Monday, April 8, 2013


Ah friends! This little blogger is taking a I opened bloglovin to find  403 unread posts from all yall...this is crazyness! I guess that's what happens when you abandon blog world for like 5 days...

I'll be out all week until the awesome Newlywed Game link up on Friday with Krazy Kool Karla (like that alliteration?) so fill up on unexplained instagram madness below and maybe next week I'll share about our amazing color run experience, among other things.

This week's newlywed game questions:
1. What bill would you love to hide from your spouse if you could?
2.     If your spouse went out on a business trip, the very first thing you would do is…
3.     What traffic sign best describes your spouse after a bad day?  (caution, yield, danger ahead… get creative here!!)
4.     What did your spouse’s friends say to watch out for before you started dating your spouse??
5.     What is your spouses dream car…what color?
6.     What specific sport or game would your spouse say that they are better at than you… and why do you think so?
7.     What is the funniest thing that you spouse helps you do?  (helping you tie your shoes, prepare your toothbrush… something odd!)
8.     What do you think your spouse would say if they were asked what they like LEAST about being married?
9.     Who do you get along with best in your spouses’ family and why?
10. Finish the sentence.  Sometimes, I get annoyed at my spouse because he/she always (blanks) when he/she (blanks). 

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  1. Loving your blog lady! Hope you had a great weekend. Happy Monday!

  2. Following you from the Monday Mingle hop! I hope you will stop by Swanky Baby and follow us too! Have a great day!!

    Swanky Baby

  3. I think sometimes we all need to realize that it's ok to not read every post from every blogger we love. I know that's a lesson I've had to learn! Good like with the 400+ if you decide to read all of them. ;-)

  4. Hahaha! It gets overwhelming to play catch up on blogs! I've just learned to not let it stress me out. If I have time to read, then I do! If not.... then someday I'll get to those blogs ;)

  5. I'm the worst at catching up on blogs. When I go for days at a time without reading anything, I usually just start on that day without bothering to go back. Is that totally mean of me to do? Oops!

  6. isn't it crazy hard to keep up with all the blog reading? fun photos!


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