Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stove Ware Cooking

Well hello lovelies! I've just finished cleaning house, the sun is shining outside and my sweet puppy is sleeping on the sofa next to me...ahh Saturday. Course, as you're reading it is Wednesday and the work week has already begun once again. At least we are half way through! Hang in there!

Today I have a special product I was privileged to review for Ozeri. Have you heard of their company? They have all kinds of cool products that you can use in your every day life activities.

Recently, they kindly sent me The Stone Earth Pan to test and review...I must say I am pleasantly surprised and absolutely thrilled!

As it describes, "Stone delivered coating from nature. Featuring Stonehenge, ultra -safe 100% PFOA-free non-stick stone coating from Germany." Now when I read that I thought, oh we'll see about non-stick but guys, it blew me away! Truly, I didn't use a spray, butter or oil when I cooked anything and EVERYTHING came off so smoothly. The instructions recommend you use absolutely no more that a 1/2 teaspoon of oil but I didn't even find that necessary. The fact that it is safe and non-toxic makes it all the better. Especially for those of you out there with sweet little humans to care for!

And cleaning is spectacular! A rinse under the faucet and a teensy bit of soap and it's as clean as it was brand new.

I've used it five times already in the past week or so and I quite literally haven't used any of my other pans.

Besides all the awesome qualities above, the size is perfect! I've used it for small vegetables to cooking a dinner full of rice, and even a box of macaroni and cheese. So basically, I've not even used any of my pots most recently either. ALSO, you don't have to turn the stove on as high (thus saving some electricity) plus food cooks faster (we all love when dinners are quick, right?) and "that's because the Stone Earth Pan is a better conductor of heat than traditional pans, causing food to cook faster."

Now, I think it's about time you head on over to get yourself some! (Ozeri is even on Amazon! Hey oh!)

So what are some of your favorite kitchen products?
Anyone else tried an Ozeri product?

ps: I'm on the look out for running products...most importantly, headphones! 
Earbuds fall out of my ears constantly and I've gotten so sick of it I just carry my phone in my 
hand and put it on speaker to listen to music which works fine in neighborhoods but as soon as I hit a busier
road, I can't hear a thing! So I've got to know, what headphones do you use in running?!
AND do you hold your phone in your hand or what do you do with it?

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  1. I am loving Pampered Chef in my kitchen! I had a Pampered Chef shower prior to getting married and ultimately got everything and more that I wanted! I don't think I'll need to search for kitchen products for quite some time....

    As for earbuds, I've quickly learned that regular ones, as you've mentioned, do fall out. I've turned to the marshmallow earbuds, like these:

    They conform to your inner ear and I haven't had a problem with them! I also use an armband for my iphone to wear while I'm running or working great! :) Happy Wednesday!


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