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How you can help OK & NWG#18

How you can help Oklahoma:
On Monday a terrible, terrifying, tornado ravaged through Moore, a city just 5-6 miles north of me. Homes are completely gone, schools flattened, buildings demolished. Many have lost loved ones and more have lost just every type of worldly possession. If you want to help please see below:
  •  This link takes you to a list of supplies needed at my church, which has become a shelter for those in need. You can also donate money there. 100% of it will be give to those in need, or used in a way to help those in need.
  • If you would like to buy this t-shirt, 100% of  the proceeds will go to helping those in need!
  • When you buy this necklace...ALL the money goes to the Red Cross! not just profits, ALL! Plus this necklace is beautiful! It's got a pearl, what else do you need?!
  • You can text message the Regional Food Bank to donate $10: Text FOOD to 32333 *charged to your phone bill.
  • If you would like to buy this tank, 100% of the money goes to the Red Cross! not just profits but ALL! It's super cute!! (SOLD OUT as of Wednesday)
More and more ways to help are coming all the time. The University of Oklahoma has opened it's dorms to families in need and are taking donations as well. Let me know if you have any questions.

And now for the Newlywed Game...can you believe there are only 2 more left?! Oh what a fun journey it's been with you Karla!!!

1.  Follow both the HOST & the CO-HOST
2.  Post the button above to your post.
3.  Post the questions & your answers.
4.  Add your link to the bottom of the post where it asks for your link.
5.  Have fun checking out everyone else's answers!  
You can link up anytime from now til Sunday at midnight EST!
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The Newlywed Game #18 
ONE:If your spouse could have one thing in the world (besides millions of dollars) what would it be?
Hhhmmm just me. :) lol but really he'd say something sweet like that... thinking materially, maybe like some kind of neverending ticket to his favorite sports games? Or a movie room in his house?
Veronica would want a house set up and designed exactly as she would want it, with an unlimited budget. (TRUTH! #IDlifeproblems)

TWO: Is your spouse an early bird or a night owl?
Oh EARLY BIRD hands down. When we first were married he'd set alarms even on Saturday mornings when we would sleep in (before he started his professional meteorology job)... how crazy is that?! Now he works Saturdays so he's always up at 5:30... thankfully I've convinced him to sleep in and go to the second church service on Sundays.
Veronica used to be more of a night owl but with our work schedules she's become more of an early bird but she doesn't like that but she doesn't stay up late either so maybe neither now....(okay this isn't true, exactly...see I used to stay up late working on's what you had to do!  And I would still call myself an early bird, I can get up out of bed in the morning without to much trouble, without any coffee, and be happy so that's an early bird!)

THREE:Does your spouse do anything weird or silly when they are nervous?  If so, what?
I feel like I know the answer to this but I can't think of it.... he taps his foot if he's sitting ...or if standing moves it back and forth, you can see this in our wedding video.
Veronica used to blink a lot when she was nervous but I never really noticed and haven't seen that in a while so I guess she plays with her hair a little bit like twirl it around her fingers? I don't know. (oh the habits we pick up from our mothers...)

FOUR:What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done as a couple?
Made out in the back of Kevin's car in a rainy night at a park... pouring down rain, like we're talking big, bad thunderstorm.... I don't even know why we were out in that!
We are not typically very spontaneous but we have done spontaneous things and I can't remember them, I know we've done like spontaneous photo shoots. (I guess sorta... come on babe, there's the playing in the rain once, the time we pretended I had a serious pregnancy craving for sonic...)
FIVE:What makes your spouse different/special from any other person you know?
Everything about him. haha his sillyness, his ability to fake different "accents," his manly cutesyness (yes I'm making that up but in a weird way it describes him)... 
Veronica is very sweet to all people, like I've never met someone who's so kind and loving toward others, even to people she's never met. (awwww)

SIX:In the summertime, does your spouse most resemble a white snowman, a red lobster, or a very tan Pauly D?!
Somewhere between a red lobster and a very tan man?
Veronica is definitely a very tan Pauly D whenever she gets enough sun which I think will become more of a priority after last summer. (I'm a beach baby, grew up on the beach as much as my mom could get me there, I soak up that sun and I just LOVE it!)

SEVEN: What is one thing that people may not know about your spouse?
They never know about his accents until I tell people, and they really don't get it until they witness it, and few people have that privilege.
Veronica is actually an introvert even though she loves being around people. (perhaps....hhhmmm)

EIGHT:What is your spouse’s favorite holiday?
I know this but I don't remember right now so we're going to go with Christmas because there are penguins everywhere, decor-wise...
Veronica's favorite holiday would be her birthday but otherwise I think it's Christmas or Easter...I don't know because she doesn't like Christmas music, but she does like enjoy Christmas and she likes the Easter bunny and she likes Easter times so I'm not sure . (okay true for the birthday... I worked with Santa Claus and heard too much Christmas music a lot! But I have to say that this last Christmas I listened to Christmas music more on my own than previous years.... all that to say I like it!  and I like the Easter bunny? I don't know where that one came from, I don't mind the Easter bunny but I don't like look forward to the Easter bunny... I worked with the Easter bunny too once... Easter is about Jesus to me, and him, so I don't know where that answer came from... silly husband, silly husband)

NINE:There is a table full of food.  Salad, meat, bread, desserts.  Which dish does your spouse devour first?
The meat and bread.
If we're going based on what she likes then she would probably go for dessert first, but Veronica is a girl of order so she'd probably go for the salad first. (good answer husby!)

TEN:I am so thankful that my spouse is ______________ because I am definitely not!
The take-care-of-the-bills kind of husband.
a talented crafter and user of color because I am definitely not either of those things and it makes our house more beautiful. (awww... user of color? We could just as well have said designer, no?)

Many of these were instagram pictures shared this week... For those of you who didn't see them...these picture of rooms are the rooms for my church's kid's area, in these pictures they're stuffed (from Wed night) and yesterday I worked all day you can barely get down that hallway it's so full of donations!
The other pictures you see are of sunsets, every night this week the Lord has given us a beautiful sunset here. It's a gift at the end of every day. Finally there's a picture of the back of my church with their banner up, where I worked all day Thursday welcoming donations and stuffing cars full of donations to send to those who needed it. It was a good day. My heart is so incredibly full. I love the Lord! I love my church! 

Here are next week's questions!! 

1.  Would your spouse rather be blind or deaf?
2.  Who wears the pants?? ;-)
3.  What do you think was your spouse's best subject in school?
4.  Is there any significance to your spouse's name?  Were they named after anyone?
5.  What quality does your spouse have that you hope your future children will inherit?
6.  What musical artist do you listen to that your spouse hates?
7.  What do you both want to do when you retire?
8.  What is your favorite tradition that you share together? Or maybe one that you both started together when you got married?
9.  What is your spouse's favorite app on their smart phone (if they have one)?
10.  Have you & your spouse dressed up for Halloween together?  If so, what was your favorite costume?

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  1. hahahaa....i love the eating salad first because of true!

  2. I so wanted to do this one because I knew instantly that the one material thing Angel wants but probably will never have is a Toyota Avalon. Expensive car! :P But he was being too stubborn to answer any questions this week! :P
    And dang, I would never eat salad first. The bread is always the first thing I go for! (before it's gone!)


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