Friday, April 5, 2013

Questions, Old & New for NG#11 LINK UP!

While you're reading this hubster and I are on our way to DALLAS for the COLOR RUN!!!! YAYYYY it's finally HERE!!!! Anyone else going to the Dallas Color Run this weekend? We could meet up!

And in other Fridayness, The Newlywed Game, at which I totally failed last week. Apologies friends, soar throats don't exactly encourage lots of talking even when it's with the husband. Today, I've got last week and this week's answers and we tried to keep them short and sweet so you weren't bored out of your mind by the end. :)

Now, it's time for the Newlywed Game 

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The Newlywed Game #10 
ONE:Where was the proposal? How did it all go down?
Oh our proposal! I love telling this story and wrote it all out in three posts (I gave quite a bit of background so you can read those, HERE, HERE, and HERE) but the short and sweet one is, Kevin surprised me with a proposal on campus in a place we used to each lunch every week together...with a note and flowers and a pretty ring, of course...truly my other posts really explain how sweet and romantic it was.
It was in the Oklahoma Memorial Union courtyard, I lit some candles shaped into a heart and had a special note for Veronica after her sorority meeting and I walked her out there and took her breath away..yeah that's good. (oh dear...)

TWO:Name one thing that makes you similar to your spouse, and one thing that makes you totally opposite from your spouse.
HHhhmm we have a lot of similarities, I guess an easy one is the way we sleep...we both like super dark rooms, cold pillows and a fan on. Total opposites? I guess I'm a little more willing to spend $$ than he is...and not that I'm a crazy shopper but that I think it's okay to buy $50 shoes every now and then, I believe in quality products, he believes in spending the least you can always.
We are similar in...hhhmmm...we are similar in the things in life we enjoy and we are opposite in the basic framework of our mind...scientist vs that good? (I suppose that's a good answer)

THREE:When was your very first date? What did you do?
Our first date, I can't wait till we get to this part in our story I'm writing, but anyway we went to a nice dinner and saw Switchfoot in concert, in an intimate-standing-only concert space. It was fun!
Our first date was going to Zio's Italian restaurant and a Switchfoot concert at the Diamond ballroom...thought Veronica will tell you it was when we went to see the 2012 movie the night before (ironically, for the first time...probably ever...I gave his answer! ha husband!)

FOUR:How many boy or girlfriends did your spouse have before you?
Me and only ME! :)
ONE...he was the one that kept me from her freshmen year.."I owe it all to the mistake he made back then, I owe it all to my girl's ex-boyfriend"...Relient K (true, true, true)

FIVE:Complete the sentence: My spouse is a natural born _________.
Techy or Techie? I don't really know...that an sports almanac man...are these appropriate answers?
Blonde... {insert my shocked reaction}...but really she's a natural born designer of all things, creative. (second answer was much better...though I am a natural blonde, never died my hair, ever)

SIX:Our marriage would be absolutely perfect if we could just agree on __________.
Hhhmm keeping the house perfectly clean the way I like it! haha but truly he does a pretty good job at this.
The fact that Ranch dressing just goes with many many things...haha thought that would be fun (disgusted is all I can say)

SEVEN:Which of these does your spouse have more of in your opinion? Sense of Humor, Sense of Time, Sense of Adventure, Common Sense.
Common Sense, I think. (except when it comes to the kitchen)
Sense of Time? no that's not my answer...hhmmm Sense of Adventure, Veronica enjoys having little and big adventures (This is true, see Adventure Sunday)

EIGHT:Where is the oddest place you have ever shared a kiss with your spouse?
OH EM GOSH! In the back of his friend's truck...embarrassing! Can't believe I just made that public knowledge... my face is turning red even as I type...I say that's odd because neither of us has or probably ever will own a truck.
Probably when one of us is in the bathroom and on the toilet (haha, oh goodness...this is embarrassing too but it's true)

NINE:Complete this sentence: I knew I had found the love of my life when my spouse __________.
Stayed up late with me for ID projects, came to studio with me, brought me meals at studio, helped me, cared for me, loved on me through service, and became my best friend.
Hhhmmm, gosh this one's tough...gave me the gift of meeting penguins for my birthday..{me: what?!}...that's good right? Cause you supported me in my dreams... (uhhh okay?)

TEN:Explain the outfit you most love on your spouse.  If you do a VLOG, have your spouse actually wear that outfit!!
When we were dating I could probably have answered this fast because his closet was much slimmer there's soo many more options and he looks great in all of them!!! I love him in white polos and jeans, especially in the summer.
Not a great picture, but this is when
he first fell in love with the
can't see it much though...
Dang, there's so many...I like this long sleeve romper cause it's off the shoulder...but I also like this one long sleeve orange and white sleeve top because it fits her body perfectly...and I'm a sucker for hoodies and beanie hats (LOVE that romper..but it's long sleeves with shorts so it's hard to wear it...Oh that's not THAT great, I mean I like it but okay...and the third part, yeah don't understand that one)

The Newlywed Game #11 
ONE:What are three things you love about your spouse?
Kindness, Thoughtfulness, Patience
Three things I love about my spouse (husband: aww we have to do both of them? reaction to realizing we're answering both last and this week's questions)...her personality, her gorgeous looks and her personality (oh husband how sweet)

TWO:What are two things you love about your relationship with your spouse?
I love our friendship because with that life is so much more fun! Friendship and Spontaneity...we're working on that last one more but it's really fun! 
Being together every night and planning our lives, future house, goals, dream, etc (Think we interpreted this question a little differently but okay)

THREE:What is your favorite tv show to watch with your spouse?
Kevin is a TV show nerd so we watch probably way too many lol...but I might just have to say the Bachelor/ that bad? haha right now, I'll say Revolution and New Girl
We watch most every show together {me: but you have to pick a favorite...husband:well this is my comment! okay!}...but my favorite would still have to be Modern Family (oh YES that show! We watch that one all the time and it's my favorite! how could I forget?)

FOUR:When did your spouse know, you were the one?
Basically from the moment he saw me, I was just glowing...haha jk but he liked me a whole year before we dated so sometime in there I'm pretty sure.
She knew at the same time I did, when we were apart on Christmas break in 2011 and couldn't live without each other...(That's true, God definitely spoke to us at the same time clearly that we were meant to get married, it was awesome...I clearly took this question in a not so serious tone)

FIVE:What is your favorite dating memory with your spouse?
Hhhmm that's a touch one! I loved the summer we spent in Norman...and the spring break trip we took to Florida...Ice skating has always been a favorite date...I can't say I can pick just one...
I'd love to pick more favorites but I'll just pick one of my favorites, getting a perfect picture of us kissing under the arch in St. Louis (Camera perfectly tilted back on my purse on the sidewalk...timer shot...I've mentioned before we're awesome timer shot people but this has got to be the best)

SIX:What is your spouse's go to saying when he/she gets frustrated?
"PIECE OF CRAP!" That's his go-to EVERY time something doesn't go the way he think it ought...even when the cheese just falls out of the fridge....oh husband
haha, you know mine...ummm Veronica doesn't seem to have one phrase she always used but dang it pops up a lot...I can't think of any others that she says a lot like I do (yeah guess I just get frustrated...there's not really a certain word)

SEVEN:What is something your spouse loves to hear you say?
"Love you Hubster!" he really likes that nickname for some reason
I love you? Veronica loves compliments about her hair and outfits...she looks to me for affirmation before she leaves... (I was thinking more along the lines of, when he says he cherishes me or I'm his sweetie or his lovely or you know! He said those were good answers too...oh husband...come to think of it, he loves when I say that)

EIGHT:Wedding vows: Who chose them or wrote them and what was your favorite part of them?
We sorta wrote them, sorta stole them from others, but I LOVE/LOVED them! You can read them all HERE and it's SUPER hard to pick my favorite part so I'll just go with the last line:  I give you my hand, my heart, and my love forever and always. 
We wrote them together, my favorite part is that we made it our own by combining our favorite pieces from other vows. And my favorite line is: I offer you my solemn vow to be your one true love  (sooo many good lines...and truly "writing our own" in this fashion was so easy! And we didn't memorize, click the link above to learn how we did it)

NINE:What is something you convinced your spouse to change after you got married?(Think like, a habit or choice of products, etc)
Well going back to the whole money thing, I've taught him about buying quality every now and then is good...and I've convinced him to use man body wash...I've also gotten him to use lotion a teensy tiny bit more...hhhmmm he dresses nicer now.....there's quite a few things actually!
I...I got her to...I haven't changed you at all, you've only changed me!...well I've convinced her to watch more sports with me. (I suppose so)

TEN:What does your spouse have going to the championships on his/her basketball bracket and why?
Well his bracket is over and done with but he had Indiana (and to be honest I had to ask...he threw away his bracket when he realized it was over...)
Veronica chose Florida because her family lives in Florida (Almost every year Florida or Michigan makes it to the end...haha)

Next Week's Questions:
1. What bill would you love to hide from your spouse if you could?
2.     If your spouse went out on a business trip, the very first thing you would do is…
3.     What traffic sign best describes your spouse after a bad day?  (caution, yield, danger ahead… get creative here!!)
4.     What did your spouse’s friends say to watch out for before you started dating your spouse??
5.     What is your spouses dream car…what color?
6.     What specific sport or game would your spouse say that they are better at than you… and why do you think so?
7.     What is the funniest thing that you spouse helps you do?  (helping you tie your shoes, prepare your toothbrush… something odd!)
8.     What do you think your spouse would say if they were asked what they like LEAST about being married?
9.     Who do you get along with best in your spouses’ family and why?
10. Finish the sentence.  Sometimes, I get annoyed at my spouse because he/she always (blanks) when he/she (blanks).  

PS: It's your last chance to enter the giveaway I'm participating in with Samantha. GO ENTER!

Honeymoon picture...and yes I took this while we were riding bikes...and BOTH of us are in fact moving..we didn't even stop riding to take it. I know we're awesome lol

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  1. Have an amazing time at the Color Run, girl! I'm sure it will be so much fun! :-)

  2. I love that picture of you two under the Arch, it is awesome!

  3. LOVE this link up! I'm going to have to join in next time!
    How was the color run?? I just signed the hubs and I up for the run in Salt Lake and I'm SO excited!

  4. Your husband does such a good job of thoughtfully answering all the questions! :P I think it's pretty common that men change a little more post marriage than women do.
    And we have similar riding bikes together in motion pictures. Angel loves to take them, but they never turn out as good as yours did!


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