Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Sweetest Backyard Wedding

It wasn't that long ago that I sat in the break room at work with my co-workers, Amber and Ashley and first heard about the new man in Ashley's life.

They had met online and she only had good things to say about him, Brandon.

He soon became a frequent visitor at the office, meeting Ashley for lunch. Amber and I enjoyed getting to know the both of them and laughing all through several lunch breaks, hearing their stories and hilarious banter. It was so sweetly obvious the love they shared, and we adored getting to watch their relationship.
Then, in December of 2012, Brandon asked the question that changed the both of their lives forever. He even involved her two adorable boys to ask her! So sweet! I'll probably over use that word in this post, just can't help it!

And on June 22nd they sealed their promise to one another at the sweetest backyard wedding in Moore, Oklahoma.

Ashley and her mother and sisters, and all of Brandon's family, did the best job creating such a picturesque place for their reception and ceremony on his dad's land. They collected chairs from all those who attended, had little scenes of chairs and sofa complete with side tables and lamps that lit up at night, a little bonfire, live music, and some delicious food! Her dress was charming and she was stunning! The boys all wore their favorite colors...mostly sticking in the jewel tone realm. Did I mention that they sang and played at their own wedding? It was amazing! All of it was absolutely stunning, topped off with the sweetest, happily new married couple and it made for such a lovely wedding. 

Check out the video Kevin took on his instagram of them playing/singing, here
(or try going to here and choose the 6th photo, it has a play button on it in the top right corner)

Here are some pictures from the affair.
Some are on the camera, some from the phone.

All the ladies I work with everyday..how lovely are they?! I wished I'd caught onto the navy memo!

The night ended with a stunning moon!
Dear Ashley and Brandon, We are both so blessed that you allowed us to be a part of your special and beautiful day. We are both so happy for you on this new adventure the Lord has blessed the both of you with. We pray He is ever constantly at work in your hearts, constantly giving you the perfect love to serve one another. ps: you may see in these pictures that we participated in your ispy and accomplished many of them! Including one of your family members with the best facial hair. :)

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  1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2013

    Congratulations to the sweet couple! Their wedding looked beautiful and I love the little bow on her dress :)

  2. Love your outfit! Really cute.

  3. I love the wedding dress!
    Very cool outfit - love the hair!

  4. Oh my gosh! This is so awesome. I love all the old furniture that they used. I love backyard weddings. They are so elegant and simple and just so much more full of love. Such beautiful pictures!! =D

  5. how cute! I love the backyard theme. they did well!

  6. That is very cute and unique. I love the whole them of the wedding! Congrats to them

  7. What an adorable wedding!! Very precious! :-)

  8. Aww, that looks like a beautiful wedding! I love the mismatched furniture, makes the look feel very home-y!


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