Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sara's Simply Sweet Kitchen

Tomorrow I'm setting off for a few days in Florida with my mommy, sisters, grandma, aunt and cousin...girl time here I come! Thanks mom for buying my ticket! Can't wait to be there!

But for today I have another concept board for you, that's right two in one week!

Sara from You and Me are We sponsored me in the month of June in my new large ad space, as a part of sponsoring she is receiving a concept board, which is basically receiving a concept board for free! If you're interested in sponsoring Passion, Pink and Pearls and in getting a concept board then check it out!

Sarah is interesting in having her kitchen look more polished, clean and airy look.
ps: I recently made her lemon chow...AMAZING!

Sara is renting, like so many of us,  but is still interesting in spicing up her kitchen a bit. My blog bestie, Samantha from Designer in Teal, created a concept board for Sara's bedroom not too long ago. I'm going to try and keep with that design in order to give the home an overall concept that naturally flows into one another. However, the kitchen still needs to stand a apart on its own so the kitchen's mini concept is simply sweet, meaning that the design will be simple in nature but to the point, sweetly coordinating it all together. I can't help but use some catchy kitchen terms in the concept! 

Check out Sara's kitchen in it's existing state here.
Now let's check out some of her inspiration pictures from her pinterest board:
And now for the concept board:
Sara already has a couple items that she will be keeping in the space such as her wood table and chairs and since it is an eat-in kitchen and she has the main furniture piece, I'm going to be more suggestions on how to freshen up the space through simple accessories and wall art.

I chose the curtains, imagining Sara has some sort of small kitchen window, I don't actually have a plan of her space, but even if she didn't have a small window, these same curtains come in full length as well. The curtains are clean and simple while still giving that sweet and charming look.

The placemats were another simple touch that just gave an additional whimsical sweet look. And what's more fun than a table that always looks set? This is an easy look to accomplish with a sweet placemat and colored charger. Top them with a linen napkin, that you only use for appearance so it stays clean, and you have a set table!

I've seen some easy diys floating around pinterest transforming those basic light fixtures you get in rentals by simply putting a lamp shade over them. Hopefully, Sara will be able to accomplish that look with this shade.
Overall I want to keep the design and accessories really minimal, topped with each piece being minimal in form and design gives you that clean and simple look Sara is looking for. 

What do you think?

Sara didn't have a set budget but she would like to spend the least possible. Therefore, I don't have an overall budget for her but did mindfully select items that aren't too expensive.
Product List:
Seat Cushions: Pier1
Curtains: Country Curtains
Shade: Target
Placemat: Pier1
Charger: Pier1
Linen Napkins: Etsy
Napkin Rings: Etsy
Rug: Pier1
Picture Frames: Target
Kitchen Art: Etsy
Kitchen Sign: Etsy
Ingredient containers: Target

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  1. I love this colour combination

  2. This is FANTASTIC!!! I love it :)

    Thank you for putting this together - I'm bookmarking this and I will be back often to double check that everything I buy is going along with this design! You're wonderful - and so talented - and this inspiration board is greatly appreciated!


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