Thursday, July 11, 2013


As I mentioned last week, the fourth of July is basically one of my most favorite holidays. Great good, friends, water, and fireworks? Yes please!
This year we invited friends in town to meet up with us for some food and games outside the park. Before that though we went to see Monsters at the movie theater...which was so cute and I loved it! Definitely worth seeing in theaters! Pixar has done it again. 
After the movie we finished off food and things to bring and loaded down the car to enjoy the rest of the day at the park. We made some bbq chicken bites, created some tasty holiday treats and did a little decorating to the back of my car to really make it festive. We hung out with friends talking and playing games until it got dark and we watched the fireworks! It was a great day altogether!

Cookies here
Utensil Jars here own craft that I made with a long dowel rod and strips of fabric, in this case old t-shirt fabric.
Hope yall had a wonderful fourth of July!
What did you do?

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  1. Looks like so much fun. Your cookies and jars look great. Love the fireworks

  2. Love the tailgating pre-fireworks idea. Looks like a great time and the food...mmm!

  3. Those cookies look delicious!

  4. What a great 4th! You looked adorable! :-)


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