Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Things I've Learned Since Moving To Oklahoma

Now having lived in Oklahoma for coming onto five years and since I'm apparently an Oklahoman now... (my permanent address is here, I work here (hubby just signed to work another year with his company), I got married here, I'm living here...and my license and license plate confirms my residence in Oklahoma...oh goodness, does that make me an OKIE? Please say no, I'm not able to accept that...I'm still a Texan/Floridian)... I thought I should compile a list of things I've learned since moving here...and we could edit it to even say things I've learned about Oklahoma in contrast to Texas or better yet Houston, Texas.

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Here we go, things I've learned since moving to Oklahoma:
  • If you're speeding up to enter the freeway you should slow down because the person in front of you is bound to come to a complete stop...this would be a death sentence in Houston
  • The feeder road, is apparently a Houston saying...known by most others as the service road or access roads...let's just call it what it really is folks, a feeder cause it FEEDS into the freeway ("Over 80% of Houston freeways have service roads, which locals typically call feeders."-There you have your truth from Wikepedia)
  • When driving on the freeway, remember half the state doesn't know how...cause driving on the freeway is not part of drivers ed here
  • Half the state says soda, the other half says pop...clearly someone transplated from Michigan and started the pop craze...if you lived in Texas you'd know good and well that it's generally referred to as coke regardless
  • Go Texan Day (as I wrote about last year) is not something celebrated all around Texas and is something no one outside of Houston anywhere knows about....this was a sad discovery
  • Homecoming mums...you might as well be speaking another language when talking about these to a non-Texan...I thought this was a nation wide phenomenon
  • The weather here can change in a day....in a few hours...nope make that an hour...never trust the weatherman
  • High of 65 does not mean it will be warm...it in fact means the sun will be covered with clouds...and it will never reach 65... never trust the weatherman
  • Cold and rain could mean snow...but it could also mean ice...and it could also mean nothing at all...snow days are not to be expected...and...never trust the weatherman
    (Can't find the original source, anyone else know?)
  • Sometimes it will say rain all day but really what it means is it will barely rain and you're stuck wearing your rain boots like a dummy...and then other times when it's going to barely rain, you're shoes will be soaking wet and again you look like a dummy...never trust the weatherman 
  • If you want to reach a beach...well you're out of luck... I can't say I'm a lover of Galveston but a beach is a beach when you need it!
  • All the lakes in Oklahoma anywhere are man-made...crazyness!
  • When asking for a phone number you'll never get the area code...cause everyone here uses 405 (or most do)... and thus when you're asked to give your phone number you must state that 713 is in fact the area code and not the middle three digits.
  • You don't need a license plate on the front of your car...which means there's all sorts of fun ones with your name or Boomer Sooner or anything you want...which in fact I think is pretty cool.
  • It's more than appropriate to yell BOOMER and expect to hear in return by someone random, SOONER...in you know crowds and such
  • You'll never learn all the town names here and even if you could, I bet you wouldn't know how to say them...so just don't bother trying
  • Almost everyone has a connection with someone in some way or another...this is the truth! I've even discovered it for myself!
  • The University of Oklahoma might as well be it's own mini-city....I work there, I can say such things
  • If you're flying anywhere other than Dallas you'll be catching a connection flight...I've flown at least once every year and I've never been on a non-stop flight to anywhere! (except just recently we went to Chicago and that was non-stop...AMAZING!)
  • If you say, I'm going to the city, or even, I'm going downtown, it means you are going to Oklahoma City...because no one refers to Norman as a city (even though it is it the City of Norman)...this was super bizarre to me at first...and now I've become one of them!
  • When the sirens go off, when the weather man says to take shelter...you take shelter...tornadoes are crazy acts of nature!
  • If something is 20 or 30 minutes away you might as well call it day trip and make plans of it...anything farther than 15 minutes is just too far yall....sadly this one has hit me hard and I find myself saying things like, Oh walmart is just so far...when it's 15 minutes down the road I LIVE ON! 
  • Parks are everywhere and abundant and awesome and pretty and fun and great...this is a major perk!
  • Fashion trends come around much later... the internet certainly helps but I won't see a soul wearing some of the newest trends you fabulous bloggers model for months afterward. (then it's probably a couple months after that till I can get it on my body!)
  • Sunsets...they're glorious here and because of the big open fields you can see all of them!
  • You can be in a city one minute, and driving by horses the next...literally just down the road! I'm loving this!
  • Skirts/dresses and wind don't mix unless you want your hot pink panties showing off to the public....in Houston we didn't have wind like this...I've still not trained myself to wear tight shorts under things, when will I learn?!

This article sums it up best...I miss Texas
BUT I do love living in Oklahoma too...

Any of you living away from your home state? Or even home city and learn new things?

Sunsets are glorious here

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  1. The good news is, weathermen lie everywhere! Sounds a little more drastic out your way, though ;)

  2. Wow! So if I ever visit Texas I should pack for all year around wardrobe I see. lol. Love this girl! I've always wanted to go to Texas. :)

  3. haha So funny! I will agree that people don't know how to merge and we definitely need a beach or two! However, I disagree with the pop/coke/soda thing--I say pop (always have always will). haha

  4. I was seriously laughing out loud about all of the Texas referrals, especially the feeder roads! I currently live in Austin and all I've ever known them as are 'feeders'. Also, it was very cool and rainy this morning, and now it's HOT. Don't you just love Texas?! Ha! :) Great post. I almost moved to Oklahoma City to play college volleyball but turned it down, so it's great to see the differences between the two states, even though I didn't move there.

  5. First of all, as your loving friend, I'm going to combat the whole "feeder" road and "freeway" thing. It is a service road because all the stores and restaurants are there, and the road services you to access them - hence why some people call them access roads. Freeway is just not a part of the English language around here.

    And one more thing you should actually add to your list is that Oklahoman's think it is slightly strange when people have giant Texas flags on their back porch. ;) haha You don't see us flaunting our flag here there and everywhere. How else do you know where the government buildings are?

    Love ya!

  6. oh wow I just moved from Houston to OKC last year! THE STUFF IN THIS POST IS SO TRUE! HAHA

  7. Veronica!! I need some Houston advice! I'm going August 30-September 1 for the OSU/Mississippi State game. I need some ideas of what to do :)

    Now, about Sweet Home 'Homa...
    1. Feeder roads and freeways? Really? I've argued with too many Texans about this and I still don't get it. But yes, some dumb people like to stop instead of merging.
    2. I say coke but all my friends make fun of that (I can agree with Texas on some things!).
    3. I love Homecoming!! In the little town I grew up in, the one I live in now and all those around, we know Homecoming mums!
    4. Yeah, that weather is a brat.
    5. People with Boomer Sooner license plates automatically make me watch them a little closer...there's a reason I have an OSU Alumni one ;)
    6. Never appropriate to yell boomer or sooner... only ORANGE POWER!! :)
    7. The best way to learn the town names is by watching Gary during a storm.
    8. Yeah, we all know each other. And oddly, when I'm out of state and someone says "Oh you're from Oklahoma? Do you know...?" I've known (or known of) several of these people most of the time. #awkward
    9. This is where I must say you're not quite 100% Okie-fied yet. We go outside and watch for the tornado...then take shelter.
    10. Wait people really think 20-30 minutes is too far away? I work 40 minutes from my house... man.
    11. Sunsets = yes :)
    12. I've been an Okie for 24 years and I still haven't learned to wear bloomers. It happens to the best of us :)

    Glad Oklahoma has a citizen as awesome as you! :)


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