Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh Furniture Projects, Take 2

Tuesday I shared our first attempt at revamping furniture.

Today, I've got the second furniture project I felt inspired to tackle.

My nightstand, err random bookcase thing from Target that cost like $20. 

When we bought the nightstand we knew it wasn't what I really wanted but it fit the pocketbook and my height requirements at the time so we just went for it. (At the end of the post is the how-to instructions for painting laminate furniture).

So not too long ago I started thinking about it some more and decided that it was time to give it a little facelift since I probably wasn't going to be buying my dream nightstand any time soon. At first I wanted to give it a faux mirrored look because I'm really enjoying the mirrored cabinets going around right now. But I gave up on it because I just couldn't envision it working right.

So I decided on yellow, cue my friend's laughter since right before my nighstand I had them help me paint my chairs "yellow" cough, cough "white." I was at Lowe's for a work project and decided to stop by the spray paint aisle...and found the perfect yellow in Valspar.

That weekend I took out the nightstand, took it a apart, spray painted the stinker...not enough paint.
Back to the store. Actually found a better yellow. 

Home again, another layer or two or five of spray paint.

Then I had a bright idea, paint the inside a fun color! I had leftover pink spray paint from the wedding so I decided on that.

Bad idea. Pink, even hot pink, doesn't cover dark brown all that well. Not to mention now the outside coat had some pink on it. 

So I sprayed the outside again and gave up on pink spray paint.

Then I ran out of the yellow spray paint. Back to the store.

This time I found my replacement handles too.

This time on my return I decided to use my yellowwhite paint from the chairs on the inside to clean it up and keep things simpler. I painted the inside before doing a final coat on the outside. 
It looked good...except that I had always planned on doing a pattern on the doors and I hadn't thought much about it until the nightstand was basically done.

That's a problem.

The pattern...oh that husband chooses to not remember it now and thinks it just looks spectacular now. 
Let's just say if you want to do a pattern, consider it BEFORE you paint anything, use a plastic stencil (not cardstock), use a little roller (not paintbrushes), and do the math FIRST. Do those things and you won't end up like me...frustrated, irritated and sick of it all.

In the end, I like my revamped nightstand. I see all the imperfections. I know the trials it put me though. But I like it, in fact I love it. I love the color, I love the Greek key pattern, I love the new handles, I love the slick top, and I love the little edge detail I decided to do last minute.

It looks great in the bedroom too! I'm loving it, especially because I can't notice the imperfections as much when it's sitting next to my pretty headboard and I'm using it daily. If you missed my master bedroom reveal you can find that here. Maybe I'll have to post a new one eventually

Before and After:

Overall, this is my advice:
Don't combine a perfectionist and an impatient personality when doing projects like this, ahem me.

How to Spray Paint Laminate Furniture:
1. Lightly Sand with a fine grit sand paper.
2. If painting a dark piece with a light color, use a primer like white. Paint several coats.
3. Finish off with a spray paint poly, which can be found near the wood stains.
4. Enjoy.

- As I've already said, plan before you paint
- Patience!
- Don't worry about the imperfections, no one else notices them like you do.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh Furniture Projects

I have the first installment of our furniture diy diaries!

Our first furniture project to tackle has been our kitchen table. You might remember when we bought it for $10 and had grand plans of re-doing it? Well a year of marriage later and it still sat in our little kitchen area untouched.

That table.

First, I was kicking myself because what I thought was a real wood table was actually a thin veneer of real wood. Thanks 40's-60's time period for mass producing veneer table tops.
Second, the stain wasn't taking like I'd originally wanted. I'm too picky.
Third, I used a stain/poly combo product by Minwax. It was awesome since I didn't have to do a separate step for a poly coat but I also never could get it as smooth as I wanted on the top. Probably my brushing skills.

Nevertheless, a finished table we now have. And you know what? It took a little while, but I love our little dining table now. 

Some pictures of the process:

Paisley enjoyed the process since it meant she got to be outside like all day.

Like my cute pink safety glasses?
 And for as much as she loved being outside she sure did wear out...what a cutie pie!

Stay tuned for the absolute finished product in our home...

- Give yourself plenty of time.
- Patience!
- Don't worry about the imperfections, no one else notices them like you do.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Life&Love: Forgetfulness

This is a post series that I'm writing about Kevin and I's love story, read about why and how I'm doing this, as well as all the prior posts under the Life&Love page.
All previous posts here.

Valentines Day was just around the corner, it was cold out, and once again I had yet another studio project to work on. Falling into the school pattern came quickly and brought constant weariness. I looked forward to nights off and friend conversations always, and looked back upon our snow days, wishing another few would come about.
During the snow/ice break we were able to get out to see
Addison Road in concert at one of the local churches for free

Home from church, and eating lunch at my desk in my window-lit dorm room one Sunday afternoon, a little pop message shows up on my computer screen, it was Kevin. We start talking about the our respective church services from earlier that morning and plans for the remainder of the day. I mentioned that I thought I would go by studio and go get my supplies to work at home in my room or in the study room on my floor, instead of spending my day there, sometimes I just had to work somewhere else.

In an attempt to break from studying, Kevin offers tot take me to studio to get my things. Surprised but happy about his offer, I agree, time by myself in the car or time with one of my best friends in the car...I'll take the later. 

I grabbed my vera bradley wristlet,  making sure my ID was still in it's place and then slid my phone into the sleeve in front, I wouldn't need much else.

Kevin and I walked to his car in the parking lot by the dorms, his little red saturn had taken us and our friends many places already in the 6 months since school began. We hopped in and drove to studio talking about our favorite tv shows, Boy Meets World and currently, Heroes.

We turned through the neighborhoods, as we talked I gazed out the window pane of the car at the beautiful historic homes, wondering if the drive would one day grow weary on me. Suddenly it came into view, studio. Or rather our temporary college building location, off campus, the old Hobby Lobby,  as the students called it Arch on Main (College of Architecture on Main Street). Even though I knew I was only stopping for a quick moment in, I sighed. Already I'd spent a lot of time in that building and it was only first year. Glad I'm not staying here today, I thought.

Kevin pulled into a spot, I told him it should only take me a few minutes and stepped out of the car. Since our building was off campus, and also used 24 hours a day, we had to use our Student ID to get in. I slipped my ID out of wristlet and slid it through the slot. The doors made the loud unlock sound, as though you were opening a prison cell, maybe that's a little dramatic.

I walked down the large hallway breezing by the many projects tacked to the wall, an ever changing landscape, to my class's studio room where a few girls from my class were working. Lying my wristlet on the desk, I walked over to talk to them and see how they were doing on our current project.

The pressure of  Kevin waiting tugged at me but I stood and chatted for a little while. Finally, I wished my friends luck, unlatched my storage bin, grabbed the tools I needed and waltzed out the side door of the building, why walk to the front when I could escape the place sooner?

There was Kevin, smiling as I slid into his car, we slipped right back into conversation about my friends in studio and the tools I'd grabbed. Conversation was never slow between Kevin and I. Nothing was hard or awkward to talk about. We conversed the whole way back and all the way up the elevators.

Ding, the elevator alerted us that we'd reached my floor. I jumbled the items in my hands around in search for my wristlet as I started telling Kevin thank you...I froze. I couldn't find my wristlet anywhere in my collection of tools from studio. I slowly looked up at Kevin as the elevator door began to close on my floor.

"You're not going to believe this but I think I left my wallet at studio," I embarrassingly confessed. Kevin smiled, laughed and pressed the elevator button for the first floor.

It wouldn't be the first time we'd have to go back because of something forgotten or lost.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Oklahoma Bloggers

Hey pretty Oklahomans!
Holly and I tried our hand at planning an event for all of you sweet ladies but the date of the event just doesn't seem to be working out so we are postponing the event.

AND because it is so hard to create an event for so many people with various schedules we've created a group on facebook for us all to more easily share date & activity ideas.
CLICK HERE to add yourself to the facebook group!

We look forward to eventually getting this idea up and running. Thank you for your patience. 
Have a wonderful Friday!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My ID Life: The Observation Deck

I'm going to start a new little series, and it will probably be fewer and far between but I'm excited about it!
 It will be entitled, My ID Life and will be on the topic of my life as a professional Interior Designer, mainly showcasing spaces I've worked on in my career at the University of Oklahoma.
First up on this new series: The Observation Deck at the National Weather Center.
On our anniversary weekend, I finally was able to visit the space with Kevin to show it to him completed.
The Observation Deck is one of the smallest, but one of my most favorite, spaces I've ever worked on. Apart from carpet I selected everything. New wallpaper, new banquet tables and chairs, new benches, new paint, new baseboards, new corner guards and suggestions for framing weather photography(which actually hadn't quite made it's final appearance yet as it was left on the college to complete).

As the building houses governmental employees you always to have your wonderful ID visible. It's a great fashion accessory, no?

This space is at the very top of the National Weather Center on campus. A building at the south end on what we call Research Campus. It houses not only the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences but also government offices such as the Storm Prediction Center. It's a large, contemporary and one of the newer buildings on campus.
The Observation Deck, the very top space of the building, used to be a student space, it had a TV and whiteboards, and student lounge furniture. It was transitioned into a space to be used more for banquets and special meetings/events. In fact, someone has had their wedding up there! 
I chose large round tables, their request, that have the ability to flip and roll away into a nesting group for easy changing up of the space. I was finally able to use a new laminate that has the wood grain look in a very realistic way, especially with the added texture I specified. The chairs can stack and be carted away as well.
Wallpaper was selected to add to the durability of the walls since students and staff alike venture up to the Observation Deck to, well to observe the views. They sit close the walls, they lean in close...etc. The space was pretty rough before. I selected not only a durable wallpaper but also a large rubber base that gave the look of a traditional baseboard in it's form. We followed suit with the form onto the corner guard but switched up the wallpaper on the interior wall set (which the interior walls I don't have pictured here).
Obviously, the OU's crimson and cream made a bold appearance in the space. Along with the colors, the patterns present in the space really coordinated with each other as I kept them in a similar movement. 

I wanted to keep the space fairly simple as the size of the room is rather small as well as a strange shape in plan. Simple colors grounded against varying patterns that coordinate into a repetitive organized design, is the concept I worked with.
What do you think?
Can you find the ways I implemented the Design Elements and Principles I talked about here?

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kate Spade Inspired College Apartment Design

Dorm and college apartment living can be tough sometimes: tight space, existing basic furniture, restrictions etc... I know I struggled somewhat with my apartment and dorm room design, you can see both here. Unless you're luck enough to hire a designer, you're stuck making do with Target college section finds. 
Yes, some parents have hired interior designers to design dorm rooms...sign me up for that PLEASE!

Lucky for my sister, I'm an interior designer! I received a text message one day with a couple inspiration images and told to get to work on her college apartment that she will be moving into in just a few weeks. Her and her roommates are determined to dress up their little apartment and really make it feel like their unique space. 
Hopefully, while I'm in Florida I'll get the chance to help her out with a few of these things! I did make her duvet cover and pillows a couple Christmases ago for her dorm room and thankfully it fits right along with her inspiration.
Their inspiration? Kate Spade
Here's some of the images that we're using for our inspiration:
The overall concept is thus is classy and colorful with modern elements mixed in.
The concept board is a little different from my typical concept boards. It is more a collection of idea kick starters and some products that she might want to look into. They're looking to do a lot of DIY plus like many college apartments, theirs is coming furnished. They'll have little pieces they can bring in like bookshelves and extra chairs if they'd like but mostly they're set on that, so we are focusing on the accessorizing.
Ginger, my sister, mentioned they might have the opportunity to paint a single wall. In this case I am suggesting a tone on tone light gray or pearl white large stripe. This will give just enough emphasis without being too bold, and they might even get away with not having to pain it back it they do it right.
The rainbow fooring images above are just too much fun to ignore. I am suggesting they re-create this look with a wall art piece instead of a flooring installation, which they obviously cannot do. Other options are bringing this in through the napkins, pillows or rug as you can also see on the board.
The board is almost overkill of chevron, I'd really like to see more solid stripes, especially in the curtains.

In choosing accessories I went for classic shape items, some more modern, some having a historic or vintage flair but overall timeless. The floor lamp is one of my favorite items I've selected, crossing my fingers they go for it! How fun is the vintage memo holder and the iphone book dock?! Too cute!
You can find the products and everything we're looking at on the pinterest board HERE.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

This is Laynah's Story

Well I'm off in Florida enjoy the sun and sand, hopefully, but I have the sweet honor today of sharing Laynah's story today. I hope your hearts are encouraged by her honest words! Be sure and swing by her awesome blog too.

Click the button below to find more stories written by other bloggers:

I am soo excited to be taking over Veronica's blog today, and I LOVE that she invites many of her guest bloggers to share their "faith story". Everybody's relationship with Christ is so personal and unique, she could have 200 guest posts with the exact same topic and I would probably still learn something from each of them.
Before I begin, I have to share the obligatory wedding picture to introduce myself, don't I?
My name is Laynah. I've been married for 9 months, I blog over at Those Creepy Crawleys, and I'm a Mormon. Today I'm going to tell you how I came to be converted. I was born and raised in the Mormon church (or more accurately: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), but I wasn't converted until I was about 17. I believe that everyone is a "convert" because, at some point, we all have to decide for ourselves if it's true. When I was younger (shout out to baby Laynah!)
As I was saying...when I was younger, I felt a relationship with God. I could feel him listening to my prayers and just being a source of comfort to me. Later on, starting with middle school I guess, I began to draw away from Him. Kids would tease me for my beliefs, and I stopped telling people I was Mormon. Cue high school, where I began to question everything and test boundaries. I started "experimenting" with this and that, and in general just made some pretty questionable decisions. One day I noticed that I couldn't feel God anymore. At all. I was completely alone. At first I was mad at myself for ever believing there was a God, but then I thought back on my childhood and remembered how surely I had known back then! The only conclusion was that either 1) God didn't exist, and my childish imagination had simply made up those feelings, or 2) God did exist, but for some reason was very distant from me. I was determined to find out which one it was. It's terrifying to not know what you believe! I thought "if God is real, what would He want me to do...?" and I just started living the way I would if I actually did believe in Him. I prayed, even if I didn't feel like I was being listened to, and I repented for all of the bad choices I had made. Ever so slowly I began to feel Him again, like the warmth of a fire creeping through my body after being lost in a storm. I felt stupid for ever thinking that partying and doing who knows what ever brought me happiness. I know now that those things are all really just a hallow shell disguised as temporary pleasure. My religion has many "rules" and I had to learn the hard way that they aren't there to hold me back - by following them, I am happier than I have ever been. Now, that fire in my chest burns brightly. I know without the shadow of a doubt that He lives. I am in awe that the most powerful being in the universe listens to and answers MY prayers. I remember how it feels to be lost, and that will always serve as a reminder to be grateful for the knowledge and relationship I have with Him now. Every good thing I have in my life, is a blessing directly from Heaven. You won't get that from a bottle.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Florida Bound

Well I'm off! As you're reading this I'm either on a plane stepping onto my birth state, ahh Florida. It really seems like a dream that I'm even going! I didn't anticipate getting to see my mommy and sisters for really over a in not until next May... so this is such a blessing and sweet surprise! Plus Florida, I mean come on people, if you're family has to live far from you, where better than the beach?
Since it has been the craziest week, work wise, for me and there is plenty of other things going on that I'd love to recap but simply cannot, how about the always applicable, Friday's Letters with The Sweet Season blog.

Dear Holly, girl craft time with you was the highlight of my week last week! Looking forward to more of those in the future pretty lady. Dear Rachel, yep that's a sneak peak of your surprise for your classroom!

Dear Blogger friends who like to DIY, did you catch Holly's burlap wreath diy? It was awesome and so simple so swing by her blog and check it out! 

Dear God, every day is a new opportunity for learning and growth...the older I get the more real this has become. Thank you for teaching me new things. 

Dear Devo Journal, it's been a great year! I'm devastated that you just got water damage but you're still read-able. I'll be filling your last page with doodles since it's time to move onto a new journal. I'll miss you. You were my most favorite journal yet.

Dear Work, wait no, Dear OU, seriously? Let's just push back the football move in date...better yet push back the school start date. No students until September! That could work right?! 

Dear Self, OU will not move back football or student move in date so you best hurry, hurry; run, run; go, go...

Dear Headington Hall, you are mammoth. I wish to never tour your 129 units of dorm rooms again, we are never ever, ever, ever, seeing each other again, like ever (well I'm crossing fingers).

Dear StudentLife, We loved getting to re-visit you AGAIN this year at UCO! It sure was a blessing to see yellow AND orange team this year there. We love you StudentLife camps and staff and we're so honored to have been a part of you last year and two years ago.

Check out husband's cute outfit this week!

Dear sisters, I'm on my way, I'm on my way!!!

Dear Samantha, YAY we're planning our friend cruise! I'm SO stoked! Who else is in? May 2014, sun and swim here we come!

Dear Holly, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If I were in Norman I totally would have requested to have a lunch date to celebrate. Hope you have an awesome day!

Dear husband, I'm so going to miss you these next four days while I'm in Florida. It will be so sweet to see my family but I'm going to miss you by my side always, especially in the evenings. Guess I'll have to take Peadbody to cuddle up with. Take good care of our furbaby and call me often!

Dear furbaby, this will be the longest time away from you and your dad! wow! I will miss you pretty lady! Be good for your daddy!

What are you up to this weekend?

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sara's Simply Sweet Kitchen

Tomorrow I'm setting off for a few days in Florida with my mommy, sisters, grandma, aunt and cousin...girl time here I come! Thanks mom for buying my ticket! Can't wait to be there!

But for today I have another concept board for you, that's right two in one week!

Sara from You and Me are We sponsored me in the month of June in my new large ad space, as a part of sponsoring she is receiving a concept board, which is basically receiving a concept board for free! If you're interested in sponsoring Passion, Pink and Pearls and in getting a concept board then check it out!

Sarah is interesting in having her kitchen look more polished, clean and airy look.
ps: I recently made her lemon chow...AMAZING!

Sara is renting, like so many of us,  but is still interesting in spicing up her kitchen a bit. My blog bestie, Samantha from Designer in Teal, created a concept board for Sara's bedroom not too long ago. I'm going to try and keep with that design in order to give the home an overall concept that naturally flows into one another. However, the kitchen still needs to stand a apart on its own so the kitchen's mini concept is simply sweet, meaning that the design will be simple in nature but to the point, sweetly coordinating it all together. I can't help but use some catchy kitchen terms in the concept! 

Check out Sara's kitchen in it's existing state here.
Now let's check out some of her inspiration pictures from her pinterest board:
And now for the concept board:
Sara already has a couple items that she will be keeping in the space such as her wood table and chairs and since it is an eat-in kitchen and she has the main furniture piece, I'm going to be more suggestions on how to freshen up the space through simple accessories and wall art.

I chose the curtains, imagining Sara has some sort of small kitchen window, I don't actually have a plan of her space, but even if she didn't have a small window, these same curtains come in full length as well. The curtains are clean and simple while still giving that sweet and charming look.

The placemats were another simple touch that just gave an additional whimsical sweet look. And what's more fun than a table that always looks set? This is an easy look to accomplish with a sweet placemat and colored charger. Top them with a linen napkin, that you only use for appearance so it stays clean, and you have a set table!

I've seen some easy diys floating around pinterest transforming those basic light fixtures you get in rentals by simply putting a lamp shade over them. Hopefully, Sara will be able to accomplish that look with this shade.
Overall I want to keep the design and accessories really minimal, topped with each piece being minimal in form and design gives you that clean and simple look Sara is looking for. 

What do you think?

Sara didn't have a set budget but she would like to spend the least possible. Therefore, I don't have an overall budget for her but did mindfully select items that aren't too expensive.
Product List:
Seat Cushions: Pier1
Curtains: Country Curtains
Shade: Target
Placemat: Pier1
Charger: Pier1
Linen Napkins: Etsy
Napkin Rings: Etsy
Rug: Pier1
Picture Frames: Target
Kitchen Art: Etsy
Kitchen Sign: Etsy
Ingredient containers: Target

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An Oklahoma Blate!

So Holly and I finally did it!
We've planned an  Oklahoma blate for all you pretty blogger ladies in this great state.
We couldn't be more excited to actually see some of your lovely faces in person!
Check out the invite and details below and let us know if you can make it by commenting below!
And while you're here, grab the Oklahoma Bloggers button!

We are going to paint us up some pottery!
On Saturday, July 27th, 2013 (that's 10 days from now) at 4:30pm.
Painting costs $6 + the piece of pottery you choose to paint.
We will begin painting at 4:30 as the shop closed up at 6pm.
After that we will head to Blu in downtown Norman for some dinner and drinks!

RSVP by commenting below or emailing Holly or myself!

Can't wait!!!

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