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Alyssa's Zesty Living Room

Well it's here folks! The absolute last free concept board I'm offering. I have absolutely loved every board I've worked on and I look forward to the opportunity to do even more. If you are interested in having a concept board done for you, email me or look into my little business, Pearl Design Services
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Today we're looking at a living room space for Alyssa from Alyssa Said Hi, which is an absolutely precious blog and she is so much fun. Alyssa is looking forward  to ending her long-distance relationship with her main man at upcoming wedding day. Go visit her blog and congratulate her!!

Let's take a look at what Lauren is looking for in her first home with her almost husband:

What kind of use to you intend in this space?
The living room will be the main room we spend time in.

Any furniture you wish to incorporate?
The only thing we already have is a coffee table and two end tables from my grandparents. They had them in their first house and now we're going to fix them up and use them in ours! I'm open to repainting/re-staining depending on what we decide to go with as far as decor.<- well I'm pretty much in love with these tables so they'll be in the design for sure!

What are your overall goals for this space?
Because it is just an apartment, the wall are white and the carpet is beige. Because it is so boring, I really want to make up for that with the furniture/decor. 

Alyssa is most interested in punching up her bland space in a zesty, vibrant way with a small budget.

Alyssa didn't share a specific design style or color she was looking for but as I scrolled through her pinterest board I began to find several pins with a yellow and gray combo so I'm starting with those as the base and building from there. She also had several pins noting the pattern in upholstery, rugs, etc...so I'll be playing up the pattern here as much as possible.

Check out some of my inspiration pins from her pinterest board:

Anything else you notice about Alyssa's pins? Yep, gallery walls. You better believe we'll be involving a gallery wall in this design.

Now let's take a look at the concept board I've created for Alyssa:

Since Alyssa is renting the paint colors on the left serve more for inspiration and overall color scheme than suggestions for painting walls. As you can see we kept the gray base, with the understanding that the room is overall a white/beige backdrop, accented with yellow and brought in the zestyness with a peacocky teal color.

I'm suggesting an IKEA sofa for Alyssa for a few reasons. First, Alyssa is newly married (well almost) and looking to just get started. Second, Alyssa is renting and her current apartment will probably not be her forever home. I would never suggest spending a lot of money on a sofa for a place you don't plan on living in for a while because when you move that sofa may not fit/be too small/etc. Thirdly, Alyssa wants to be pretty thrifty in her purchases. She's not investing right now, she's getting started. I chose a contemporary  2-seater sofa in a gray-brown upholstery.

Alyssa's hand-me down tables are a really unique shape and the wood looks to be in good shape and very pretty so for this reason I'm going to suggest she simply re-stain it. I'm not opposed to painting wood furniture pieces but when it is as pretty as this one, I really suggest staining. Word from the experienced Alyssa, this is a process but I LOVE Minwax stain and poly in one...go for it!

Other furniture you see will be accents and functional pieces. I included a desk which doubles as a dressy bookcase for frames and accessories. Every blogger needs a little desk space, guess I need to get on that for myself.

About the accessories: these are the things to scavenge good prices for, hit up places like TJ Maxx for great deals or Goodwill for a lamp you can spray paint in a bold color...be willing to take time and patience on this part of your space. For Alyssa's gallery wall I'm suggesting a variety of frames and boxes painted the yellow, teal and blue accent colors. When you have a plain wall in a rent space, the easiest way to dress them up is with some painted frames...which you can get on the cheap at local Goodwills!

Alyssa lives in North Carolina, and as many interior designers know, NC is where many furniture vendors create their furniture thus she might be able to stumble upon some good deals here or there. So Alyssa, keep your eyes open and look for those deals for quality pieces at awesome prices. Take my furniture suggestions as a point in the right direction.

Product List:
Sofa Chair: Overstock.com
Sofa: IKEA
Floor Lamp: CB2
Pillows: Target, Target
Bowl: CB2
Lamp: Pier1
Blanket: Pier1

**What will you get if you purchase a concept board from me?**
Not only will you get a concept board like the above but you'll also receive a design concept complete with explanations on how to achieve the design, tips on diys, suggestions on painting walls/etc, and explanations on why I suggest and select items. As a paying customer you'll also receive a product list that falls within your determined budget however I will keep this list private so it's uniquely for you and cannot be copied exactly.  Additionally, I'll be able to answer any questions for you before, during and after the process. I enjoy working with all my clients and put forth 100% for them, it will be well worth you investment.
Email me or go by my Pearl Design Services page to learn more.

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