Thursday, May 30, 2013

This is Casey's Story

Good morning lovelies! I'm off enjoying our first year of married life this weekend with my husband so I've got some more sweet stories for you!
Today, I have Casey from Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure. How cool is her blog name? Seriously, I think it's just awesome. Casey is a new blog friend of mine. I met her through her first link-up with the Newlywed Game I host with Karla on Fridays. She's lovely and I pretty much adore her.
I've asked her to share her story today, because I've loved reading already on her blog about her heart for the Lord and her heart to touch lives. I pray today that as you read this you are touched, you are encouraged and you know how loved you are. God doesn't give us an easy cheesy life sometimes, as Casey talks about, but it's certainly better than anything we could do on our own.

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I was elated when Veronica asked me to guest post along with some other fabulous bloggers while she is celebrating her first full year of wedded bliss! How exciting!

Today I want to talk to you about how the journey as a Christian is not always an easy one. Did you know that being a Christian is supposed to be uncomfortable? It's supposed to be hard?
Here's an example. Remember that wonderful woman who was chosen to be Jesus' mother?
Put yourself in her shoes for a moment.

You're thirteen years old, and engaged to a man who believes you to be a virgin.
You have never once spent the night with your "fiancé" and yet an angel appears and tells you, that you are to have a child, you are pregnant right now, and that you will name your child Jesus.

Talk about terrifying.
How do you know what you just saw was real?
How are you going to explain to your fiancé that you're pregnant?
How are you going to tell others in your life what has happened?
And you HAVE to name him Jesus?

Mary had absolutely NO choice in this matter, yet she was honored, willing and thankful to have such a monumental event literally thrown upon her.
Most importantly she had faith in herself, faith in her Lord, and faith that those around her would be understanding.
What if that happened today?
What if that was you?
I personally would be terrified and would constantly have to justify myself in todays society.

Lets talk about relationships and mirroring Christ's grace.
This is something I struggle with immensely.
I currently have a loved one who has struggled with a lot of psychological issues in her life.
She is undeserving of her incredibly hard past, and she suffers daily with negative self talk, and turns to material possessions and substances as a coping mechanism.

Throughout the years there have been many interventions, many long talks, numerous nights staying up to make sure she would be ok.
Unfortunately our relationship has morphed into more of a mother/daughter relationship.
I hate that I am someone who makes her look at her flaws, but I also refuse to let go of being her accountability partner.

There have been plenty of times where I have wanted to throw in the towel because our relationship causes each other more angst than laughter and good times. I find myself worrying about who she surrounds herself with and if she is creating poisonous relationships for herself.

I have recently had a moment where I told my husband that I just want to be done, that I know I can't fix her and I just want to stand on the sidelines now and no longer be the bad guy.
I want to be the one she comes to in good times, and not only the bad times. I want her to love me as a friend, not as a mother figure. I want her to know that my life is in no way shape or form easier than her's, and I want her to know that I battle some of the same demons.

Thank goodness for my amazing God fearing husband.
He looked at me and said, throwing in the towel would not be mirroring God's grace.
Don't you think that God feels the same way you do right now?
He guides us, carries us and always watches over us. He advises us, and STILL lets us choose to love Him.
When we take it upon ourselves to decide what is best in our lives over and over again, don't you think God ever wants to throw in the towel?
Do you think he becomes frustrated that we are choosing sins of the flesh over His will?

I will tell you that I was speechless, and tears began to stream down my face. My husband was absolutely correct. How many times have I taken my own life into my own hands and said, this is how I want it to be.
You know what ALWAYS happens? My choices are usually wrong, and yet God isn't standing there saying "I told you so".

I would absolutely be easier and more comfortable to stand on the sidelines and watch my friend make her own choices. But, I'm being called by God to continue to be an accountability partner. Sure, I may be ridiculed, gossiped about or even called a crazy Christian. But I would be heart broken if anything ever happened to my sweet friend, because it was easier to just lay low rather than continue to show God's grace upon her.

I hope you take this message and pray to God asking him to always direct your path.
Lean not your own understanding. If we acknowledge him, He will always direct our paths.
This should lift some anxieties from your shoulders. Give your lives to the Lord and you no longer have to "do life"on your own.

A big thank you for letting Veronica share what is on my heart today. 
You can find me over at the Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure.

And as always, from our home to yours,

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  1. Wow. Casey! What a touching story with a really great message! Thank you! =)

  2. I love Casey! And this is so true. I love the hubby's statement. I never would have looked at it that way.

  3. Such an inspiring story! Thank you Casey! :) I love it when people dare me to think about my life in Mary's shoes. It really helps to put things into perspective!

  4. Thank you so much for this opportunity and thank you for the sweet comments :)

  5. This was truly an amazing story!


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