Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Skies

Summer skies, summer heat, has finally reached Oklahoma. The 90-100 degree days are here and don't look to be leaving anytime soon. But I'm A-OKAY with that! Bring on the heat, pool time and tank tops! I'm so happy to be back into doing water zumba at lunch time at work! Yippee!
Today I'm going back to one of my favorite link-ups of all times, Friday Letters with Ashley.
Dear bloggers, Ad space on passion, pink and pearls is changing. It's time for me to branch out a bit here and try something new. There are now fewer spots available, and the sizing is slightly different. Don't worry there are still free spots but now the top two large spots are paid. They come with a lot of incentives so check them out under the Sponsor&Button page.

Dear wedding on a lake post lovers, if you saw some craftyness you loved and want to own, check out her etsy shop!

Dear NeoCon,  uh WOW! I don't even know how to begin to debrief are crazy awesome but also crazy insane. Thanks for reminding me why I love interior design!

Dear Paisley, I left you in the hands of your father this week while I was gone enjoying NeoCon and I come home to you with two staples in you head and a cone around your be fair I guess this isn't dad's fault but really yours for playing too hard with you friend. I'm glad you're okay and don't worry the " cone of shame" will be over soon! ps: I'm glad I wasn't home to discover your wound.

Dear husband, man what a couple of weeks we've had. I miss you. I left for NeoCon on Sunday, got back Tuesday night and the next day you started D-Shift at work (he's gone from 2-midnight)...this is my least favorite shift you've worked. It means I see you hardly at all. I will require cuddle time for a long time on Sunday night. 

Dear Karla, I already miss spending every Friday with you in blogworld. Though I was getting wiped out by that link-up, that I did also love. Thanks for being so awesome and encouraging to me! ps: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY this weekend!

Dear Maycation, eventually I'll get you all up on this blog...eventually...part one, part two, part three

Dear Newlyweds/ engaged/ married ladies, are you reading up and joining in on the Marriage Series link-up I'm hosting with 9 other lovely ladies on Wednesday? If not, you should! Two topics have been covered already and there's only a couple more left, don't miss out!

Dear life, just slow down please! What happened to crafting saturdays? I miss my crafting time!!!

Dear girlfriend besties, it's girls weekend! YAY !!! It's HERE! We're celebrating all your birthdays and we're going to have lots of fun together! It's been way too long!

Dear Mommy, I miss you. Hope it's okay that I wrote about your road with cancer yesterday. I love you and I'm proud of you. I'm proud of Blue and Ginger too for pushing through and caring for you, mostly Ginger for getting in the car and going to all the appointments and taking care of things. I realized that if we don't come see you until next summer then it will be like a year and a half since we'll have seen you all...that makes me sad.

Dear blog, here's a little snippet of life lately, okay okay life from May:

Oh yeah and my SIL loved the cross on the right at Hobby Lobby and on the left you can see my take on it for her...not perfect but pretty darn close look a-like!

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  1. Good job on the cross! And water yoga? I am jealous...



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