Friday, July 19, 2013

Florida Bound

Well I'm off! As you're reading this I'm either on a plane stepping onto my birth state, ahh Florida. It really seems like a dream that I'm even going! I didn't anticipate getting to see my mommy and sisters for really over a in not until next May... so this is such a blessing and sweet surprise! Plus Florida, I mean come on people, if you're family has to live far from you, where better than the beach?
Since it has been the craziest week, work wise, for me and there is plenty of other things going on that I'd love to recap but simply cannot, how about the always applicable, Friday's Letters with The Sweet Season blog.

Dear Holly, girl craft time with you was the highlight of my week last week! Looking forward to more of those in the future pretty lady. Dear Rachel, yep that's a sneak peak of your surprise for your classroom!

Dear Blogger friends who like to DIY, did you catch Holly's burlap wreath diy? It was awesome and so simple so swing by her blog and check it out! 

Dear God, every day is a new opportunity for learning and growth...the older I get the more real this has become. Thank you for teaching me new things. 

Dear Devo Journal, it's been a great year! I'm devastated that you just got water damage but you're still read-able. I'll be filling your last page with doodles since it's time to move onto a new journal. I'll miss you. You were my most favorite journal yet.

Dear Work, wait no, Dear OU, seriously? Let's just push back the football move in date...better yet push back the school start date. No students until September! That could work right?! 

Dear Self, OU will not move back football or student move in date so you best hurry, hurry; run, run; go, go...

Dear Headington Hall, you are mammoth. I wish to never tour your 129 units of dorm rooms again, we are never ever, ever, ever, seeing each other again, like ever (well I'm crossing fingers).

Dear StudentLife, We loved getting to re-visit you AGAIN this year at UCO! It sure was a blessing to see yellow AND orange team this year there. We love you StudentLife camps and staff and we're so honored to have been a part of you last year and two years ago.

Check out husband's cute outfit this week!

Dear sisters, I'm on my way, I'm on my way!!!

Dear Samantha, YAY we're planning our friend cruise! I'm SO stoked! Who else is in? May 2014, sun and swim here we come!

Dear Holly, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If I were in Norman I totally would have requested to have a lunch date to celebrate. Hope you have an awesome day!

Dear husband, I'm so going to miss you these next four days while I'm in Florida. It will be so sweet to see my family but I'm going to miss you by my side always, especially in the evenings. Guess I'll have to take Peadbody to cuddle up with. Take good care of our furbaby and call me often!

Dear furbaby, this will be the longest time away from you and your dad! wow! I will miss you pretty lady! Be good for your daddy!

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. Awww! Loved your sweet letters today! I think you must be on a plane right now... safe travels and have an amazing 4 days! =)

    Kevin is an amazing husband and I'm sure he'll take great care of Paisley! =D

  2. I love making that wreath! So easy to do!

  3. Yay for family and florida! I know you will have an amazing time!

  4. Yay for family and florida! I know you will have an amazing time!

  5. Aw, thank you for all the blog love and well wishes friend! I hope you have an amazing time on your vacation. I told Adam I want to go on a cruise and he told me in 2014 I only get one big trip, haha, so I think I have to choose my 5 year anniversary trip to Hawaii ;). P.S. Kevin is adorable (I'm sure that's exactly what he wanted to hear!)

  6. Just found your blog through another blogger on bloglovin. Absolutely LOVE your blog. Just read that you are in Oklahoma which makes me sad, because I was just living in Oklahoma. We are now in Arizona. I can't wait to check out your blog more.



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