Monday, June 10, 2013

9 MILES {Chicago Part 3}

Good MONDAY morning everyone!
I am away, ironically, in Chicago attending the biggest event of the year for us commercial interior designers, NEOCON! I'll be sure and fill you in all the awesomeness of it when I return, at some point, but today you can experience Chicago through Kevin and I's eyes from our trip at the beginning of May.

Gracious we took WAY too many pictures on our Chicago trip....
but then again, we didn't because we love pictures!
Here are a few today of our trip to Chicago,which mind you we were there for one day. We walked around, ate breakfast and took a segway tour, and you can see those pictures in part one and part two, and today this is post segway tour. We eventually met up with Kevin's family and then grabbed the train to the car for the long drive to Sturgeon Bay, WI.

The Cloud Gate, aka the bean, again:

Navy Pier, and yes we rode the ferris wheel!

with my mil and sil (picture compliments of SIL's sweet camera)

picture compliments of SILs sweet camera

We found some OKLAHOMA in Chicago! (picture compliments of SILs sweet camera)

Views from the top of the Hancock Tower:

A HUGE surprise, I was able to see one of my teammates from Aqua the Great 2010, when I did StudentLife for a summer. Meet Daniel, he was a child sponsored through Compassion International (his story is incredible) and because of one family sponsoring him as a child he's been able to grow into such an incredible man and he's now in Chicago studying to become a minister...and his plan? To go back to his home country and minister to the people there! Daniel was one of my best friends from that summer, he and I bonded over our common interest in dancing during worship.

The whole family

And of course, we couldn't leave without visiting the only true memory I have from Chicago as a child, The American Girl store. It was wonderful but also so sad because I found out that my doll, Samantha, has been sad! These were the only two things in the store with her:

The train ride to the car:

The sunset on the way to their home was glorious!

and that's all for today, Wisconsin adventures are yet to come!

where are you going this summer?
ps: I promise our love story will continue again soon!
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  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2013

    I loved my trip to Chicago! Like you I also saw The Bean and went up the Hancock Tower. I went to Navy Pier too but I didn't do the Ferris Wheel though, I wish I had because that view in your picture is awesome!

  2. That is so cool that you got to meet your Compassion child! I love it!

    They retired Samantha? How is that possible? She was the most popular...

  3. Aw looks awesome! Yes, I was so upset when I found out about Samantha!! So sad... :(

  4. What fun!!! I want to visit Chicago now! I can't believe they retire American Girl dolls! It breaks my heart! The new ones just aren't the same!


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