Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh Furniture Projects, Take 2

Tuesday I shared our first attempt at revamping furniture.

Today, I've got the second furniture project I felt inspired to tackle.

My nightstand, err random bookcase thing from Target that cost like $20. 

When we bought the nightstand we knew it wasn't what I really wanted but it fit the pocketbook and my height requirements at the time so we just went for it. (At the end of the post is the how-to instructions for painting laminate furniture).

So not too long ago I started thinking about it some more and decided that it was time to give it a little facelift since I probably wasn't going to be buying my dream nightstand any time soon. At first I wanted to give it a faux mirrored look because I'm really enjoying the mirrored cabinets going around right now. But I gave up on it because I just couldn't envision it working right.

So I decided on yellow, cue my friend's laughter since right before my nighstand I had them help me paint my chairs "yellow" cough, cough "white." I was at Lowe's for a work project and decided to stop by the spray paint aisle...and found the perfect yellow in Valspar.

That weekend I took out the nightstand, took it a apart, spray painted the stinker...not enough paint.
Back to the store. Actually found a better yellow. 

Home again, another layer or two or five of spray paint.

Then I had a bright idea, paint the inside a fun color! I had leftover pink spray paint from the wedding so I decided on that.

Bad idea. Pink, even hot pink, doesn't cover dark brown all that well. Not to mention now the outside coat had some pink on it. 

So I sprayed the outside again and gave up on pink spray paint.

Then I ran out of the yellow spray paint. Back to the store.

This time I found my replacement handles too.

This time on my return I decided to use my yellowwhite paint from the chairs on the inside to clean it up and keep things simpler. I painted the inside before doing a final coat on the outside. 
It looked good...except that I had always planned on doing a pattern on the doors and I hadn't thought much about it until the nightstand was basically done.

That's a problem.

The pattern...oh that husband chooses to not remember it now and thinks it just looks spectacular now. 
Let's just say if you want to do a pattern, consider it BEFORE you paint anything, use a plastic stencil (not cardstock), use a little roller (not paintbrushes), and do the math FIRST. Do those things and you won't end up like me...frustrated, irritated and sick of it all.

In the end, I like my revamped nightstand. I see all the imperfections. I know the trials it put me though. But I like it, in fact I love it. I love the color, I love the Greek key pattern, I love the new handles, I love the slick top, and I love the little edge detail I decided to do last minute.

It looks great in the bedroom too! I'm loving it, especially because I can't notice the imperfections as much when it's sitting next to my pretty headboard and I'm using it daily. If you missed my master bedroom reveal you can find that here. Maybe I'll have to post a new one eventually

Before and After:

Overall, this is my advice:
Don't combine a perfectionist and an impatient personality when doing projects like this, ahem me.

How to Spray Paint Laminate Furniture:
1. Lightly Sand with a fine grit sand paper.
2. If painting a dark piece with a light color, use a primer like white. Paint several coats.
3. Finish off with a spray paint poly, which can be found near the wood stains.
4. Enjoy.

- As I've already said, plan before you paint
- Patience!
- Don't worry about the imperfections, no one else notices them like you do.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 31, 2013

    HUGE difference! I love it! And that edge detail that you did is beautiful :)

  2. Very cute! I love yellow and I love the pattern you chose. I may have lost it with so many trips to the store!

  3. It looks so cute! I love what you did with the stripes - so creative! Nightstands are so hard - when we decided to buy a pair it took us forever to find any that were small enough and tall enough. Anyway, I think it's awesome that you just decided to update what you already had!

  4. I love it! It looks so pretty and I love how personal it is. Very cool and inspiring!

  5. This turned out really nice! Love the design on the front and the blue stripes.

  6. This furniture is looking so nice and awesome. I too have recently bought some set of furniture for myself and I am also going to purchase some other set of furniture for our house.
    outdoor chaise lounge


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