Monday, July 29, 2013

Life&Love: Forgetfulness

This is a post series that I'm writing about Kevin and I's love story, read about why and how I'm doing this, as well as all the prior posts under the Life&Love page.
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Valentines Day was just around the corner, it was cold out, and once again I had yet another studio project to work on. Falling into the school pattern came quickly and brought constant weariness. I looked forward to nights off and friend conversations always, and looked back upon our snow days, wishing another few would come about.
During the snow/ice break we were able to get out to see
Addison Road in concert at one of the local churches for free

Home from church, and eating lunch at my desk in my window-lit dorm room one Sunday afternoon, a little pop message shows up on my computer screen, it was Kevin. We start talking about the our respective church services from earlier that morning and plans for the remainder of the day. I mentioned that I thought I would go by studio and go get my supplies to work at home in my room or in the study room on my floor, instead of spending my day there, sometimes I just had to work somewhere else.

In an attempt to break from studying, Kevin offers tot take me to studio to get my things. Surprised but happy about his offer, I agree, time by myself in the car or time with one of my best friends in the car...I'll take the later. 

I grabbed my vera bradley wristlet,  making sure my ID was still in it's place and then slid my phone into the sleeve in front, I wouldn't need much else.

Kevin and I walked to his car in the parking lot by the dorms, his little red saturn had taken us and our friends many places already in the 6 months since school began. We hopped in and drove to studio talking about our favorite tv shows, Boy Meets World and currently, Heroes.

We turned through the neighborhoods, as we talked I gazed out the window pane of the car at the beautiful historic homes, wondering if the drive would one day grow weary on me. Suddenly it came into view, studio. Or rather our temporary college building location, off campus, the old Hobby Lobby,  as the students called it Arch on Main (College of Architecture on Main Street). Even though I knew I was only stopping for a quick moment in, I sighed. Already I'd spent a lot of time in that building and it was only first year. Glad I'm not staying here today, I thought.

Kevin pulled into a spot, I told him it should only take me a few minutes and stepped out of the car. Since our building was off campus, and also used 24 hours a day, we had to use our Student ID to get in. I slipped my ID out of wristlet and slid it through the slot. The doors made the loud unlock sound, as though you were opening a prison cell, maybe that's a little dramatic.

I walked down the large hallway breezing by the many projects tacked to the wall, an ever changing landscape, to my class's studio room where a few girls from my class were working. Lying my wristlet on the desk, I walked over to talk to them and see how they were doing on our current project.

The pressure of  Kevin waiting tugged at me but I stood and chatted for a little while. Finally, I wished my friends luck, unlatched my storage bin, grabbed the tools I needed and waltzed out the side door of the building, why walk to the front when I could escape the place sooner?

There was Kevin, smiling as I slid into his car, we slipped right back into conversation about my friends in studio and the tools I'd grabbed. Conversation was never slow between Kevin and I. Nothing was hard or awkward to talk about. We conversed the whole way back and all the way up the elevators.

Ding, the elevator alerted us that we'd reached my floor. I jumbled the items in my hands around in search for my wristlet as I started telling Kevin thank you...I froze. I couldn't find my wristlet anywhere in my collection of tools from studio. I slowly looked up at Kevin as the elevator door began to close on my floor.

"You're not going to believe this but I think I left my wallet at studio," I embarrassingly confessed. Kevin smiled, laughed and pressed the elevator button for the first floor.

It wouldn't be the first time we'd have to go back because of something forgotten or lost.

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  1. So are you still dating M at this time? I feel like you would have ditched him after the birthday fiasco or at the latest, holiday break. You haven't mentioned him but haven't mentioned a breakup either?

  2. I love these posts! How sweet of him to drive you to and from! :-)

  3. I am loving the stories!

  4. Your love story is awesome! Kevin is such a sweet guy :)


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