Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kate Spade Inspired College Apartment Design

Dorm and college apartment living can be tough sometimes: tight space, existing basic furniture, restrictions etc... I know I struggled somewhat with my apartment and dorm room design, you can see both here. Unless you're luck enough to hire a designer, you're stuck making do with Target college section finds. 
Yes, some parents have hired interior designers to design dorm rooms...sign me up for that PLEASE!

Lucky for my sister, I'm an interior designer! I received a text message one day with a couple inspiration images and told to get to work on her college apartment that she will be moving into in just a few weeks. Her and her roommates are determined to dress up their little apartment and really make it feel like their unique space. 
Hopefully, while I'm in Florida I'll get the chance to help her out with a few of these things! I did make her duvet cover and pillows a couple Christmases ago for her dorm room and thankfully it fits right along with her inspiration.
Their inspiration? Kate Spade
Here's some of the images that we're using for our inspiration:
The overall concept is thus is classy and colorful with modern elements mixed in.
The concept board is a little different from my typical concept boards. It is more a collection of idea kick starters and some products that she might want to look into. They're looking to do a lot of DIY plus like many college apartments, theirs is coming furnished. They'll have little pieces they can bring in like bookshelves and extra chairs if they'd like but mostly they're set on that, so we are focusing on the accessorizing.
Ginger, my sister, mentioned they might have the opportunity to paint a single wall. In this case I am suggesting a tone on tone light gray or pearl white large stripe. This will give just enough emphasis without being too bold, and they might even get away with not having to pain it back it they do it right.
The rainbow fooring images above are just too much fun to ignore. I am suggesting they re-create this look with a wall art piece instead of a flooring installation, which they obviously cannot do. Other options are bringing this in through the napkins, pillows or rug as you can also see on the board.
The board is almost overkill of chevron, I'd really like to see more solid stripes, especially in the curtains.

In choosing accessories I went for classic shape items, some more modern, some having a historic or vintage flair but overall timeless. The floor lamp is one of my favorite items I've selected, crossing my fingers they go for it! How fun is the vintage memo holder and the iphone book dock?! Too cute!
You can find the products and everything we're looking at on the pinterest board HERE.

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  1. Oh my goodness. That floor/wall is enough to make me dizzy. I prefer your more sensible version :D

  2. Goodness I love your picks. I wish you could follow me around and help me make decorating decisions! xx



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