Friday, August 16, 2013

My Florida Trip

Back in July my mom called me up and asked me if I could take off work and come join them in Florida for a family baby shower. One of our cousins will be having a baby soon, a baby that has long been prayed for and a baby that everyone in the family is very excited to meet.
Thankfully, I was blessed with time off work and a plane ticket there to go. In a matter of a week and a half the decision was made and I was packing. It was something I hadn't anticipated, something I didn't expect and something that was such an incredible blessing!
Here are some of my favorite shots of the trip:
I left early early that morning...but my goodness what a sunrise I got to witness!

My little sis, grown up and working at starbucks!
Baby Shower:

My decor contribution

my decor contribution

My mom made these, frozen strawberry popsicles for our drinks!

the one boy of the party...worn out
The lady of honor (her mom on the left), my grandma, my mommy

the inside of this cake was so looked like a zebra

Post Baby Shower:


the back closed in porch of the home is called the Lizard Lounge because of all the lizards!

Checking out Ginger's College, UCF:
Her campus was HUGE but definitely pretty

in their student union

boardwalks weaved through some parts of pretty

We went to this cool place for many fun burger options! 

It was a short and sweet trip...I miss those faces already....

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  1. Awww! looks like a great time! Sean's cousin went to UCF for a year (then came home to finish in MD) :)

  2. How wonderful that you got to make the trip home!!! :-) That cake looks amazing! :-)

  3. That's awesome that you were able to go on a last minute trip and have some good times with your family!


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