Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oh Furniture Projects, Take 3

One year and Two Months! Marriage is great, I highly recommend it. Love you husband!

Special shout our to my sweet and lovely sponsor this month, Holly at Oklahoma Pepplers! If you haven't gotten to know this wonderful lady then you are just completely missing out! I've made a new best friend hands down.

So all this week I've shared with you some of my project trials with furniture, with my table and my nightstand. Today I've got the last least for a while.

Our chairs.

Our $4 chairs from OU Surplus.

Our ratty-gross-ick-chairs that we've been sitting on for over a year.

Those chairs, finally got a make-over.

One of my best friends, the one with the cute proposal story, came over to help me a few weekends back (a month ago). A good sanding, some primer and then we cracked open the paint...and it was white...not the yellow I had imagined in my mind all this white, maybe off -white but definitely white.

I tried to not have a major breakdown, I was in a lets-get-this-done-already mode and I didn't want to stop and worry about it. Besides I bought the paint a long time ago, I slowly collected my materials for this project...and I was just ready to have my chairs done already!

I just let it go and we painted up those chairs...which took freakin forever and resulted in some lovely sports bra tan lines and paint EVERYWHERE.


A week or so later, Kevin and I went over to my co-workers house to use her wisdom and tools to re-upholster the chair seats. Kevin really enjoyed the staple gun part.
We took them home to screw the seats onto the chairs and they didn't fit right...exasperated by the time this whole dinning table & chairs and nightstand projects were taking, the effort and the overall details of the projects we gave up on trying to screw the seats into the chair frames.

A week or so later and my hubby got down to it and screwed those darn seats onto their chairs, after drilling more holes, while I was gone in Florida. 

They look awesome. Again I notice all the imperfections in my paint job especially, ugh drip marks, but again I love them and when I'm not using my picky designer eyes they look perfect!

Needless to say, after the dining table, the nightstand and now these chairs...there won't be any diy furniture projects any time soon. I'm pretty much set against least for a little while. I say that but on my list is Kevin's nightstand, our dresser, the bookshelf, our side table...

But really,  I've got to put my mind to studying for the NCIDQ!

Sorry I promise better pictures next week with the last couple sections of our home tour!

Stay tuned for pictures of our dining area to see the table and chairs completed altogether!

- Take your time in painting.
- Patience!
- Don't worry about the imperfections, no one else notices them like you do.
- If you think you want to re-do something, take time with it you might surprise yourself (or you might be like me and you're already thinking about re-painting them lol)

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  1. Wow! You really have been busy with furniture projects! I love how these turned out. Your pick in fabric is beautiful :)

  2. Girl, you are too sweet!! I still am in love with that fabric you chose!

  3. The chairs look amazing. I think in the long run you will enjoy the white as you can do so much with it! I love the green fabric you chose for upholstery! And yay Kevin for finishing for you!

  4. Super cute! Love them and the fabric!

  5. Wow they look so much nicer. Love the green- when people say green i immediately think yuk but green is actually a great colour if you pair it right.

  6. All your furniture is turning out so great!!! :-)

  7. Love these chairs. You are welcome to come and refurbish any of my furniture anytime you want! Haha =)


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