Monday, August 19, 2013

Life&Love: Count on Me

This is a post series that I'm writing about Kevin and I's love story, read about why and how I'm doing this, as well as all the prior posts under the Life&Love page.
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I had gotten back from the Phi Lamb spring retreat just hours prior to now. Sitting at my computer chatting away with Kevin, my eyes glazed over the now massive amount of laundry I had to do. With only a week before heading out to spring break fun I knew I needed to get on it. I told Kevin that I had to sign off and work on laundry, to my surprise he was working on his too and agreed to hang out in the basement with me as I got it done.

Laundry had never been so entertaining...we laughed about the various skits I recalled from retreat and we discussed plans for spring break, a week away from all our friends who would be headed to Colorado with the BSU. Kevin had plans to go see family, I had plans to see my mom and sisters and also looked forward to M joining me and them in Florida. It would be the first time M hung out with just my mom and sisters for a consecutive amount of days, I confessed to Kevin. He assured me it would all be okay with a smile on his face but like any girl would, I worried my family would be just too crazy.

Laundry finished and Sunday night came to a close, the next week flew by and soon enough my feet were on the sand in Florida.

Spring break went well, and M enjoyed his time with my mom and sisters. We explored the beach together and rode some rides at Busch Gardens...any fear I had from the trip faded away and my heart was encouraged. I stepped off the plane in Dallas, was met by my cousin, and got in my car at her apartment to drive from the big D to Norman.

The three hour drive usually sped by but I decided to call one of my best friends to catch up, post spring break. As we talked and reminisced about spring break, aka no school time!,  our conversation turned towards M and I...and went to not an easy place. We struggled in our friendship with the introduction of a boyfriend on my end, but more than that it was the boyfriend I had chosen. Despite all my efforts, my friend and M were probably never going to be good friends, and additionally, my friend was increasingly frustrated at M and myself. Our argument over the phone was growing more and more difficult as I sped down I35 towards my destination. I had planned to be back in time for class, it was Tuesday, and so far I was going okay on time but would be still cutting it close.

"rumble, rumble rumble..."

A loud noise went off and suddenly my car felt like it was rolling around on a bumpy heart was racing and my eyes, already stinging with tears from the argument, began spewing out tears uncontrollably. I wasn't too far from Norman at this point but I also had no idea where I friend and I's conversation had held my mind prior to this.

My friend immediately changed her frustrated tone into a helpful, encouraging one and coached me on what to do. I pulled my car off the road to the median, having been in the left lane and too scared to try and make it into the right one, and stepped out onto the loud interstate to see what had happened to my car. 

The tire had popped.

I was alone, had been arguing with my friend, and now this. My emotions were taking quite a toll and I couldn't slow the beat of my heart in any way. A tire popping on the interstate has got to be one of the most terrifying moments you can experience. My friend encouraged me to change my tire but to her dismay, I'd never learned how.

"beep, beep"

The small tones of my phone alerted me that I was nearing a dead battery. Great, I thought. My car lacked charging capabilities, I had no real idea at what exit I was nearest, I didn't know how to change a tire, I was upset from our argument, I was scared from the event and now my phone was dying.

I thanked my friend for her help, we came to good terms and I rushed off the phone with her to call the one person I knew would be able to help me, Kevin.

"hi, Kevin?" I questionably spoke into the phone as he answered, "umm well hey, how are you? what are you doing?"  I asked to make sure I really wasn't totally bugging in on his class time or something. I found out he was at lunch with all our friends and didn't have any classes following. " ohh well uhh...I'm on my way back to Norman but my car tire popped on the interstate and umm I was wondering if you could come help me? I don't know how to change my tire..." of all things you can pathetically speak into a phone.

Without a second of hesitation he said he would be there, left lunch and went directly to his car.

Immediate comfort fell upon me. Of all my new friends, I knew I could always count on Kevin in a time of need, whether going to studio or coming home from my spring break trip...there was nothing too big or small.

Thankfully a nice man in a truck and a police officer stopped on the side of the road with me and helped me change my tire. I had just enough juice on my phone to call Kevin and tell him I'd received help..and he hadn't gotten too far so that was good. I needed one more thing from him though...I need to know the nearest tire shop and how to get there...again he had my back. 
I missed class, obviously.

While on spring break, in my journal I wrote to my future husband, wherever he might be/whomever he might be:
Dear ?, I pray that you are having  a lovely spring break. And I pray that whatever it is you are doing you don't forget to always acknowledge God in your life and seek Him out. I pray you are safe and I pray you can learn like I did today in my quiet time. I am excited for the day that I will meet you. I pray for you and your family! I pray you learn to cherish the time you have now. Cherish your family and friends. I pray you learn to take each moment and use it for God's glory. Amen.
-little did I know I'd already met him...

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  1. Oh girl! I'm so glad you were alright. I've experienced the whole tire blow out and it's so terrifying! Especially when it's never happened before. Thankfully Leon (who was my bf @ the time) was the one driving or I seriously would have freaked out and ran off the road or something. Love you series. :)

  2. What a wonderful, knight in shining armour story :) so sweet.
    Loveling the story and look forward to the next part


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