Thursday, June 20, 2013

The House That Built Me

After writing about my mommy a little bit ago I got some feedback from some of you asking about the murals she did in our home. It got me to thinking about my home, which of course made me tear up.

Before I really get into it, let me explain a little more about my sweet mommy. She was a full-time, self-employed artist. She worked with interior designers from residential to small commercial. She did murals on walls, murals on canvases, faux work, furniture, and many more. As a result our home was just another beautiful out pouring of her creativity.

I lived in two homes growing up. The first, she painted a night sky in one of the rooms that had a pitched ceiling, our living room she painted the walls to look like bamboo and her bedroom looked like a yellow leather almost, with red drapery (it sounds bad but it was lovely and of course back then it was in style). My sister and I's bedroom was pretty cool too, it had a tye-dye look to it, a blue sky on the ceiling and angels holding a banner with our names scripted on it.

The second home, the one we all came to truly love so much, she painted the living room with a special fuax effect, the formal living room (which was my dad's sports room) featured three of my dad's all time favorite sports figures, my room had another cool faux effect and my name painted on one wall, my sister's room had the same tye-dye look as in our last home, and my mom's room was done the same as well. The kitchen was my favorite, she did a yellow Venetian plaster (ALL by hand) and painted the cabinets in a faux wood grain, AND she painted the counter tops. The big fan favorite though was our teensy play room which we called the fairytale room. Each wall featured a different scene from various fairytales, and since it was strange shaped room there were like 5 little walls. And I could go on and on about this house...

Many of our friends and family referred to our home as the Sitten Work Farm. You see at any given time we were working on some part of the house. We worked on EVERY single room and though we never fully finished it all, we put our heart and soul into the home...all five of us! The house had the most fabulous backyard and we hosted SO many parties back there, some of them for people we didn't even know! 

Our home was the work farm, the fun house, and basically just the gathering house...we welcomed people in all the time and it was a blast! Saying good bye to this home when I left for college was heart wrenching. When I left for college, I left my home too because on the same day my dad drove me to OU, my mom drove my sisters to Florida to move there.

When the home finally sold I cried. My eyes are even filling with tears now. That house was our home. It's where my littlest sister grew up, it's where I was picked up for my first date ever (nevermind the fact that, that didn't happen until a couple months before I left for college), it's where my girlfriends and I would pile up pillows and cushions and have sleepovers, it's where my sister learned to play keyboard, it's where my little sister learned to swim, it's where we played, it's where we worked... it's where we were a family. My sisters and I were going to bring our kids to that home. And it was hard, so hard to say good bye. Mostly because when I said good bye to the house, I felt like I was saying good bye to our family. My parents had been divorced for a year and half by then but still it was the last remnant of our family of five to me, and letting go of the house was letting go of that too. Every time I hear Miranda Lambert's song, The House that Built Me, I think of this home. I still get teary-eyed thinking about the house but I also know how good the Lord has been to me and my family even through the rough years surrounding the divorce and then the selling of the house. He works the best out of the worst, always. 

When I got a request to see some of the marvelous work my mommy had done in our home, I realized how special it would be to share some of that with you all.

 I wish I had pictures of it all to share with yall. I'm sure buried somewhere in boxes, there are some but saved on my own little computer there are hardly any. The ones I have today to share with you are the ones I snapped when I returned "home" to Houston on a break in college, just before we sold the house for good.  Unfortunately much of our pretty home was damaged by some lame renters...renters we needed to keep a float but darn them and their living style that resulted in my dad having to paint over so much. I've also included some from random file folders on my computer from high school.

And so you have, the house that built me:
This cross fell from the wall at some point during the rough years and my mommy picked up the
pieces and put them back together on the wall itself. Even in the hard times we trusted in Jesus!
The Beautiful Bathroom
(our half bath, we referred to it as the Beautiful bathroom because well it was just so fun and colorful!)

ceiling of the beautiful bathroom

The Kitchen
(all our mosaic work and my mom's counter painting is still there but the faux wood cabinets got painted over and so did the yellow venetian plaster)

My mommy love pink flamingos, these are her three flamingos representing me and my sisters
 The Playroom:

The Living Room
(this fireplace is faux stone, behind my mom's awesome creation of stone is your regular brick fireplace. And yes there are blue starfish on it, what else would you expect in a home who's owners think they live in Florida?)

The Sports Room
(can you guess who they are?)

 The Backyard
(aka the fun zone!)

the grossest I ever saw our pool hurt my dad's heart

Whenever friends or family came to visit we had them paint a rock, we had all kinds of fun
things on rocks and each of them reminded us of our friends and family!

I took my senior pictures on this bench swing...once upon a time the trellis was overflowing with the prettiest pink flowers

We LOVED this play house and did trading spaces in it one weekend

Yellow swing was mine (my favorite color then), the red swing was ginger's (because she was red hot! haha) and the blue one of course was Cheyanne BLUE's!
 Front of the Home

My sisters and I used to joke that my mom and dad never really left you agree?

And here are some pictures from my high school memories folders:
Check it! Me and my prom date 2008..see all pretty green and pink back then! Just ignore my awkwardness... for those of you reading our story (which I know I haven't posted in a while) this is M :)

silly picures with my sisters during senior pictures

Even Ginger stood here for her 8th grade dance!

Christmas morning...just a picture showing our living room back then relaly...please ignore my fake surprise face...

What we called the backroom...where all the food for all the parties was set up...look at my cute mommy!

Our kitchen, see the awesome Venetian plaster? This was taken just after graduation, see the yearbook?

You see this is what our pool looked like!!
Remember how I said we had parties for people we didn't even know...I know 2 people in this picture...but the real part of this picture to pay attention to is the dolphin mosaic on the floor of the pool and the sea mosaic on the wall, the starfish on the steps and the dolphin and manatee sculptures. The dolphin shot water from it's mouth...yes it is true.

Thanks friend for modeling in my bedroom...typical teenage girl crazy going on in there

You can see into the living room from the kitchen in this picture

And last but not least our family picture that hung above our fireplace...taken in 2006 I believe...

So there you have it! The house that built me.
Did any of you have to leave your home?

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  1. You mom is such an amazingly talented artist! I love the play room :) My parents just sold the house I grew up in and it was so sad...I hate thinking of other people living there now...but such is life i guess!

  2. What great pictures. That house looks like it saw a lot of love. You mom has so much talent!!! :-)

  3. Wow!!! My Mom is an artist as well! She used to be an art teacher! =)
    Such amazing pictures. What an incredible childhood you had!! =D
    So much love. You can just tell!

    & damn girl... gorgeous dress!!! =D =D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. This was seriously the coolest house I've ever seen. You weren't kidding! Also, I love that you included throwback pictures to show how you remember it.

  6. Those mosaics in your old home are really cool! Leaving a home is so hard! I have lived in my current house for 1.5 years but my "home" will always be back on the farm in NW Iowa.

  7. I love this! Great post!


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