Friday, April 19, 2013

Surprise Ginger!

Happy Birthday to my little sister, Miss Ginger Rae!!!

Dear bloggy friends, the newlywed game linky tool is at the bottom of this post. I'll post husband and I's answers tomorrow! Have fun! PS: Karla and I are looking for some co-hosts! So fill out this form if you want to get in on this awesomeness for a week! Congrats to Leah for co-hosting next week!

Today, you are officially 19! Good're almost done with your freshman year! Just last year you were turning 18...and now you're 19!...I'm getting old.

This year, we're doing things a little differently for've got a sweet little collection of gifts coming your way but as delivery of these sweet gifts will vary, today you get to open them online...on this little blog.

But before you open your digitally wrapped gift, a letter...from a big sister to a little sister:
Dear Ginger,
Nineteen years prior to this, I had hardly any clue what life with sisters really looked like. I was five years old and ready for mommy to bring me a sibling. I prayed for you. I prayed for you almost daily. Though sometimes I joke about this, it's true that I did. I prayed you and I would play together. I prayed we'd enjoy each other's company. I prayed for a friend....and a friend you have become. From crayons and cars, to dollhouses and barbies, and now fashion and jewelry...we have played endlessly these past 19 years. I am so thankful to the Lord for the sweet friendship he's given us, it may have taken a few rough years in the middle (you know like when you were 8-14...) but God has granted us a life long sisterly bond. I am so thankful to the Lord for the beautiful woman you are becoming, and the way you are pursuing Him first and foremost in your life. I am thankful to the Lord for the leader you've been in our home, especially through the past, rather difficult, year. I am thankful to the Lord for the big sister you've been to our littlest sister, and the way you are influencing her life. Never forget the power of that. Our lives, our friends, our habits are on two opposite sides but you and I are will always be right along side each other. I'm proud of you Ginger! I anxiously await to see your future unfold: the professional you'll be in the workplace, the wife you'll be in your home, the mother you'll be to your children and the aunt you'll be to Blue and I's kids...lean on the Lord and  hold on tight because your next years will move even faster than the past 19! Happy 19th Birthday on the 19th my sister and friend! 
I love you! 

And now for the gifts!

This year's gift theme is practical, handy, and fun little tools for you to use in your dorm 
and next year in your apartment!
Hope you enjoy them!

Love you Gina!
These should hopefully all make their way to you by at least the end of the month.
Be sure and tell me which one becomes your favorite!
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