Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Karla's Spa/Oasis Bedroom Concept Board

Good morning friends! Last week, Becca kindly gave me the opportunity to help her with her kitchen. Today, I have a extra special treat for you guys. I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with one of my very favorite bloggers and friend, the sweet Karla from Forever Newlywedded!
Karla is looking for some help in her bedroom so to get an idea of what she's looking for I asked her a few questions:

What do you use this space for?
We sleep here, watch tv and relax. The bedroom is our oasis! I just wish it were a little bit more romantic feeling. It's just kind of...blah. We made a really awesome headboard for the bed but that is just about all I love about it. (it's pretty awesome --->)

What is your vision or design style for this space?
I really like romantic, intimate, oasis-like bedrooms. But we like colors...too much white would drive me crazy! haha (oh girl me too!)

What are your overall goals for this space?
I would really just love to make our bedroom very spa-like. We both work super duper hard and it's just nice to come home and relax in our bedroom after a long day.

I'm basically in love with Karla's vision for her bedroom! I have to say that I would be going the same direction for mine. 

Let's take a look at the inspiration photos she sent me.

And now for Karla's Concept Board:
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Romance in a bedroom makes me think of wispy fabrics, luxurious textures and mood lighting. The inspiration photos had all of these and the concept board I've put together ties them all together but with a modern flair. I'd love to throw in a chandelier and a few other traditional pieces but for the sake of concise-ment I limited myself.

Karla is renting so we kept to the basics here. Renting can be tough, I'm in that boat so I know, because you're limited to what you're allowed to screw into the walls/ceiling and do with your furniture...aka no paint and no flooring changes. But, if you plan wisely and have time and a bit of money to invest then you're rented home can be just as beautiful as an owned house.

Now Karla mentioned she likes color, and I agree. White is stunning but colors give life to a room so for Karla's room I brought in some sweet blues and grays to play off a creamy white backdrop with pops of rich gold.

Let's walk through the room a bit, starting with the headboard, LOVE IT but we needed to dress it up a bit to bring it into our theme of an oasis, spa-like bedroom. Here's what I'm going to suggest. Tack some 2x4s to the back to lift it off the wall. Then thread in some rope lighting. Finally, frame it out. There are plenty of tutorials floating around pinterest on framing with crown molding and such. Paint the frame gold and attach it to the headboard. The headboard will now be framed, making a bolder statement, and with the 2x4s on the back and the rope lighting, it is also a sensual lighting accent. Just imagine the shadows at night with the play of the light and the holes in their headboard!

Next, curtains. The first inspiration photo Karla gave me, I simply adore! You see, the idea of creating a 4 post bed with curtains with simple piping from the ceiling is just awesome and I want to do it in our bedroom! Luckily for Karla I took it a step further and found some lovely gold curtain rods that can be used on the ceiling!

What else makes a bedroom luxurious? Bedding, fluffy and soft and stunning. That's the look we're going for. You want to look at your bed and just want to melt into it. Karla and Scott look to have a comfy comforter already so I'm picturing a duvet cover for them. Duvets are great, you can change the look of your room but don't have to get rid of your perfectly weighted comforter...and if you decide to go back later, the option is easily there! This duvet cover is white, I know, but the design is simple and transitional. It will, ideally, carry them through many design changes in the future as any color can go with it. The color comes from the peek of blue in the sheets and the accents in the pillows.

Karla also was interested in revamping their dressers. She said they were wood and had interesting pattern but she really wanted to revamp them. My suggestion? Paint them!

While I hate to ruin wood with paint (especially since these ones look great!)  painting them will bring them up to the contemporary times and will also bring more color into the room, which is vital when you live in an apartment with white walls and you can't change them. Check out this tutorial Karla! Paint them one of the SW colors from your board.

The rest of the design is the fluff...all of which can be traded out for an alternative from another store, or something you revamp from a thrift store, or whatever!

Want me to make a concept board for a space in your home? I'll do it for free! Email me for more info. 


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  1. Thank you SO much for all your hard work.
    I love this so much. This is just so .. us!
    LOVE the idea to make the headboard more of a statement piece. That is definitely do-able and I'm so excited to do it!! The lighting for it too? Genius. I wouldn't have even thought to do that. Thank you!! The colors---FAB! And I never knew you could get away with not sanding a dresser! That's really awesome! I am seriously so excited. I'm honestly planning on doing this. So, I will be posting about it I'm sure! Thank you again!! =D

  2. Great moodboard! I have the same rug featured on my moodboard. Great minds think alike!

  3. fun. so many awesome pillows

  4. I love that moodboard. I'm gonna steal some of those ideas! :-)

  5. You do such a good job with design like this!!

  6. Love this! You're awesome!

  7. It is very good and nice designs. Love to see these designs. Will you show more designs, please?
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