Thursday, July 11, 2013

Calling ALL photographers!

Hello Everyone!

My friend, Kayla, over at Green Mountain Couple is creating a new link-up, especially geared to all you photography types. It will be a monthly link-up, so don't worry it's not a weekly ordeal, and should be lots of fun!
If you love taking pictures this link-up is for you!

Just wanted to share the announcement.

Check out the info below:

 Craft Cherry & Green Mountain Couple 
are Hosting Shutter-Bug Sunday!
What is this you may ask? 
Well it is a Photo Link-Up with Themes!

The first theme is Self Portraits! 
This is so everyone can introduce themselves through their photgraphy!
Get as Creative!
Try Different Angles! Different Looks! 

The link will open up on the 2nd Sunday of Every Month!
And stay open for 1 week. 
It will include the next months theme  at the bottom so you will have a whole month to get a picture! 

Augusts Theme: Alphabet

Pick a LETTER  – photograph something beginning with the letter or hunt out the letter itself in your surroundings, or make the shape of the letter with props.Use you imagination, let it run WILD!

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Be sure to swing by this lovely lady's blog:


  1. This is SO fun! I'm so glad you shared it because I have never heard of the ladies who are hosting it :) Thanks!!

  2. Very cool idea Kayla had!
    I may need to join this one! =)

  3. I'm not a photographer (far from it), but I have several friends who are so I'll definitely pass this along!
    I'm back to blogging, but with a new name. Stop by if you get a chance.
    I'm following!

    1. Thanks so much for coming by my blog and following! I'd love to do a button swap! I'll grab yours now if you want to head back to my site and grab mine whenever you get a chance. :)

  4. oooh, this is cool!


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