Friday, August 30, 2013

Holly's Romantic Master Concept Board

Well it's been a while since some design work has been here.
Today I am sharing such a treat! Holly, from Oklahoma Pepplers, purchased one of my ad spots and obtained a design concept board, so today I'm getting to share that with you. Learn more here.

I have loved working with every unique client I've had but it is always such a sweet blessing to work with someone I personally call a friend. Holly, as many of you know, has become one of my best blog friends I've made in the blogosphere. She is such a kindhearted lady and I love spending time with her pretty self.

Her and her husband bought their home and have been slowly making it completely their own. Today, I'm sharing my design ideas for their master bedroom. The design concept I'm going for here is a romantic, and inviting master retreat that highlights intimate and traditional details, like their hand-made quilt from family, with a hint of contemporary styling.

Let's take a look at their bedroom now:

They have a great canvas to start with: beautiful bedroom furniture, a lovely quilt, a red focal wall but there is definitely potential to take it to the next level.

Holly's goal? 
I would love a place that I can come home to and literally just fall into the bed and feel the cares of the world melt away. I want my bedroom to be a stress free, relaxing zone where I can watch TV/movies with my husband and just totally relax.

Inspiration Images:
Sources: here, here, here
What I want to focus on here is primarily the colors. Holly has some beautiful deep brown furniture, we want to of course keep that but dark wood combined with a passionate red tends to get dark. We want to bring some light in and spice it up a bit. We are going to do that by bringing in some blues, some various textures, and some more patterns in layers.
Let's take a look at the concept board:
Biggest change I'd like to make? Holly's red wall. I think the color is perfect for her romantic vibe she's going for but it's just to flat in the space. I want to accent her tall ceiling and beautiful red wall with a striping technique. Think something like this.
Holly really wanted to keep the bedroom personal and intimate in the items used for decor. We will bring in some bought but character worthy items for filling the space but we also plan on incorporating special items from family, pictures and other unique items. Their bedroom has some tall ceilings so I'm thinking a gallery wall would be great.
There are so many more ideas and details I have up my sleeve for this project. Thankfully for you, Holly is actually going to put this project into fruition and she's going to let me help her! I am completely thrilled! So be on the look out over the next few months on updates and a final reveal!  

*Specialty Shops:
-Jewelry Box
-Antique Accessories
-Custom Pillow
*Links to  most of the products used in the concept board are kept private out of respect for the time and money my client invested in this design. 

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Love at First Sight?

Heather, one of the cutest ladies out there, posted her six questions for friends last week and I liked them so much that I decided to join in!
Side note: if you missed THE COLOR RUN announcement and discount code yesterday, GO check it out HERE!
So here are my six questions answered.
Cause it's always fun to do a little about me posts here and there....

what is your go to outfit
I once did a post on my favorite clothing in my closet... I can't say I have a specific go-to outfit...dresses are my favorite, throw them on and done...I guess that counts for go-to outfit?
maybe my husband would better be able to tell me my go-to outfit?
if you could go out to coffee with anyone, past or present, who would it be
Heather said Jane Austen, and you know I think I'm going to have to steal her answer. It would be her or the people I listed here (which ironically, or not so ironically, Austen is on that list too)
what is one dream for your future
Materialistically, a home designed by myself with furniture and finishes I spent careful time selecting. Career wise, to go out on my own, be self-employed designer and event planner.
And bigger pictures, touch the world for Christ and make a difference for HIM...leave a legacy of love that honors HIM and brings HIM glory. THIS SONG.
Obviously, I'm bad at selecting just one....
where did you meet your boyfriend/fiance/husband
On facebook! True can catch our first meeting here and tune in every Monday for our story!

do you believe in love at first sight
As a child, of course! Haven't we all seen Cinderella?
As I grew older, nope not really. I had no real instant attraction with either my first boyfriend or my sweet husband.
what do you want to be when you "grow up"
A self employed interior designer, and sometimes event planner. I'm starting to realize this is becoming more and more a dream of mine.
do you have the names of your future kids picked out
Absolutely we do! In fact, Kevin and I selected our kids names before we were even married. We picked Paisley's name far before we ever even found her. I think we will stick by the names we've chosen...the middle names, those might change with time.
why did you start blogging
This is embarrassing...I started getting into blogging by reading Jena's blog, which is stinkin hilarious...I knew her somewhat in college and as she is one fantastic writer, and I started finding other people's blogs to read...I decided that I would have to have my own blog in order to read people's blogs (who knows why)...and then I grew interested in writing our wedding process and it also just kind of seemed fun. I'm not a talented writer for sure but I've always enjoyed writing so I dove in (well after about 3 weeks of trying to decide on a name for it).
what is one food you could not live with out
Chocolate...anyone who knows me, knows I'm absolutely serious about this.
when was your first kiss
Well you'll just have to keep reading our story to find out now won't you?

*Pictures from the every so talented Birds&Coffee Design...see more of our anniversary shoot here.

 go meet Heather, I promise you won't regret it!

Side note: if you missed THE COLOR RUN announcement and discount code yesterday, GO check it out HERE!
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Color Run comes to OKC & PROMO CODE!

Guys, I am SO stoked about this post!
First of all, I love The Color Run, I pretty much looked forward to participating in one for over a year, and then finally ran my first in April in Dallas.
Second of all, I love that the Color Run is coming to OKC, that's much closer for me to get to than Dallas.
Third of all, I love offering up sweet stuff to all you pretty people out there! Especially sweet stuff with the color run!

So let's get with it shall we?
Oh The Color Run, happy faces, white clothing, pumped up energy, fun music, super exciting atmosphere and tons and tons of color! Can you even imagine a better way to spend your October 5th? I think not.
If you haven't heard of The Color Run before, it is a fun run in which is "less about your 10-minute-mile and more about having the time of your life! The Color Run is a five-kilometerm un-timed race in which thousands participate are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometer." Yep, you get a bunch of colored powder thrown at you at each km. You close your mouth, raise your arms and skip in circles down the colored powdered's amazing!
At the end of The Color Run, of course you celebrate! They create a "gigantic 'Color Festival,' using more colored powder to create happiness and lasting memories, not to mention millions of vivid color." That's the truth yall. Check out my pictures at the end of my post from the April Color Run.
Still don't believe me? Check this cool video out:

So you still want more info? Well The Color Run is known for being the "Happiest 5K on the Planet" and is a "unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, individuality, and giving back to the community." This 5K is all about fun! Fun-loving, fun-giving, fun-celebrating. You can learn more about how The Color Run got started and more here
The OKC Color Run will be chariting the Oklahoma Zoological Society which will benefit  the Oklahoma City Zoo, a place I know so many families go to enjoy and create many memories. Learn more about the OKC Color Run HERE.
There are 2  rules.
And you're going to LOVE them:
1. Where white at the starting line
2. Finish plastered in color
See, not even really rules, just fun!

And I've got one more incentive for you. Holly from Oklahoma Pepplers, Tienna from Halford-Party of Two, Shae from Sprinkles and Glitter, Sydeney from the Sydney Project and myself are definitely doing The Color Run so if you sign up, we want to meet you! We want to create a little color run loving blogger group! Sign up with us HERE.
This could be us:

So now what you ask? Click HERE to find a locations page. There you find where The Color Run is coming! The promo code will work for any color run but of course I'm hoping your are coming to the OKC Color Run. Promo code: COLOR5OFF ... You get $5 off your entry!

One more tip: Races sell out FAST so if you think you want to go just go for it! Don't even hesitate. I promise you're going to have a great time!
Inline image 1

*I was compensated for this post with tickets to the race however, the words, unless quoted, are my own. The opinions are most definitely my own. I really do love The Color Run!

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YOU are a crown of BEAUTY

CrownofBeautyCrown.jpgGood morning everyone! Today, I've got a special treat for you, the sweet Livy from Crown of Beauty Magazine is here to share with you something that the Lord has given  here such a passion for. I love what this young sister in Christ is doing for young ladies and how she is exemplifying the Lord with her actions. Please show this beautiful lady some love and encouragement and share her post with the young ladies in your life!


Boys, Beauty and Disney Princesses

“Sometimes I think God sprayed me with a huge bottle of boy repellent, just for the fun of it.”
Ally's quirky comment reminded me of her single status.

My reply was just as single, yet not quite so humorous. “God must think really highly of my future husband, because He hasn't let any boy come near me with a ten-foot pole!” I sighed wistfully,
“I hope he appreciates it.”

Conversations like this happen every few weeks when I ask Alyssa if she has any secret admirers hiding love notes in her cubby at work, or hunky guys on the block writing her love songs. 
Her response is always the same, then it's her turn to ask me about my lack of love life. We joke about becoming old, senile cat ladies who will wear polyester pants and date imaginary boyfriends who don't exist.

Choosing not to date was exciting at first. It was rebellious and gutsy. Proudly sporting our Barlow Girl T-shirts in middle school was almost the cool thing to do. In high school, we joined forces in support of our No Dating Campaign.
But now, as many of our friends are inviting us to watch them slow dance with Prince Charming at their weddings, we can't help but glance at one another, and wonder if there's something wrong with us.

Hidden Treasure 
Do you ever feel invisible to the guys in your life? Maybe you feel like you're the only girl without a prom date. Sometimes I feel like a weary Rapunzel, locked up in an intimidating tower of stone, which keeps my Flynn Rider far, far away.

Sneaky lies pounce on every opportunity of doubt to whisper things like, “You're unattractive. You're a major dork. All your friends have someone special to hold hands with on the Fourth of July. You dream of fireworks, sparks and romance, but you've never even been asked on a date before!You don't get special attention from guys, because you're not worthy of it.”

Do these words sound familiar? Lies attempt to disguise themselves in sneaky shades of truth. If we're not careful, we can easily slip into a place of discouragement. Magazines, music, Hollywood, and movie screens tell me that without a guy on my arm, I'm painfully pathetic. What good am I if I don't have what it takes to capture his heart? Isn't that what it's all

Sweet sister, don't believe these shadowy words to be true. If we strike a match on the stone of Jesus, and light the candle of God's Word, these darkened lies will suddenly be illuminated with a dazzling truth.

In Job Chapter 28, Job talks about a deep, dark place. He speaks of hidden treasure buried underground. A mine of glorious, priceless jewels are hidden, but the sparkling diamonds resting there are not for the eyes of man. Only God sees “the place where gold is refined.” (vs 1).

Verse 10 says,

“He tunnels through the rock; His eyes see all its treasures, He searches sources of the rivers, and brings hidden things to light.” (vs 10)

My favorite verse in this passage is verse 6,
“Sapphires come from its rocks, and its dust contains nuggets of gold.”
One might look at these verses and say, “What kind of injustice is this? Why are those lovely pieces of gold, silver, and sapphires forced to live in the dirt where no one can see them? They should be honored and adored, noticed and cherished! Why would God hide them away like that?”

These treasures would only be found by those who would seek them out. God didn't make these treasures obvious and place them on a display table. He knew that lazy men would never dive into the depths of the earth. He knew that only those men who truly desired and valued the treasure would seek it. The men who would humble themselves and be willing to get a little dirty...those are the guys who are forever rewarded with the prize.
The same is true with you. You are beautiful. You're a dazzling diamond. The Bible says that you were woven together in the depths of the earth. Because you are so valuable and lovely, the Lord has hidden you in the shade of His right hand. You're under his covering, and you may feel as though you're locked in a tower. You are tucked away, but not to rot. You've been hidden so that your beautification process can continue, without being tainted by the fingerprints of man. You shine like stars in the universe. You have an expensive price tag on your soul, that could only be matched by Someone so priceless as the King of Kings, the Majesty of Heaven, God's only son, Jesus.

Be encouraged sister. God does have a man for you! He won't be a selfish, shallow jerk who only takes what is free and easy. If you stay hidden in God's presence, this man will set out on the greatest adventure of his life, as he humbles himself and travels through the deepest places of life...just to find you, his eternal treasure.

Cinderella was hidden for a purpose. A parade of guys didn't pound on her door. Gentlemen callers didn't fill up the parlor. We all know that Cinderella wasn't ugly, socially awkward, or unattractive in any way...she was glorious! She was a Princess, hidden until the perfect time for love to awaken.

Do you remember that magical scene when Cinderella entered the ball room for the first time? Every jaw dropped and Prince Charming stared at this mysterious girl. Who was she? Where had she come from? Charming was suddenly hit with an astonishing realization... he didn't know anything about this girl, but he wanted to know everything. She was like nothing he had ever seen.
Some say Charming fell head over heels because of her sparkly blue dress or luxurious blonde hair, but I believe Charming saw something beyond sparkles and glitter....
He saw the defining element, the one thing that set her apart from every other pretty face in the room.
He saw a beautiful heart. Patience and kindness were glowing from her eyes.
She didn't flaunt and strut into the room...instead she gracefully walked in thankfulness. Her humble heart posture enabled her to be exalted to the high place of Princess. Charming knew that this was his future Queen.

In order to walk in the heavenly splendor of a Princess like Cinderella, we must first allow ourselves to be humbled and changed in the hidden, secret place. Dirt is the place where diamonds are discovered. 

Let God use your season of hidden singleness to create something breathtakingly beautiful.

Take some time to check out her book and other resources on her blog!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dear Blue

My dearest littlest sister,
My, my how you've grown! I can't even believe that a week ago you began your freshmen year of high school. Kevin is always teasing me for continually calling you baby blue...I can't help it. You will forever be the family's youngest and therefore the baby. 
I remember finding baby books in mommy's closet before I actually knew you were coming. As I sat and flipped through the pages, I wondered if we would soon be told of a new baby coming to the family. And we were. Ginger, mommy and I learned about every stage you went through with those books and we attended every doctor about with mommy too as we anxiously waited for you to grow over that 9 month period. 
You flew to San Francisco in mommy's tummy weeks before you were scheduled to be born, despite the doctor's pleading. You "saw" the golden gate bridge, and Walt Disney Land, and many other San Fran scenes. We ate sour dough bread, and attended one of daddy's conventions...
On March first of 1999 you were born. Daddy came to pick up me and Ginger from school so we could go see our new little sister. There you were with mommy, all swaddled up and looking so cute. I wish I had a picture at this moment. Ginger and I could hardly contain our excitement. We wanted to have another sister so baldy! We sat there in that hospital room just beaming as we held you for the first time. I can recall a picture: I'm holding you and Ginger is squatting down by the chair I'm sitting in, the photographer (whomever it was) took the photo from above...Ginger and I are looking up with the biggest smiles plastered on our faces with of course matching plaid uniform headbands on.

I carried you everywhere mommy would let me and I showed you off to anyone who cared to look. You had the prettiest fluffy hair that created a mo-hawk down the middle, don't worry mommy curled it so you looked like a girl. You were my live baby doll. I read to you and Ginger in mommy's bed and I rocked you to sleep when we had babysitters, who knows why we had one, I was perfectly fine to care for you on my own at 10 right? I mean there were times that I was mistaken for your mother when it was just you and I.

Having a new baby around wasn't always the easiest since I was ten and Ginger was five, we cared for ourselves more than you could. One day we went to the dry cleaners to pick up daddy's work clothes. Mom went in and Ginger and I were in charge of watching you. Taking you out of your car seat and plopping you onto the seat of the car seemed much more reasonable than watching your little baby self in the car seat. We were playing with your toes and making you laugh with the van door slid open. I decided to leave Ginger to care for you and talk to mom about how long it was taking her. That grew old fast so I decided to leave and entertain Ginger from the outside of the car...which took her attention from you...and you rolled out of the and onto the concrete. Each of us blamed ourselves that day but thank the Lord you were okay.

Ginger and I loved watching you begin to crawl and soon after that walk. Oh how you loved footed pajamas! I remember one evening as a family we were all in the living room with the tv on,  probably Extreme Home Makeover because of course that's what we watched as a family, you were practicing getting up and walking about, a fairly strong walker by this point, and you were wearing footed pajamas. Ginger and I had the bright idea of tying your footed pajama feet together and rolled laughing on the floor as you continually pulled yourself up, only to fall back down to your booty...don't worry  you laughed too.

As you began to walk more and more, Ginger and I became increasingly more interested and yet frustrated with  you too. Our games of two suddenly had to involve three. We were creative though and you always put up with us. We made a three-girl car out of cardboard one day when mommy and daddy were working in the yard, I can picture that photograph of us now, standing in front of the palm tree in the front yard. We also played kickball in Ginger's room with her round pillow. Ginger and I being the ever so sweet sisters we were to you would aim that pillow straight into your cute little belly... the pillow ball would hit smack dab on your tummy and take you flying backwards...oh the laughter we shared.

You liked The Lion King for a good while,  Ginger and I are still tired of that movie. The songs of hyenas banding together was probably your most favorite and we heard it from you precious lungs often...including the time you sang it on the breakfast table with the Penningtons there, in your hot-pink-silk-panda
underwear, ending the production by shouting, hotdog! Peter Pan became your next favorite, not lasting very long because the sequel is what really caught your attention. Wendy's daughter  Jane, and Peter Pan went with us everywhere, one time mommy smushed them with a box in the car, and one time they got in big trouble and had to sit in time out. Before our drive to Colorado one year, you cut your hair to look more like Jane, hiding your hair behind the sofa, tv and bathtub. Barbie and her movies soon followed, our friends loved coming over to watch those animated wonders.
Before long you were headed to school. Bright-eyed and happy to finally "get to" got to school like Ginger and learned fast it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Your days of being a precious little baby wore off faster than I wished. Ginger and too quickly became the annoying big sisters you came to despise at times. Of course you weren't a perfect angel either and often did things just to spite us. Times were tough between three girls sometimes, wearing each other's headbands without asking, and "borrowing" things like stickers, didn't go over too well. 
You learned about things faster than Ginger and I ever did. I remember you asking me about what the word gay means and how you could date someone and tell them about Jesus, the latter somewhat sweet but also concerning since you were talking about date at the age of six. You asked about God a lot too and loved listening to KSBJ. Once I asked you to bring me my razor when I was in the shower, you held it by the blades, thank goodness you weren't hurt! You also fetched us tampons and pads from other bathrooms in the house a few times... you were a well aware little girl.
Once in Las Vegas at another one of daddy's conventions, we lost you. You were maybe five at the time. Mommy freaked out. Don't worry, we were all in matching attire though so it didn't take too long with mom grabbing Ginger by the shoulders and dad grabbing me by the shoulders up and down the aisle announcing, she looks just like this one only smaller, till we found you. Thank goodness for mom's obsession with clothing us in matching attire, if only it weren't true that I matched a five year old when I was
 You were happily on top of some man's random shoulders. You've always been a social, fearless one. 
You've seemed to follow in Ginger's footsteps as far as interested and school goes but you got your desire to read and be cleanly (well when you choose to) and a little more introverted from me. Your vocal chords and theatrical productions are definitely from Ginger.
Despite my lack of acting talent, you and Ginger always were able to wheel me into musical productions for our parents...the one to Beach Boys, fun fun fun still rolls through my memory...oh goodness how below my age I acted when I was around you and Ginger.
When you reached pre-teen you weren't so fond of Ginger and I. In fact we were probably the most uncool people you've ever known...and this phase hasn't quite ended yet to be completely honest. Sometimes you'd still let us do your hair or dress you, so long as none of your friend were going to see you. You still enjoyed sister days, when they were times you had our complete attention. 
And now you're discovering who you are. You're learning what your real interests are shaping to be. You're discovering what it is you want to pursue in life.
I could probably go on and on with memories about little plays we created or imaginative games we played as children, but then this letter would be ridiculously long and you probably wouldn't read it all.
I'm not writing this letter to you to wish you back into a your child state, okay maybe that's a thought that's crossed my's possible, right?, I'm writing to you to celebrate with you and to encourage you on your next journey in life! As you walk the halls of your high school and your plagued with the "cool" and "popular" group remember who Christ has made you to be! Lean into the characteristics, talents and abilities the Lord has blessed you with. Bring His name glory and honor with your actions and words. 

High school is a time of molding, four years in your life that you have to grow who you will become, to shape how you will allow life to affect you, to choose to be a person of character, purity and honesty. Don't let the pressures around you bring your joyful spirit down. Don't allow hostility, rudeness and inconsiderateness to rule your mind on who you are. YOU are a child of the one true GOD! Live that, breath that, honor that.

Take these four years of your life to try out new interests, go out for the tennis team or try out for that upcoming play. Be apart of the clubs that seem scary but could be tons of fun. Be the out going, athletic, intelligent girl I've always known you to be. Never let anyone take your spirit away. Live with the spirit Christ has given you. Be different. Be bold. Be respectful. Love others the way God calls us to.
This is your time. Your moment. Your four years of high school that you'll never get back. Enjoy it! Live it out! Celebrate! Make time for movie nights with friends, and get to know girls in your school. High school can be a complete blast if you let it.
Dearest littlest sister, I love you so. I love who you are now and I love who you are becoming. You have so much ahead of you, so much in your future. The Lord knows it all so have no fear sweet girl! Live into His care and trust His directions. Do not fear but live with courage because you have the spirit of the living God on your side. And no matter what, remember that I'm always here, for whenever you feel I'm cool enough again, I'm a phone call or skype call away...and sometimes a plane ride away. Love you dear one.
Your biggest, bestest, sister
I read this verse on a friend's blog the other day and I had to share it with you:
Hebrews 6:9-12
Dear friends, even though we are talking this way, we really don’t believe it applies to you. We are confident that you are meant for better things, things that come with salvation. 10For God is not unjust. He will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you have shown your love to him by caring for other believers,[b] as you still do. 11 Our great desire is that you will keep on loving others as long as life lasts, in order to make certain that what you hope for will come true. 12 Then you will not become spiritually dull and indifferent. Instead, you will follow the example of those who are going to inherit God’s promises because of their faith and endurance.
and then there's this favorite of mine too:
Ephesians 3:30
God can do anything you know, more than you can ever guess, imagine or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working with us, His Spirit, deeply and gently within us.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Life&Love: Blessed Friendship

This is a post series that I'm writing about Kevin and I's love story, read about why and how I'm doing this, as well as all the prior posts under the Life&Love page.
All previous posts here.

I spent my Easter weekend practically alone in the dorm tower slaving over a project I wished would disappear and finish itself. What started out as my most favorite project, was easing into the worst project I'd worked on so far.

Monday brought me renewed faith that the Lord had be in His hands as I read in my devo for the day, "I am the light o the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life" John 8:12. Monday also brought friends back to campus, several of them coming to visit me in the study room on my dorm floor that I'd been barricading myself in, and blocking others from using. The project would be done and turned in Thursday, but before then I had two exams that I absolutely had to study for. My stress was at an all time high and I was losing it, tears were on the brink of spilling out almost constantly. The end of the week would be bring fun and joy with the Phi Lamb formal, and Big Event (OU's service project day), but the days before these fun  events were going to be long.

Without friends and the Lord, I would never have made it though those next few days. It was friends in interior design that helped me study for the first exam, and friends from the BSU that helped me study for the second exam. It was friends from interior design that stayed up with me and worked side by side with me in the late crazy hours of the night. It was God's strength that gave me endurance to keep going and keep working hard.

It was Wednesday, and my second exam of the week was finally over, I could finally breathe but only just for a second. I took a small dinner break and drove myself to Journey Church to watch some kiddos before returning back to the dreaded project. Hearing the worship from student Journey echo through the hallways encouraged my spirit. Wednesday night always brought four hours of work but there was no such work lovelier and more filling than holding a sweet baby in my arms and strolling up and down the hallway. It was hard to give those hours over to something other than the project but the Lord blessed me with that time.

I returned to my dark dorm room, dropped my purse down, got my phone charger, laptop, and some water and dragged my feet down the study room. I wonder how crazy these hall mates think I am,  I thought as I opened the glass door that I had marked with a paper begging custodial and hall mates to please leave the room as is and I'll clean on Thursday evening. Back to work I went, but not before tuning my laptop to the online stream of my favorite Christian radio station from back home.
(yes this is THE project, and that is MY work)
I lost track of time completely, but at some point I finally broke down and asked my friend to come help me, (the only real friend I'd known from home). Being an architecture major herself, she knew quite well the stress I was under and didn't even hesitate. A couple friends, including Kevin, offered me their print credit so I could print pages off for my presentation board for free. They rushed down to the computer lab at some unknown time of the night with me to log in and print things for me. I left them, went up to the study room and got back to work. I was in go-go-go mode now, there was no stopping for anything.

My friend from home helped me cut out the various images for presentation boards and mount them to the foam core. She stayed late into the night with me before deciding to turn in and get some rest. I glanced out the window into the dark night for a split second, a friend of mine in interior design was in the same type of room at the dorm tower across from myself...were were both cutting it SO close, and we both knew there would be no sleeping for us that night.

I remember the sun starting to shine and my panic beginning to take residence in my whole being. I was now just hours away from having to complete and turn in, and present this project. Breakfast was something I was going to have time for and I was most definitely skipping my morning classes. Kevin began messaging me asking me if I was doing okay, knowing full well that I'd probably stayed up the whole night. My eyes were hurting and I told him I was worried about finishing. He offered to bring me lunch and anything else I needed as he was leaving his morning, food sounded delightful!

By the time he arrived with my custom lunch order in hand I was running around like a crazy lady, slapping things onto my boards, longing for my time, and depressed over the parts of the project that definitely showed my last minute effort. Looking at him standing there with my lunch in his hand was such an encouraging and happy state. How blessed I was!

My Houston friend was there again, helping me throw everything together. She worked on things as I went back to my room to get dressed for the presentation, desperately trying to cover up my weariness with make-up and my lack of a shower with body spray. I may not feel put together but I had to at least try and look it. With her help, we got my things to the car and she drove as I assembled my project binder, another last minute attempt to really finish this project. Fact: I was already late to presentations.

a site that brought me a smile during the week

That presentation session was one I will never forget. I went to the wrong room at first, since I was late I didn't know what was going on. Then I was put at the end of the list, again because I was late. A girl I did not yet know but would one day call a best friend, broke down in tears during her presentation. My other last minute friend messaged me so we could somewhat bond over our feelings of failure. My presentation was weak and my boards were sad. My instructor saw my brokenness and gave me constructive but also encouraging critique.

I returned to my room around 6pm and fell onto my bed, oh bed...where had you been?! My friends asked me to dinner but I declined, I had to clean that room and I absolutely had to get myself to bed. I changed into comfortable clothes and pulled everything out of that stupid study room I'd spent way too many hours in and flat out dropped it onto the floor of my dorm room. I had zero energy left. I got my take-out comfort food from the Cate restaurants back into my room and dialed my mom, and proceeded to cry.

Then I slept for 15 hours straight, waking up to a 2pm alarm...I could have slept longer.

It was the worst I had ever felt after completing a project. Most project ends come with joy and celebration. This one came with regret and beating myself up over my failures. I would have more projects with great stress but thankfully I never did again feel that depression over a completed project. But despite all the stress and turmoil of this project, one thing was ever constant through it all, God had blessed me with sweet friendships, one of which being Kevin. Before I shut my eyes that Thursday night he messaged me asking me if I was happy to finally being done with the project, my response I can't remember, his comment I will never forget, "just what you have to look forward to the next three years :) but I'll be there to help you, as much as you need me to :D"

I was blessed at OU.

Friday I blissfully went through the day thinking of Saturday. Because Saturday brought the Phi Lamb formal, and with that brought M and his father, and the two together brought the first time Kevin and other friends would finally meet M.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

To my sweet friend

Dear Caroline,
It doesn't seem that long ago when you first stepped foot into our office February of 2012. For a while we were both interns and it was hard at first to share my intern duties with you in the beginning. As time progressed you became a great friend to me and an integral party of the spirit here in our interiors department of the office. This past year and a half wouldn't have been nearly as wonderful without you in it. 
You've been there with me through thick in thin, not only in the life of the office but outside it, the personal life.

When you came home with Amelia, I celebrated with you! We talked about your puppy nightmares and we always looked at sweet  puppy pictures. And when I was on a hunt for a puppy myself, you were right there helping me search. Two days before Christmas, it was you who I messaged first to tell you that we'd found our furbaby. On quiet days in the office I knew I could talk to you, about literally anything.  We shut off the air conditioning and spoke through the desk wall between us that we so desperately wished we could cut in half. Our conversations would drift between school, work, puppies, life, marriage, weddings...anything and everything. When we needed some music to jam out to I knew we could share in some pandora blaring from my computer. On the days when school was rough, we encouraged each other to keep going. And when I abandoned work to finish out my time in school, you stepped in to help Amber and Tara even more. When Tara left for maternity leave, you and I picked up the slack together. And when Amber left for maternity leave, I knew I could count on you to be my second hand. As you neared the end of your classes, I was there to encourage you to persevere. When our dogs were going completely crazy, you opened your home for Paisley to come play. Soon enough our dogs became besties too. 

I remember when the ring shopping and the talk of a proposal started, we would get all giddy as any girl would and talk about ring styles and wedding details. We counted the days and guessed at hints Jon left you. We discussed what the future would look like for the two of you. Amber and I freaked out when we saw a fake proposal over your spring break trip in 2012 and we stalked our phones and facebook for the proposal to happen over spring break 2013. And on the weekend he finally got down on one knee, you messaged us to share your big news. I squealed with excitement when I got that message.

As summer began this year, we knew the days till you would leave were coming soon but pretended they were forever away. We talked wedding ideas often, and dreamed about your upcoming possible move to the North Caroline area. When those dreams turned into plans, I listened as you talked about the various areas, the cool home opportunities, job opportunities,  and the awesome distance to the beach you would soon have. You and Jon made the plans become reality as you began selling your house possessions  Here in the office we talked excitedly about this grand adventure you were stepping into and ignored the fact that it meant you were leaving us.

Your last week here in this little office of ours was a blurred fly-by...your last day I swear didn't even happen. Your empty desk area the next Monday morning made it so much more real. You may no longer be here to talk over the desk wall, or to share Pandora tunes with. You may not be here for Paisley and Amelia to have play dates, or for us to walk back and forth between computer screens to look at pretty pinterest ideas. You may not be here to make random runs to Sonic or a ride in the golf cart on campus. 

You may not be here physically anymore but you will always be my friend. I will always hope to share future dreams with you, puppy stories, wedding talks, and life conversations with you. North Caroline is far in a car but our phones are almost always with us and I know we will be in touch as life goes on. 

I couldn't be more excited for you as you walk into your dream of living near the beach with your sweet man and puppy. I know you will do an amazing job in whatever job you find out there. I know you and Jon will soon create the best memories out by the beach.  You've got this! And even better than that God's got this! Don't worry about how it will all fall into place dear friend, pray and trust the Lord to provide, I know He will.

As you drive away from this little state you've called home for so long, never forget the friends you've left here and always remember that I'm here to talk whenever you need or want to. I will miss you deeply sweet lady! You are most assuredly one of the most sweet and caring people I know! Thank you for blessing my life with your own over this past year and half. Thank you being a friend to me, for allowing Amelia to be a friend to Paisley and for teaching me so many new things. I sure will miss our little researcher fanatic. I'm praying for so many great things to come your way and I just can't wait to see your life come together in your new home state.

Love you dear friend!
don't worry about tomorrow
no worries!
Philippians 4:6 Don't Worry Pray Printable

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