Saturday, April 27, 2013

Meet my little!

In Phi Lamb we had our little sorority families and they were awesome...
and I still love my family!
And they are in fact, still family. 
Like my little, she's marrying my hubby's best case you didn't know.
But anyway, in blog world we have Bigs and Littles too!
Much thanks to Mallory and Kaitlyn and Emily and Lisette...
You should get in on it next month for sure!
Mallory from Mal's Miles had THE BEST idea to showcase her sweet little and I thought I needed to get with it and do a sweet little something for my little. Thank you Mallory for the inspiration!!!
This month, I have a special lady as my little and she is an amazing blog designer! That's right, blog're going to want to check out all of her beautiful designs here. She does custom and general templates. She's got some terrific talent and I love seeing her sketchy, sweet designs.
She's from Lithuania, which is just awesome. She's so kind and encouraging. She's bold and she's not afraid to tackle new life adventures.
For fun, I asked her what her 3 favorite sweets were and do you know what this lady said? Chocolate, bananas and grapes! You've got much healthier sweets on your list than I do...course chocolate is an always and must for anyone, or should be, right people?
Alright, enough from me....
Vaida from Don't Tell Anyone

I'm Lithuanian girl, an artist, dreamer and designer, who loves everything about music, books, movies, art and design, colour, fashion and travelling. I'm just fanatical about every single moment of life. There's probably nothing what I wouldn't be interested to. And in the end.. let my work talk about me. As this would be easiest and fairest way to tell, how good and bad I am


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  1. This was so sweet! Thanks for showcasing your little!

  2. awww!!! Super sweet, the sweetest girl! XXX
    Thank you so much! :) X

  3. I was hoping I would find others who get the Big and Little reference! I miss my greek family a lot!

  4. This is so wonderful!!! I love the Bigs and Littles! :-)


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