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Life&Love: Animal Frenzy

This is a post series that I'm writing about Kevin and I's love story, read about why and how I'm doing this, as well as all the prior posts under the Life&Love page.
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Every year the freshmen of the BSU were required to write, prepare and perform a version of the Christmas story, Jesus born. Roles were created and cast, and low and behold my girlfriends and I were given the highly coveted roles of farm animals.
Farm animals.
We felt a bit slighted but didn't let it get us down. We chose to be sheep and planned out what came to be the best sheep costume there ever was in the history of BSU plays, at least we thought so. 

Cotton balls, white clothing, socks and headbands were all required to put our costume together, those and time. Time we didn't exactly have. Finals season was upon us and I felt the stress like no other. Those costumes were going to have to wait.
Thanksgiving came and went and I was left with a week of three exams, a final project, and my phi lamb pledge test too. Not to mention, it was my birthday and another friend's birthday, phi lamb pledge party and M and I would be celebrating 6 months. I knew I wasn't going to see friends much that week and I was desperately hoping I would make it to Friday night with at least some sort of energy to have fun.
I didn't sleep a wink on Thursday group stayed up all night working on the group project, the most ridiculous project ever. It didn't work out quite like we thought it was and we weren't super thrilled with it. Getting it on site was such a hassle in itself, we were just DONE.

Or so we wished we were done! Presenting it, and reviewing along with the rest of the college work that night was still ahead of us. My eyes were beyond stinging, they hurt and my body just ached but with limited time to run home and change for the rest of the day's activities I didn't have a choice but to just keep going.

at the movie
By around 10pm, I was feeling like I was about to fall over but my cheery and happy friends greeted me and were excited to go see this project I'd been slaving over and at the same time were trying to convince me to attend the midnight premier of The Dark Night in our college student union theater. I couldn't say no, but I thoroughly anticipated falling asleep in the middle of it.

Sleep I did not, movies in the theater were always incredibly loud and active. I don't even remember making it my dorm afterward, let alone my bed, I'm sure my brain was functioning right. My body wasn't responding the same anymore, I was beyond sleep deprived. 

My alarm shot off and I couldn't understand exactly what was happening, my mind felt groggy as I pulled off my sleep shades and looked toward my window where a faint pink had started draping the walls, the sun coming through my pink curtains was one of my favorite sites in that little dorm room. 

My friends had planned a big day for me, it was finally my BIRTHDAY! My dreaded week was over and it was time to celebrate! Kevin, Kayla and many other friends had planned this day for a while, we were headed to Arbuckle Wilderness for some zoo time from a car. 

I finally had time to take a shower, oh a glorious feeling! Clean. I think I'd forgotten what that truly felt like. I pulled on my favorite pair of jeans, a comfy white long sleeve top, zipped up my purple fleece vest that I'd had since the 7th grade, pulled my hair into a pony, and finally slid my socked feet into my brand new Sperry topsiders, my first pair, the birthday gift I just opened that morning from my mommy.

I found all smiling faces at the bottom of the dorm tower, the camera came out and the pictures began immediately as we all waited on one more person. Laughter between us was contagious, it never seemed to end and there was always something to be happy about with all those friends in one place.

I had the pleasure of riding in the front, squished between two of my favorite people, the other birthday person (guy) to my left and Kevin to my right. We talked, laughed more and took so many more pictures as we began the trek to the drive thru zoo. 

For lunch we stopped at Oklahoma's favorite, Braums. There we reflected on the semester that was already coming to an end, the people we'd met, the blessing the BSU had been to all of us, the Christmas play we were all doing, just memories. Kayla and I slipped off to the bathroom leaving the boys to converse on their own. On our return we found the conversation had turned to who was crushing on who. Pink cheeks and smiles flanked every face around the table, except mine because I was "taken" and had nothing much to add to the conversation other than to probe every one of them for a name. It seemed something was being kept from me, no matter how hard I
pushed, I couldn't get an answer out. I started guessing and finally hit a name that got a good response too. BINGO! I solved the mystery, or so I thought...

We arrived at the park, bought tickets, stocked up on animal feed and went through the gates. I got to sit at the window this time, switching spots with Kevin. We fed the animals, laughed, mimicked the animals, took pictures, laughed and so on and so forth until we reached the ostriches and I made a terrible mistake. I begged them to keep going because I don't like ostriches and am rather afraid of them. We pulled into the ostrich section, and came to a dead stop, I freaked, then the windows came down and were locked into position  I freaked some more,
ostriches neared the car slowly and I squealed in terror.

I couldn't believe this was happening. An ostrich was entirely too close to the car now, and I could just see it poking it's head into the window....I began scrambling, shoving Kevin from the middle seat to the driver's lap and yelping for the window to go up. Laughter was roaring in the back seat, but I couldn't keep it in...ostriches are just plain scary.

The moment I'm sure will out live me in memories.

At the end of our zoo experience, everyone gifted me a stuffed ostrich so I would never forget the blessed terrible moment. We played outside for a while, taking a zillion more photos, before packing up and head back to campus to watch the Sooners take on their next game...which would take us to the championships!

My first birthday away from home was awesome! Thanks to my best friends. I loved every moment from the day, with the exception of the ostrich experience, and felt incredibly comfortable squished in the car next to Kevin, I couldn't even imagine any one else sitting there. It was good.

That night, I enjoyed cheering the Sooners onto victory, the day felt full but there was one thing wrong, M hadn't called or contacted me at all...not even once...all day. My heart hurt, it was birthday after all, not only that but we'd been dating 6 months now and that was big deal to me. I dialed his number with the game on in the background at my friends house, he didn't sound too excited about my call, and didn't even
I found this on my door later that day, it took me a while but
I eventually did discover who did it.

wish me happy birthday. I pulled it out of him and ended the call, trying to sound too excited to care that he'd let me down.

But it was there. With that moment, and conversations that had taken of Thanksgiving break, my heart was aching some.

 I pushed it all out of my mind and determined to enjoy the rest of the day. Besides, he was probably just busy studying for his own finals.

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  1. I'm loving these stories!!! :-) My relationship with the guy I dated long distance before my hubby ended 3 days after my bday (in an insane way) and he refused to call me too. (the breakup happened over an email) I don't know if you story was similar but you got a good guy out of all of it. ;-)

  2. stupid boys! at least one of them got it right!

  3. also I am disgusted (and possibly jealous) that you were fitting into something you had from the seventh grade. eesh!


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