I'm standing where that wood pole is.
 Kevin did some exploring of campus and took this sweet picture:

I hung out with my favorite man:

We got to revisit camp...such a fun getaway!

We had a fancy date night and saw the King and I as performed by Lyric Theatre in downtown OKC

I worked on several designs for clients this month, and updated my design company, see here

I decided to start a series, My ID Life, based off my job as a professional:

 This building continued to drive me crazy but man does it look good!
and now, well now it's AUGUST! Wow!

August will bring 
students back to Norman, farewell easy, breasy traffic days,
Headington more wrapped up and closer to completion,
studying, lots of studying for the NCIDQ,
saying farewell to my dear friend, and intern, as she moves away to a great new adventure,
lots of small group fun with movie night, activity night and another cook out,
My Church is Kind of a Big Deal funness(and that's the best way to describe it),
and hopefully many more joyful and exciting things
but always time with my sweet man!
Bring it on August!

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  1. LOVE this post! Such a fun summer :) I love your bedroom....beautiful!

  2. Wow. Incredible post! I loved traveling back into your summer with you.
    I love that you guys incorporate Paisley into so much of your life! =)
    Annnnnd I think we should switch wardrobes soon. I want all your clothes! =D

  3. OMG! I stopped reading and scrolled down to comment when I saw that you were playing Ticket to Ride @ your game night! You guys are so meant to be our friends! One of us should move ;)

    And I am so jealous you saw The King & I. Sean will watch plays with me only if they are NOT musicals.

    Whew, you've had quite a full summer!

  4. SUCH an awesome summer! And somehow, I missed a lot of these posts!

    *Can't wait to read more about your anniversary photos...I wasn't able to jump on the "anniversary" photo train for our first year, so I'm decided we'll do those every 5 years! ha

  5. what a fun post to read, seriously! I loved it! I think my favorite pictures was the one of y'all in Wisconsin! Ohhh I wanna go looked cold and "fall"-ish (and those just so happened to be my all time FAVORITE! lol.

  6. I LOVE your doodle of "Hello My Name Is". SO beautiful! Hope your August is fantastic :)

  7. Summer always fly by! But it really looks like you guys have had plenty of fun!


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