Friday, August 30, 2013

Holly's Romantic Master Concept Board

Well it's been a while since some design work has been here.
Today I am sharing such a treat! Holly, from Oklahoma Pepplers, purchased one of my ad spots and obtained a design concept board, so today I'm getting to share that with you. Learn more here.

I have loved working with every unique client I've had but it is always such a sweet blessing to work with someone I personally call a friend. Holly, as many of you know, has become one of my best blog friends I've made in the blogosphere. She is such a kindhearted lady and I love spending time with her pretty self.

Her and her husband bought their home and have been slowly making it completely their own. Today, I'm sharing my design ideas for their master bedroom. The design concept I'm going for here is a romantic, and inviting master retreat that highlights intimate and traditional details, like their hand-made quilt from family, with a hint of contemporary styling.

Let's take a look at their bedroom now:

They have a great canvas to start with: beautiful bedroom furniture, a lovely quilt, a red focal wall but there is definitely potential to take it to the next level.

Holly's goal? 
I would love a place that I can come home to and literally just fall into the bed and feel the cares of the world melt away. I want my bedroom to be a stress free, relaxing zone where I can watch TV/movies with my husband and just totally relax.

Inspiration Images:
Sources: here, here, here
What I want to focus on here is primarily the colors. Holly has some beautiful deep brown furniture, we want to of course keep that but dark wood combined with a passionate red tends to get dark. We want to bring some light in and spice it up a bit. We are going to do that by bringing in some blues, some various textures, and some more patterns in layers.
Let's take a look at the concept board:
Biggest change I'd like to make? Holly's red wall. I think the color is perfect for her romantic vibe she's going for but it's just to flat in the space. I want to accent her tall ceiling and beautiful red wall with a striping technique. Think something like this.
Holly really wanted to keep the bedroom personal and intimate in the items used for decor. We will bring in some bought but character worthy items for filling the space but we also plan on incorporating special items from family, pictures and other unique items. Their bedroom has some tall ceilings so I'm thinking a gallery wall would be great.
There are so many more ideas and details I have up my sleeve for this project. Thankfully for you, Holly is actually going to put this project into fruition and she's going to let me help her! I am completely thrilled! So be on the look out over the next few months on updates and a final reveal!  

*Specialty Shops:
-Jewelry Box
-Antique Accessories
-Custom Pillow
*Links to  most of the products used in the concept board are kept private out of respect for the time and money my client invested in this design. 

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  1. That's going to be so pretty! I like the idea of using a lighter blue and also mirrors--it's going to be awesome when the project is completed!

  2. Look at you, hustling your business! I love what you did here! Accent walls are fun, but you're right, they can easily darken everything if you're not careful. I love dark colors but I love light feeling spaces :)

  3. Can't wait to see the results! (Holly's mom, the quilt maker!)

  4. Thanks for linking up!! I'm glad you did!


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