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One Year to Beyond: Our ANNIVERSARY Recap

Before we can really get started on today's anniversary post we must absolutely first let it be known and celebrate that today is my blog bestie's birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMANTHA!!!! It's been one of the biggest blessings to really get to know you here on blog world and I can't wait to one day meet in real life! You are incredibly sweet and absolutely beautiful! I pray your 23rd birthday is wonderful celebration for you! :)

Our anniversary was on JUNE 1, that means I've been waiting ALL MONTH to share what we did on our trip with all yall! From touring a historic home to hiding out in a basement for a tornado, our first year anniversary vacation is a memory I shall never forget. forewarning, this post is picture heavy...

We talked about so many ideas for our first anniversary and finally decided to stay close to home and treat ourselves to things here that we normally wouldn't. I love historic buildings and thankfully Kevin has come to as well since we stay the Don and the Vinoy on our honeymoon, both historic hotels on Florida...can we please just go back. So we decided to stay at the Colcord right close to home in downtown OKC. Our plans were to walk around downtown more, explore areas we hadn't been and treat ourselves to a very nice dinner at The Melting Pot.

We started celebrating on Wednesday, since we decided to take wed-fri off a while back. Wednesday was mostly spent doing things around the house but we did decide to take the opportunity to use some chik-fil-a coupons for lunch, a trip to the National Weather Center (to see the new space I designed), and explore the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History since admission was free.

A glimpse into my newly designed space. 

On Thursday we slept in a bit and then made our way to my long awaited gift, a couples massage!!

We walked to the grocery store from the massage place to get some sparkling juice, we've tried some wines but basically we just love sparkling juice haha,  before making our way downtown to check in at our hotel. And then the tornado sirens went we checked in at home for Kevin to check the weather radar, 10 minutes later we were back in the car and on our way (severe storms but no tornado that day). We did drive through Moore, our first time through since the May 20th, heartbreaking.

Journey tag in the window, our church has stepped up to help and re-build in such a huge way!

Our room!
Top of the parking garage at the hotel.

After relaxing in our awesome room we got ready to go to the Melting Pot, our first time there. Dang was that a big but definitely delicious meal! We walked around Bricktown, OKC before calling our hotel to come pick us up.

The sunset that night was spectacular and we took a ton of photos but I limited it to one for the blog

On Friday, our wedding rehearsal anniversary haha, we  got dressed for a fun day of activities. I got to wear my brand new earrings from Samantha that she sent me for our anniversary, my love language is gifts so this spoke to my heart. We drove around for donuts, they were just calling us! Holly had mentioned that they toured the Overholser Mansion a while back and a groupon came up for a tour just before our anniversary so I jumped on it and I'm SO glad I did! We got a private tour and it was spectacular, remember how much I love historic homes...loved it. 

The mansion has absolutely everything from the family that built and lived there. Literally there are clothes in the closet and they have all the China still, it was incredible. I've never toured a historic home with so much original in it. They were working on repairing the exterior a bit but it was still awesome. The lady there also told me about a tour of the homes in the area that happen in November,  you better believe I'm coming back.

We opted for some tasty Chicago-like pizza for lunch and then we went the mall to get my rings cleaned. Then we went back to the hotel, rested on the bed for a bit and then got right back to activities. We toured the Botanical Gardens for the first time and walked around town before stopping to get some fro yo.

I kind of love this one even though we both look like we might as well be 12 years in love...

On Friday night our friends were supposed to come up so we could all go dancing together. As we got ready in our room, with the news on, it became clear that the storm that night was getting dangerous. Kevin had his tablet running with radar and was in touch with our friends to see where they were since they were already driving towards us. Thankfully, they safely made it to us before the storm got to our area or their pathway there. Not 10 minutes into the time they arrived, the hotel manager came on the speaker system requesting everyone to come downstairs. 

Our cell phones has no connection but we were safely in the basement of the building. We were there for almost an hour before it was safe to leave. Thankfully, the Colcord was AWESOME and brought chairs and water for us so we weren't totally uncomfortable on the ground. The tornado didn't come through OKC but did do some damage in the area and big damage in many other places. Thankful this didn't happen a year prior, I can only imagine how terrified some of our out of town family and friends would have been.

Dancing was out of question since it was still raining quite heavily and most places had shut down to go take shelter. So we opted for a snack in the hotel restaurant and ended up watching a movie in the hotel room, all four of us on the king sized bed watching We Bought a Zoo. Wasn't what we planned on but I wouldn't have traded that funny, sweet moment with our friends, who are getting married in December, click that link for their engagement story, for anything. It has actually become one of my favorite moments of the weekend. It makes me smile thinking about it, so grateful for the friendship we have in that couple!

Looking cute in my not-finished-doing-my-makeup face in the basement...
Oh yeah this was from earlier in the day but it was too funny to leave out.

Boys on radar...

The four of us dressed up a little more before heading to the hotel restaurant, only to climb back into bed an hour later ..
The next morning, Saturday-our ACTUAL anniversary, June 1st- we woke up and looked for breakfast, stopping just short of an awesome breakfast restaurant I learned about AFTER our little trip. We walked a long way, really hungry, ultimately deciding to leave OKC and go to a breakfast place in Moore, which was open but just so happened to be doing a fundraising event that day for the May 20th tornado. Needless to say our hungry tummies ate up that breakfast really fast! We picked up Paisley from our friends after we got back to Norman and then picked up house, I know we cleaned on our anniversary.

We left some time to watch our wedding ceremony video,that links to the little recap video Kevin made but we watched our complete ceremony. and repeated our vows to each other. We also read the covenant we wrote together that we signed on our wedding day. Sweet memories!

We took our anniversary pictures with our wedding photographer in the evening and enjoyed our wedding cake after that in our wedding attire, and yes it still tasted wonderful! I shared the sneak peak we got from our anniversary shoot last week, can't wait to see the rest!!! And with that our sweet first anniversary came to an end...I can't even believe we've been married a year! It's mind blowing! I think I'm going to have to write a letter of memories here soon just to recap the year.

I made the new cake topper just for our anniversary, since our wedding day cake topper died, oh what a story!  Just colored up a bride and groom on cardstock, printed the banner, bought some cake pop sticks from Michaels, hot glue to hold it all together and pushed it into the cake. 

I know...super attractive, right?

OH and gifts?!  We stuck to the paper theme, a little, and Kevin made me a paper certificate for the couples massage, completely worth every penny and more, and I made Kevin a little scrapbook with a letter kind of re-capping each month of our first year of marriage and pictures from a boudoir shoot our awesome photographer shot. Yep just confessed that on the internet... as a side note they were really fun to take and I highly recommend them as a first year gift!

Your turn, link up with me and these other fabulous ladies... for the last Wednesday of this link-up!!
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