Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dear Blue

My dearest littlest sister,
My, my how you've grown! I can't even believe that a week ago you began your freshmen year of high school. Kevin is always teasing me for continually calling you baby blue...I can't help it. You will forever be the family's youngest and therefore the baby. 
I remember finding baby books in mommy's closet before I actually knew you were coming. As I sat and flipped through the pages, I wondered if we would soon be told of a new baby coming to the family. And we were. Ginger, mommy and I learned about every stage you went through with those books and we attended every doctor about with mommy too as we anxiously waited for you to grow over that 9 month period. 
You flew to San Francisco in mommy's tummy weeks before you were scheduled to be born, despite the doctor's pleading. You "saw" the golden gate bridge, and Walt Disney Land, and many other San Fran scenes. We ate sour dough bread, and attended one of daddy's conventions...
On March first of 1999 you were born. Daddy came to pick up me and Ginger from school so we could go see our new little sister. There you were with mommy, all swaddled up and looking so cute. I wish I had a picture at this moment. Ginger and I could hardly contain our excitement. We wanted to have another sister so baldy! We sat there in that hospital room just beaming as we held you for the first time. I can recall a picture: I'm holding you and Ginger is squatting down by the chair I'm sitting in, the photographer (whomever it was) took the photo from above...Ginger and I are looking up with the biggest smiles plastered on our faces with of course matching plaid uniform headbands on.

I carried you everywhere mommy would let me and I showed you off to anyone who cared to look. You had the prettiest fluffy hair that created a mo-hawk down the middle, don't worry mommy curled it so you looked like a girl. You were my live baby doll. I read to you and Ginger in mommy's bed and I rocked you to sleep when we had babysitters, who knows why we had one, I was perfectly fine to care for you on my own at 10 right? I mean there were times that I was mistaken for your mother when it was just you and I.

Having a new baby around wasn't always the easiest since I was ten and Ginger was five, we cared for ourselves more than you could. One day we went to the dry cleaners to pick up daddy's work clothes. Mom went in and Ginger and I were in charge of watching you. Taking you out of your car seat and plopping you onto the seat of the car seemed much more reasonable than watching your little baby self in the car seat. We were playing with your toes and making you laugh with the van door slid open. I decided to leave Ginger to care for you and talk to mom about how long it was taking her. That grew old fast so I decided to leave and entertain Ginger from the outside of the car...which took her attention from you...and you rolled out of the and onto the concrete. Each of us blamed ourselves that day but thank the Lord you were okay.

Ginger and I loved watching you begin to crawl and soon after that walk. Oh how you loved footed pajamas! I remember one evening as a family we were all in the living room with the tv on,  probably Extreme Home Makeover because of course that's what we watched as a family, you were practicing getting up and walking about, a fairly strong walker by this point, and you were wearing footed pajamas. Ginger and I had the bright idea of tying your footed pajama feet together and rolled laughing on the floor as you continually pulled yourself up, only to fall back down to your booty...don't worry  you laughed too.

As you began to walk more and more, Ginger and I became increasingly more interested and yet frustrated with  you too. Our games of two suddenly had to involve three. We were creative though and you always put up with us. We made a three-girl car out of cardboard one day when mommy and daddy were working in the yard, I can picture that photograph of us now, standing in front of the palm tree in the front yard. We also played kickball in Ginger's room with her round pillow. Ginger and I being the ever so sweet sisters we were to you would aim that pillow straight into your cute little belly... the pillow ball would hit smack dab on your tummy and take you flying backwards...oh the laughter we shared.

You liked The Lion King for a good while,  Ginger and I are still tired of that movie. The songs of hyenas banding together was probably your most favorite and we heard it from you precious lungs often...including the time you sang it on the breakfast table with the Penningtons there, in your hot-pink-silk-panda
underwear, ending the production by shouting, hotdog! Peter Pan became your next favorite, not lasting very long because the sequel is what really caught your attention. Wendy's daughter  Jane, and Peter Pan went with us everywhere, one time mommy smushed them with a box in the car, and one time they got in big trouble and had to sit in time out. Before our drive to Colorado one year, you cut your hair to look more like Jane, hiding your hair behind the sofa, tv and bathtub. Barbie and her movies soon followed, our friends loved coming over to watch those animated wonders.
Before long you were headed to school. Bright-eyed and happy to finally "get to" got to school like Ginger and I...you learned fast it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Your days of being a precious little baby wore off faster than I wished. Ginger and too quickly became the annoying big sisters you came to despise at times. Of course you weren't a perfect angel either and often did things just to spite us. Times were tough between three girls sometimes, wearing each other's headbands without asking, and "borrowing" things like stickers, didn't go over too well. 
You learned about things faster than Ginger and I ever did. I remember you asking me about what the word gay means and how you could date someone and tell them about Jesus, the latter somewhat sweet but also concerning since you were talking about date at the age of six. You asked about God a lot too and loved listening to KSBJ. Once I asked you to bring me my razor when I was in the shower, you held it by the blades, thank goodness you weren't hurt! You also fetched us tampons and pads from other bathrooms in the house a few times... you were a well aware little girl.
Once in Las Vegas at another one of daddy's conventions, we lost you. You were maybe five at the time. Mommy freaked out. Don't worry, we were all in matching attire though so it didn't take too long with mom grabbing Ginger by the shoulders and dad grabbing me by the shoulders up and down the aisle announcing, she looks just like this one only smaller, till we found you. Thank goodness for mom's obsession with clothing us in matching attire, if only it weren't true that I matched a five year old when I was
 You were happily on top of some man's random shoulders. You've always been a social, fearless one. 
You've seemed to follow in Ginger's footsteps as far as interested and school goes but you got your desire to read and be cleanly (well when you choose to) and a little more introverted from me. Your vocal chords and theatrical productions are definitely from Ginger.
Despite my lack of acting talent, you and Ginger always were able to wheel me into musical productions for our parents...the one to Beach Boys, fun fun fun still rolls through my memory...oh goodness how below my age I acted when I was around you and Ginger.
When you reached pre-teen you weren't so fond of Ginger and I. In fact we were probably the most uncool people you've ever known...and this phase hasn't quite ended yet to be completely honest. Sometimes you'd still let us do your hair or dress you, so long as none of your friend were going to see you. You still enjoyed sister days, when they were times you had our complete attention. 
And now you're discovering who you are. You're learning what your real interests are shaping to be. You're discovering what it is you want to pursue in life.
I could probably go on and on with memories about little plays we created or imaginative games we played as children, but then this letter would be ridiculously long and you probably wouldn't read it all.
I'm not writing this letter to you to wish you back into a your child state, okay maybe that's a thought that's crossed my mind...it's possible, right?, I'm writing to you to celebrate with you and to encourage you on your next journey in life! As you walk the halls of your high school and your plagued with the "cool" and "popular" group remember who Christ has made you to be! Lean into the characteristics, talents and abilities the Lord has blessed you with. Bring His name glory and honor with your actions and words. 

High school is a time of molding, four years in your life that you have to grow who you will become, to shape how you will allow life to affect you, to choose to be a person of character, purity and honesty. Don't let the pressures around you bring your joyful spirit down. Don't allow hostility, rudeness and inconsiderateness to rule your mind on who you are. YOU are a child of the one true GOD! Live that, breath that, honor that.

Take these four years of your life to try out new interests, go out for the tennis team or try out for that upcoming play. Be apart of the clubs that seem scary but could be tons of fun. Be the out going, athletic, intelligent girl I've always known you to be. Never let anyone take your spirit away. Live with the spirit Christ has given you. Be different. Be bold. Be respectful. Love others the way God calls us to.
This is your time. Your moment. Your four years of high school that you'll never get back. Enjoy it! Live it out! Celebrate! Make time for movie nights with friends, and get to know girls in your school. High school can be a complete blast if you let it.
Dearest littlest sister, I love you so. I love who you are now and I love who you are becoming. You have so much ahead of you, so much in your future. The Lord knows it all so have no fear sweet girl! Live into His care and trust His directions. Do not fear but live with courage because you have the spirit of the living God on your side. And no matter what, remember that I'm always here, for whenever you feel I'm cool enough again, I'm a phone call or skype call away...and sometimes a plane ride away. Love you dear one.
Your biggest, bestest, sister
I read this verse on a friend's blog the other day and I had to share it with you:
Hebrews 6:9-12
Dear friends, even though we are talking this way, we really don’t believe it applies to you. We are confident that you are meant for better things, things that come with salvation. 10For God is not unjust. He will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you have shown your love to him by caring for other believers,[b] as you still do. 11 Our great desire is that you will keep on loving others as long as life lasts, in order to make certain that what you hope for will come true. 12 Then you will not become spiritually dull and indifferent. Instead, you will follow the example of those who are going to inherit God’s promises because of their faith and endurance.
and then there's this favorite of mine too:
Ephesians 3:30
God can do anything you know, more than you can ever guess, imagine or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working with us, His Spirit, deeply and gently within us.

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  1. What a special post! I always wished I had a sister, or at least a little-something. Alas, I am the baby sister ;) You seem like a pretty awesome big sister though :)

  2. Awww this is great. And no, one can never escape from being "the baby!" It's the same for my little bro :)

  3. I had a sister born in April 1999, almost the same time! Baby sisters are something special! (And I also knew my Mom was going to have a baby before she told us for my last two sisters...because she suddenly started sleeping all the time!)

  4. Such a sweet post! Little sisters are the best! I remember feeling so old when mine started high school haha.


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