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This is Laynah's Story

Well I'm off in Florida enjoy the sun and sand, hopefully, but I have the sweet honor today of sharing Laynah's story today. I hope your hearts are encouraged by her honest words! Be sure and swing by her awesome blog too.

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I am soo excited to be taking over Veronica's blog today, and I LOVE that she invites many of her guest bloggers to share their "faith story". Everybody's relationship with Christ is so personal and unique, she could have 200 guest posts with the exact same topic and I would probably still learn something from each of them.
Before I begin, I have to share the obligatory wedding picture to introduce myself, don't I?
My name is Laynah. I've been married for 9 months, I blog over at Those Creepy Crawleys, and I'm a Mormon. Today I'm going to tell you how I came to be converted. I was born and raised in the Mormon church (or more accurately: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), but I wasn't converted until I was about 17. I believe that everyone is a "convert" because, at some point, we all have to decide for ourselves if it's true. When I was younger (shout out to baby Laynah!)
As I was saying...when I was younger, I felt a relationship with God. I could feel him listening to my prayers and just being a source of comfort to me. Later on, starting with middle school I guess, I began to draw away from Him. Kids would tease me for my beliefs, and I stopped telling people I was Mormon. Cue high school, where I began to question everything and test boundaries. I started "experimenting" with this and that, and in general just made some pretty questionable decisions. One day I noticed that I couldn't feel God anymore. At all. I was completely alone. At first I was mad at myself for ever believing there was a God, but then I thought back on my childhood and remembered how surely I had known back then! The only conclusion was that either 1) God didn't exist, and my childish imagination had simply made up those feelings, or 2) God did exist, but for some reason was very distant from me. I was determined to find out which one it was. It's terrifying to not know what you believe! I thought "if God is real, what would He want me to do...?" and I just started living the way I would if I actually did believe in Him. I prayed, even if I didn't feel like I was being listened to, and I repented for all of the bad choices I had made. Ever so slowly I began to feel Him again, like the warmth of a fire creeping through my body after being lost in a storm. I felt stupid for ever thinking that partying and doing who knows what ever brought me happiness. I know now that those things are all really just a hallow shell disguised as temporary pleasure. My religion has many "rules" and I had to learn the hard way that they aren't there to hold me back - by following them, I am happier than I have ever been. Now, that fire in my chest burns brightly. I know without the shadow of a doubt that He lives. I am in awe that the most powerful being in the universe listens to and answers MY prayers. I remember how it feels to be lost, and that will always serve as a reminder to be grateful for the knowledge and relationship I have with Him now. Every good thing I have in my life, is a blessing directly from Heaven. You won't get that from a bottle.

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