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Life&Love: Bonfires, Football, Concerts

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Split t-shirt representing me at OU & M
at A&M
Freshmen semester was picking up speed like no other. The first couple weeks of November alone brought up: my first opportunity to vote for our nation's president, attending an OU game at A&M with M and some other friends, one of our friends getting baptized, my first phi lamb date party, my first time to attend an OU play (they did Pride and Prejudice, of course I was going)...and the rest of November and December didn't appear to be slowing down.

Thanksgiving was in a week and I'd be "home" in Houston with my dad, high school besties and of course heart was much looking forward to it. But before I even packed my bags for a week, I got to spend a great weekend with my sweet best friends. I still had yet time spent with friends. in lieu of homework or other responsibilities calling at me, and with only a few weeks left at OU till the semester ended, I knew I just needed this time.

My mind was whirling from the week that I'd just gone through as I prayed Friday morning, Lord I can't believer you got me through this long week! I can't believe it's already over! Thank you! I was ready for this Friday, more than I had even realized.  It was Friday! Thank goodness it was Friday! It was Friday, November 21st, 2008 and the BSU had planned for a freshmen night out in the country with a giant bonfire.

As always with any event I began scrambling with my clothing options for the night. Bonfire,...bonfire means smoke, and smoke seeps into clothes...and smoke smells afterward...oh what to wear! I turned to my default, texting Kayla to see what she was going to wear. I knew I could find a solution talking it through with her, besides we had to coordinate plans, always.

Our ride to the bonfire was filled with easy conversation and an abundance of laughter and the night had only just begun. The drive was long and and became darker and darker as we approached our destination. We parked the car among many others than had come also filled with excited bodies ready for fellowship. We made our way to the big group standing by the house then began the treck to the bonfire. Kayla and I mingled between all our friends, taking tons of pictures along the way, but always seemed to end back up with our Walker Stalker boys, of course including Kevin. Our inside jokes and constant pestering of one another ran rapid through the entirety of the night, we giggled like little girls enjoying every moment.

Laughter, that's what I remembered most from the evening as I laid my head on the pillow at the end of the night. The Lord had brought so much laughter to my life through these friends, I never wanted it to end.

The next day was the biggest event of the semester by far, OU vs Texas Tech. Both teams high on the BCS standing, with Coach Stoops calling for an engaged and active crowd created for a majorly hyped up night at the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Somehow, Kayla and I had convinced Kevin and Trey to refrain from going super ridiculously early to the game and heading in a bit later to sit up a little high with the rest of the BSU crowd, with us.

The weather was ridiculous outside, cold and windy...not my preference. I debated for several minutes about how much under layers to slide on underneath jeans and a sweatshirt before finally defaulting to texting Kayla...we put together an action plan including leggings, jeans, 2 layers of socks, 2 layers of shirts, a sweatshirt, scarf, hat and thick gloves and boots. With marshmallow shaped body I was determined for my hair and face to look a little nicer.

See that successful covering of my burn with
Kayla's pretty hair?... smart!
Plugging in the curling iron, I recalled the last few times I'd attempted the tool but quickly swiped them from my memory..this time was going to be different, I was sure of it. Pressed for time, I swiftly set up the laptop with music playing, my phone on the counter, and went to it. Ten minutes went by, twenty minutes, thirty minutes...text messages were coming in like crazy now and I wasn't even halfway done with my hair.

I begged Kevin to save Kayla and I seats, successfully convincing Kayla to wait for me, so I could finish my hair. It was looking pretty darn good and I just couldn't quit now. Besides, the weather was awful and we still had at least an hour and half till the game even started. I started to move quicker and was going pretty well till the curling iron slipped from my hand and landed on my forehead...OOWWWW!! I yelped in pain! My hair was nearly done but now I had successfully ruined my face. I dabbed my wound with a damp washcloth then ignored then pain in order to finish out my hair.

The burn was pretty bad and no make up was going to cover it, so I opted for a long hat to try and cover it, already dreading the teases I was going to get for not only taking forever to get ready but also burning myself   so badly.

I made it downstairs meeting Kayla by the elevators, sheepishly telling her about my once again failed attempt to curl hair as we quickly made our way to the stadium from the dorms. The line was long and with my extra few minutes turned into way more time than I should have taken resulting in us having literally seconds to squeeze into the stadium. 

Kevin had already texted me several times asking how much longer we'd be, where we were, where he was, and how quickly the stadium was filling. As Kayla and I waited underneath the stands in the long line to get up to the stands, the crowd roared with excitement, our hearts were pounding and the whole moment was just thrilling. Thankfully, Kevin and Trey successfully saved us seats, however tight they were, and for the first time we enjoyed a football game, the four of us. I avoided the topic of my hair as best I could but laughter and teasing were imminent, tomorrow would only be worse.

 We were smushed in like sardines in the stands but we wouldn't have it any other way. We took gobs of pictures, laughed, huddled in close for warmth and cheered our Sooners onward to victory! 

The smiles and ever growing shouts and clapping from the crowd that night burned into my memory...I never wanted to forget any of it. The weekend had already been a blast and this night was just deepening that joy and sweet friendships the Lord had blessed me with. I loved the spirit of OU!

I sat on my bed that night flipping through pictures on my camera, admiring the happy faces in the pictures and reflecting on the night in full. Something about being tightly squished in between Kevin and Kayla was so fun, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

see that hand on the shoulder move there...
Sunday morning came too soon. After two late nights my eyes were starting to feel the sting of too little sleep but I was on duty in the babies room at church and I wasn't going to miss that precious time. Besides rocking babies to sleep really didn't require too much energy and I was counting on some rest in the afternoon before one more night of fun out with friends.

Kevin's dad scored us some awesome tickets to see TobyMac and Relient K perform in downtown Oklahoma City. I'd only been to a couple concerts before and wasn't entirely sure about the whole concert going deal but Kevin was excited and I did love TobyMac plus I wasn't going to turn down a night out with two of my favorite people, Kevin and Kayla, and other great friends.

Screaming teenage girls in front of us threatened to test our patience befor the opening set but once TobyMac took the stage, we were pumped. Excited, energetic and all about Jesus. TobyMac put on an AWESOME show and we had such a great time. Nevermind the fact that we could have met them but Kevin missed that little piece of information...

ouch, we're looking rough! again...
arm around me, sneaky
The whole weekend was spent entirely with friends, friends who loved the Lord and friends who enjoyed being all together, and friends who loved me for me.

One in particular loving me in quite a different way, completely unknown to me but known to everyone else. Looking back, it's obvious in the pictures, let alone all the other hints I completely missed...and it was only the beginning.

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  1. Haha. I love those pics with his arm around you. ;-)

  2. maybe you're just not supposed to ever curl your hair! I remember that happening in your post about meeting his family too, right?! :)

  3. I remember this game!!!! That was so much fun and sounds like it holds an even more special place in your heart ;) Love that we both found our men from OU!! They're keepers, huh?!

    Can't wait to follow along and read more!


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