Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wedding on a Lake

It's June! June, yall! Seriously, where did MAY go? I still haven't talked about so much of what happened in May, I feel like all of June will be talking about May and then I'll be behind on June and so and so forth so eventually I've just got to catch up!

Today, I'm sharing photos from one of my precious friend's wedding. We met in college and soon became friends as we bonded over Jesus, silly and random fun times, and of course interior design.

Her wedding was just lovely and all from her own creative hands. It was all so beautiful!
And I simply can't share their wedding without my own little snippet about this sweet couple. Their relationship began around a large table in the freshmen cafeteria in 2009. We were having a dicussion about the lack of guys asking girls to go to the Spring Banquet (BSU spring formal dinner), when Tyler offered to take Saxon...her response? Sure I'll go with anyone! ... a priceless moment.
Fast forward a year or so and Saxon is sitting in my bedroom, now in my apartment telling me all the many "good" reasons why she doesn't like Tyler and why dating him just wouldn't work. A couple months later, she finally gave into her heart and where the Lord was leading her and they started dating.

They got engaged in Spring of 2012, shortly before our wedding, and finally tied the knot this May in 2013.
I'm so excited about their life together! Because marriage is just the best!

Oh and this sweet lady has a blog! YAY! Go check her out at Let's Drink Coffee, Darling!

Pictures from their sweet day:
Kevin is supposed to be making a little video of their wedding so eventually I'll post that too

We got to see our wedding photographer again too! She did a great job once again!

Her photobooth props were awesome and you can see her artistic hand all over them!

got to spend the day with my bestie for the event! We were the house ladies

And because it was at a lake you could go canoeing!

The bride and groom in a canoe

apparently there was something wrong with my hair

These girls were some of my best friends in college. We called ourselves KaySaDeanaRonice (and we stood in order of that name :) )

Smores and a change of clothes to finish off the night
This was maybe one of the most fun weddings I've ever been too plus I adored both people at the alter so much! Love you two, Saxon and Tyler! Praying yall have a blessed life!

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Be sure to swing by this lovely lady's blog:


  1. Aww these pictures are beautiful!!! :)

  2. Their story is cute! And the wedding looks fun and gorgeous too! The canoeing especially! I also love her dad in his cop uniform...it's almost like he's reminding her hubby to behave ;)

  3. Aw they had a great wedding! I love those boat pictures!


  4. All of the little details are precious!

  5. What a lovely wedding. I love your dress too.

  6. So fun! What a beautiful and special day. I love those photo booth props!

  7. What a pretty wedding! I love all the little details! :)

  8. Aww, thanks for the sweet post! I love how you included the "I'll go with anyone" story, really...what better way to start off a relationship?!?! haha


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