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Life&Love: Welcome Back

This is a post series that I'm writing about Kevin and I's love story, read about why and how I'm doing this, as well as all the prior posts under the Life&Love page.
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The Christmas break came and went faster than I could blink my eyes. In no time at all I was back in Norman, Oklahoma and it was a new year with new classes; a new semester ready to be experienced.

First up on the list was celebrating multiples birthdays, on of which being Kevin's.  I was flabberghasted to hear that he had never had puppy chow, ( muddy buddies for those of you thinking I'm talking about dog food) so over the Christmas break I made it a goal to make a batch to bring back for his birthday. I mean what would be a better birthday sweet than chocolate and peanut butter smooshed onto cereal pieces and covered in powder sugar?

As excited as I was to gift it to him, he never did seem quite as enthralled about them as I thought he ought to be, I found out later, much later, that he not only doesn't like chocolate and peanut butter as a combo but also forced himself to eat the treat I'd made him simply because I'd made it for him.

As a group we decided the best way to really begin this new spring semester would be a trip to the ice skating rink altogether. It became one of my favorite memories of freshmen year.

We met as a group at the bottom of the dorms as we normally did, grouped into various cars and made our way, even with a little misguided directions, to the rink. There was probably around twenty of us there and it took a while for us all to get laced up and ready to hit the ice. 

The first few moments started out rough, as they always do, for most of us and really rough for others. We trained some of those with us how to skate since it was their first experience, which led to plenty of laughter and lots of hand holding between everyone.

As everyone started to wear out, a few of us decided to take a couple last quick trips around the rink as fast as we could. One of those turns I took hand in hand with Kevin. He gripped my gloved hand and took off skating faster than I could even dare to keep up. I forced my skates straight and kept from yelping too loudly, with a giant smile plastered onto my face. It was as thrilling as being on a rollar coaster! I'd never gone so fast on the ice! I was half terrified, half enchanted all at once. It was so fun I took another turn around with a different friend there with us.  Kevin would never forget, it was the first time we held hands...

The following Monday we went to class as normal and then the best thing ever happened...SNOW DAYS! We spent two days laughing, watching movies and playing lots and lots of card games together, mafia and spoons being among the top most played. We also were able to get to enjoy a basketball game altogether.

The snow slowly melted as my body decided to give up on me and let me just feel completely in the dumps. My energy was low and I took everything in me just to get up in the mornings on Thursday and Friday to get to class. Nothing sounded appetizing. I just wanted to sit in my jammies and watch movies.

Lucky for me Friday night came around quickly. Most of my friends were gone on the BSU retreat but as I was not feeling well and had yet another studio project to work on with partners I opted to stay back. The one other who stayed behind? Kevin. Since he knew I wasn't feel myself and needed a little happy in the midst of my illness he asked me if I'd like to join him and another girl to the movie premiering in the Student Union theater, Madagascar 2.

Kevin met me outside the dorms, after I attended a little craft time with phi lamb members in the bottom of a different dorm tower nearby, and we began the trek from the dorms to the union. Cozied up in my favorite white, OU sweatshirt, jeans and my still new sperry top siders, I slowly pulled my feet along the path forcing Kevin to slow his long stride.

Our friend met us at the theater and we all took seats next to each other, with Kevin in the middle. It was the perfect end of the week for me, the movie was cute and entertaining and the company made it all the better.

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  1. I love how you first held hands - so cute!

  2. This is so precious! Love all the OU photos. My cousin goes there!!! From the stories it sounds like so much fun.

  3. This one was too are such a tease!!

  4. Haha "lots of hand holding between everyone." Ooohhh freshman year! lol


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