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This is Karla's Story

 Do you ever read a story about someone's life and just feel such a strong connection or encouragement to that person? I know I have, people's stories are real and relevant. God used stories of people in the Bible to encourage us here today, and here today He's using the stories of people around you too.

While Kev and I are gone visiting family you're going to hear from a couple of my besties in blog world telling their stories. I pray your heart is encouraged and your spirit is strengthened. Remember that God made us to be in fellowship with one another, don't miss this opportunity of fellowship with these sweet ladies.


I have to preface Karla's story today, when I asked her to guest post I was super excited when she said yes, you see I consider Karla one of my best friend bloggers but we hadn't really been able to share about our lives with each other and I was excited to get to know her better. She sent me an email and began explaining how she had started writing her story about her and Scott, and God's hand in that but after a phone call with her father about a teacher coming back to the school he works at she felt the need to change her story to how God worked in her life around a terrible event in her hometown, Newton. 
Karla listened to God knocking at her heart telling her to change what she was going to write about. That's an encouraging story right there friends! Listening to God's calling on your life no matter how minuscule you think it might be!
If you know anything about Karla or have read her blog for any length of time at all, you know her heart for her home town and the people in it who were affected by the tragedy.  I pray that as you read her story that you will keep your eyes and hearts open to her words. I think it's quite obvious how deep and big Karla's heart is for the people of her hometown.

Hi! I’m Karla & I blog over at Forever Newly Wedded.  I am so thrilled to be guest posting here on Veronica’s blog.  She is one of my very best blog friends and I feel so honored to do this! 

Here is my story.

Growing up, my Mom always took my brother and I to church.  I never always understood why, but I knew that I loved it.  Some of my really good friends were people I met through church.  I was baptized, confirmed, and later married in the same white church.  Those were some of the happiest times of my life.  Little did I know, I'd also have some of the saddest times at the same church.  I had no idea that I'd have a full on sob fest in church, in front of all my friends as a grown up.  But I did.

I’m from Newtown, Connecticut.  And on December 14, 2012 my whole world was turned upside down.   My Dad works at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He had the day off from work to be with my Mom on her birthday and therefore was unharmed.  My cousin, who attends the same school, was able to run out of the building safely.  To say I feel grateful is an understatement.  God was definitely with me during the seconds, minutes, and hours following the shooting.

As a girl, I remember always wanting to see God.  I had so many questions and I was so curious.  I was that girl who stayed up all night to see if I could catch a glimpse of Santa or reindeer.  I’m much more of a visual person.  I always wanted to see God with my own eyes.  What did he look like?  What would he do for me in my life?

I may not have seen what God looks like with my own eyes… but I have seen God’s love for me, and others.  I see examples of God everyday.  I witness things that would make him proud.  I especially saw this during the days and weeks and months following the awful school shooting in my hometown.

He was also with me the next day.  He helped me get up out of bed.  My faith in Him is what kept me going.  He was there with me when I saw my whole family after everything had happened.  He helped keep me strong, for those who were not.  He has wrapped his arms around the town of Newtown.  It’s quite an unexplainable feeling.

And although I feel grateful and thankful and lucky that my Dad was safe, I’m still hurt when I think of all the innocent teachers and students whose lives were lost that day. 

What gets me through is seeing the acts of kindness in Newtown and all over the world.  Donations from people who had never even heard of Newtown, CT… people paying for meals, people hugging complete strangers, holding doors open, a friendly smile.  After 12/14, I figured that my hometown would never be the same.  Newtown would be “that” town where the shooting was.  But, I haven’t felt that way at all.  In fact, I’ve felt quite the opposite.  Newtown is a town of resilience and faith.  I see God everywhere in Newtown.  I am so blessed to be able to “see” God, every single day. 


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  1. Veronica: first off thanks for having her guest post I absolutely love both of your blogs!
    Karla: wow! I love seeing how God protects and shows love even through something so terrible! Reading it gave me chills! Thanks for sharing!

  2. No joke, this made me cry. And I read it at work lol. <3 you Karla

  3. Veronica is so right; it is great that you were able to hear God's prompting and chose to follow it. Glad you shared your story. :D


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