Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our Humble Home Scene: Bedroom

"‘I know not, Miss Elizabeth,’ said he, ‘whether Mrs. Collins has yet expressed her sense of your kindness in coming to us; but I am very certain you will not leave the house without receiving her thanks for it. The favour of your company has been much felt, I assure you. We know how little there is to tempt any one to our humble abode. Our plain manner of living, our small rooms, and few domestics, and the little we see of the world, must make Hunsford extremely dull to a young lady like yourself; but I hope you will believe us grateful for the condescension, and that we have done everything in our power to prevent your spending your time unpleasantly....the humble home scene'"-Pride and Prejudice (chapter 38) ---any chance to throw some Pride and Prejudice in, I take!

Well  my blog bestie, Samantha, finally convinced me to get pictures up of our home. I share these with you with a forewarning, an interior designer I may be but an interior designer dream budget I do not have. Kevin and I do the best we can with our current budget and while I dream of what our one day house will be like, I am perfectly happy with where we are now and what we have now. That's not to say I don't have a few projects in the works for our little place, though.

My home, and maybe yours too, may not look like pinterest but it's home and it's comfortable and it's a sweet place because it's the first place my hubby and I have ever lived in together, it's where we began newlyed life, it's where we welcomed Paisley, it's where we'll live for at least another year...and so for all of that it is full of memories and thus it has to be remembered, however uninteriorly designed it might currently be. I loved Rachel's post on this topic a couple weeks ago, go read it! (and come back next week to hear Rachel's story!)

I'll work on posting some snapshots of our home in segments, this week will be my favorite and probably most designed area, our bedroom:

I may be ridiculously biased but our headboard is my favorite it should be since I MADE IT! (one of the perks to studying interior design is partaking in a furniture design of my favorite courses for sure). The posts were hand turned by moi and the shape is my own creation but created with the help of an awesome piece of machinery. The oval center is actually a little door that comes off and inside there's a wooden pocket, if you will, where we surprise each other with notes and keep special memories.(I'm thinking the headboard deserves it's own post, yes?)

Our bedspread is a white quilt coverlet, many thanks to whomever gifted this to us for our wedding and I apologize for being an awful person and not remember whom it was, from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Our sheets are a robin's egg blue and they're from the same store, we just LOVE them...we don't remember selecting them but they're awesome and I do remember that Kevin's grandparents gifted us these. The little lamps are from IKEA and I've had them for literally forever...they should be changed for sure. Our nightstands are nothing special...plans in store for those. Our curtains are from Khols and the curtain rods are from Home Depot or Lowes... I can't recall which one.

Under the window we have an old twin futon-like sofa-bed I have had for forever from IKEA. It has my old foam bed topper on it to make it comfier and pretty much all our extra, non-matching pillows and sheets. Paisley clearly adores it. Her crate sits right next to it, over which hangs my beloved wedding dress...yes that's right, my wedding dress is hanging in a dress bag from hooks on our wall. We didn't need a picture of that.

And now phone pictures come into play, sorry folks:

The top of our dresser, another project for a later date, currently storing my jewelry and tons of pictures!

my nightstand with current reads Highly recommend that Good Girl's Guide book for newlymarried ladies!

We have one tall bookcase.

That's a heart rock that my sweethart found for awesome?!

I used to collect mini tea plate sets...I somehow have this one and the others are carefully wrapped in storage...either in Florida or Houston, and I don't know which.

pocket watches from my grandfather, on my dad's side

Bride and Groom signs from the wedding, diploma holder, veil and top display

The scrapbook I made Kevin for our first year of dating that was displayed at our wedding

More wedding details, at use in our bedroom!

That little white basket holds all the notes Kevin has left me throughout our relationship...what a good man.

And there you have it! Our bedroom...the other side that you don't see is the stairwell and a junky storage corner...nothing you're missing.

Go on and link up your home at Samantha's blog!

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  1. Wow! You made that headboard?! That's awesome! I love it!
    I love your room! So much character. So much "you"!
    Love the little window seat!! =)

  2. Um yes, please do a post on the headboard! I love that it has a little hidden compartment and the wood looks absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I love that dog bed right there..I need to make one for us pups!

  4. Love the headboard! So cute!

  5. I love your bedroom!! it is so quaint and pretty, and especially the puppy dog!

  6. SO gorgeous!!!! Love how cozy it is!

  7. Your room is super cute! I LOVE that you designed your headboard to have a little hidden compartment. :-)

  8. your lucky dog and that dog bed in your room!!! love it.

  9. The furniture designing thing is so cool! Great, now I want to go back to school...again! That little nook for Paisley is awesome too. And yay books!

  10. Your headboard is sweet!! I'm in love with the headboard of my own bed....but that one is also pretty awesome, I have to say! I also love mini teasets. Thanks for the shout-out about that post! :)

  11. loving your home - SO CUTE! just saw this link to this post from another post - how have i been following you without really realizing it? silly me. exciting to be REALLY following now. ha. by the way, the pup adds a lot of character to the home :) hehe


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