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From One Year to Beyond: Funny Moments

Ohhhh goodness, what a great post prompt this is!
I've been so excited about this series, and ever MORE so now that I've been married, officially, for a whole year! Yep, we celebrated our anniversary last weekend...I can't even believe it!

But before we get to that, special shout out to my sister!! She graduates from middle school today! Onward to the big school...the ever memorable HIGH SCHOOL!!! So proud of you Blue! Wish I could be there but know that I am so excited for you and your next chapter in life! Enjoy your moment!

And back to the prompt for our special June series link up, From One Year to Beyond, that I'm helping host with some fabulous ladies! Read on, and link up!

 There's no such thing as being embarrassed today!

And just because we adore pictures and we take lots of silly ones, in combination with stories you'll get lots of silly photos too! Exhibit 1--->

Let's see there are several involving my husband and the kitchen, there's a few mishaps on my end and there's some great silly memories between myself and Kevin.

So where should we start?

The kitchen? Yes, I thought so too. It's no secret, at least to friends here, that Kevin and I in the kitchen together isn't exactly the best idea. Here's the scenario: crazy-female-who's-super-detailed-about-how-she-wants-things-done and not-incredibly-kitchen-knowledgeable-male-who's-assuming-ways-to-go-about-things ... now I bet you've got some imagery in your head. Basically, Kevin doesn't do things the "right" way and I do things to fast, and push him out...and he doesn't learn...and then he's home alone and has to cook dinner for us...and things go "wrong."

Scenario 1: I call this, bachelor-college-minded-boy: 
Kevin: well I think I'm going to mash the potatoes
  and quesadillas? we need to clear out some leftovers, the fridge is full..I finished the BBQ dip at lunch
 me: well mashed potatoes or quesadillas not both...
  Kevin: ook
  not both?
 you just want to eat mashed potatoes by themselves?
 me: no they don't go together..babe...not a well balanced meal...
  mashed potatoes with a meat or a vegetable or both or quesadillas with whatever...
Yes this is a conversation that happened between us over gmail chat one afternoon when I was at work...I can't make these things up people. My husband is still stuck on the you-eat-whatever-you-have mindset from college. Oh husband, we've got to at least try and be healthy with somewhat balanced meals!

Scenario 2: I call this, New-wife-problems:
                  I was home on a Saturday sometime this past spring and was cleaning up a storm! I was getting so much done but realized I need to eat so I had turned on the oven to heat up for something, I can't remember what, and forgot about the toaster lying on top of the stove coils (oven and stove= one unit)...come back a little while later...toaster melted...toaster ruined. 
This is when you sweetly tell your husband a round about story that ultimately leads to, honey we have to buy a new toaster. 

Scenario 3: I call this, my-sweet-husband (because really I don't know what else to say, I'm sorry husband but I really can't leave this out of a funniest moments post)
Kevin: help!
  I don't know what to do with crescent's just one big tube of dough, not eight pieces
 me: are you sure? usually there's like dashed lines through the big piece of dough...
 Kevin: yeah, there are a couple of dashed lines
  is that what I use?
 me: yes babe you tear where there are dashed lines
  I don't know what the recipe says to do but usually you roll them up starting at the pointy end...they should look like angled triangles when you tear it all apart
 Kevin: ok
  thanks babe
 me: oh man babe
 I literally just laughed and laughed just now
You're probably asking yourself, seriously? And I'd have to tell you yes, and I'd have to tell you not only yes but it gets better err worse. You see at this point I left my office, thinking this is hysterical in and of itself! I go to my chiropractor, they laugh, I come home only to find that my sweet husband never did figure out the crescent,no...he chose to just take the tube of dough and rip off chunks of it into the casserole he was left to make...oh I died...I laughed all through dinner...and I probably took it too far, well I did take it too far, I'm sorry sweet husband. Oh wait! It's not even over! That evening, we were watching some television show and what came on the commercials? Oh none other than a lady unrolling, folding and cooking Pillsbury crescent rolls. Yep, true life. 

 What's next?
Silly moments? Alright, I can give you silly. My husband is the epitome of silly...and sometimes I am just as bad and so the two of us together ensues much sillyness...
Scenario 1: Taylor-Swift-Crazies:
                  Yep, husband and I both love Taylor much so that we sing a long to her in the car often. SO much so that we made our own  "music video" of us singing in the car to her song 22.Oh you want to see that? Nope, not sharing...oh okay, click here.

Scenario 2: Little-Bear:
                  When husband and I started dating, I told him I wasn't such a fan of goofy names for each other. I don't mind babe, or sweetie or whatever but don't be calling me cupcake (oh food names are the worst!). Low and behold, we get married and the silly nicknames EXPLODE! I've been called almost every animal name there is...including  cute little sea horse. Again, I'm not making this up people. The best and most long standing one? Little bear. Why? Because of the brothers in Brave turning into bears and them looking so "cute like me" Yep, true life.

Scenario 3: Chocolate-splatters:
                   My sweet man does our laundry....I can never brag about that often enough, it's truly a luxury! But anyway, one time he did the laundry and set me a message freaking out. Our whites came out with brown specks all over them...EVERYWHERE. I came home to find out he was definitely not joking. My favorite white lacey shirt was in there too...this had to be fixed! I fumbled around the clothes to find a silver wrapping and some teeny, tiny paper...yep it was a Hershey's kiss that was the evil villain  I frantically texted my co-worker whom I remembered having mentioned something about the best stain remover. We're already on the way to the store by the time I get her response and we dashed into Target to find it. We get to the aisle and the bottle looks small, so we buy two...better safe than sorry, right? We get home and I basically soak our items with this stuff...we run the wash...we wait...we praise Jesus for the magical stain remover!! This stuff is gold to us now. We always have it on hand!  Not the funniest but for sure a silly moment for us.

The stories could go on and on... but that'd be way too long of a blog post to share or type or commit to reading to. So we'll leave it at these 6. If you didn't laugh by the end, well I guess it was a you-had-to-be-there kind of thing. If you want a funny story of pre-dating well then read THIS post about my encounter with an ostrich.

Your turn, share some of your favorite first year memories that just make you smile and laugh inside!

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  1. We will make up the most overly disgusting names for each other to annoy someone else in the room...we just keep going and going! "honey bear, sticky bun, honey bunches of love." So yay!!!

    If men don't get food now, they likely never will. Sean sticks to making sandwiches or reheating leftovers in the toaster oven. He can also peel potatoes for me :)Let him eat crappy hen you're not at home since you know you have full control of what's for dinner ;)

  2. LOL! All of these really cracked me up..... but I can definitely definitely relate to #2 because I wrote about it in my post for today. Except I didn't burn a toaster LOL.... I burnt a dish towel though and almost set the whole place on fire. We're kinda like twins here and this really makes me feel less stupid that I did that!! =D Hahaha love ya girl!

  3. Happy anniversary! That is so funny about the cooking...I'm pretty sure my hubby only ate take out before I moved in!

    The Tiny Heart
    PayPal Giveaway!

  4. Sounds like you have a lot of fun moments!

  5. I LOOOOOVE this series and I am so happy that you are apart of it! As a newlywed this is honestly so nice to know we are not alone in the crazy thing we call marriage:):):)

    p.s. the toaster kitchen story.

    totally me, on the daily! I headed up our brand new tea kettle for like an hour with no water in it because i didn't know the stove was on. It turned like DARK burnt red and now it's ruined:/


  6. Ah man thesse made my day. I had such a laugh.
    Kitchen nightmares!

  7. Happy Anniversary, Veronica. Thanks for stopping by. I love your stories. Way cute. Don't you love a man who does laundry? LOL on the rolls, men are so funny. How did they survive without us?


  8. The conversation about quesadillas and mashed potatoes not going together...yeah I think i've had that one too. What is it with husbands and their weird eat it all appetites!

    and i'm totally impressed that your hubs does the laundry.

  9. I. love. this. post! & that video is amazing! haha.
    Y'all seem so fun & I love it!
    Happy Anniversary by the way. Our 2 year is on Sunday! :)
    I love your "2 Is Better Than 1" picture. That's the song I walked down the isle to! :')

  10. Hahahha these are awesome. Ya'll are too cute!!

  11. haha i love these, ya'll are prob the funnest couple ever!! I love the crescent roll story.. how funny is that!! hahaha

  12. Love the crescent roll story! And that T Swift video is awesome!!

  13. These are all too funny! Why are men so pathetic in the kitchen? I recently had plans to fly home for a week but had to leave early because of an emergency. I didn't have time to go grocery shopping for my hubby, so he had to do it himself and called me so proud of all the dinners he was going to make.. He ended up making frozen pizza or spaghetti every night. At least they know they would be lost without us!

  14. You two are precious! Love this!


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