Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Interior Design on the Blog! Concept/Mood Board

So my blog bestie/Interior Design (like me!), Samantha, participates in a mood board link up each week and has FINALLY got me to put together a little post and link-up! Head on over to Design Your Dwelling to link up your own!

Shortly into the summer, as I really got into blogging, I offered up some help to a fellow blogger as she had recently moved and was trying to determine the best space plan for her new apartment.

She had an idea of the look she was going for but couldn't envision it. She gave me color ideas and asked for pattern. In addition, she wanted to keep it budget friendly and use a lot of the furniture they already owned. Their move was a big one and they were still adjusting to their new city (which was HOUSTON, my home city!). She took several pictures of some of their current pieces, found the floorplan of her apartment online, and I took off from there!

This is what I came up with:

What they struggled with most was a floorplan/space plan arrangement. These mood boards focus on that but also suggest how she could dress up/change/revamp some of her current pieces with a few smaller items thrown in. The space plan I cam up  with here is not to exact scale but pretty close.

I did this one a while ago so I don't have the links to everything anymore but you can see the ideas here. I used one of my favorite tools for some images (off Pinterest) she liked...Sherwin Williams Chip It program. You can upload, or post a link to any image and the program pulls colors from it in SW paint colors. It's awesome and so helpful!

This concept board is an example of interior design services I offer, check out the InteriorSpaces&Design page for more information. I'm offering up my services for FREE for a limited time so send me an email if you'd like one! Fill out THIS form to get started!

and one more thing! If you like my board, send me over a *like* on Beth's blog under the link-up tool!

*Curious about the differences between interior design and interior decorating? Read this.
** DON'T FORGET!!!! The Giveaway I'm participating in right now is from Samantha! You can win a mood board from her, ad space, and many other sweet treats...CLICK HERE to enter!
***What do yall think of my first mood/concept board on the blog?!

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  1. So jealous that this is your job! I'm sure it has some difficult parts to it, but it just seems so fun! Seems like you get to spill out all your creativity. =)

  2. This is so cool! I wish I had a creative job like this... I guess blogging is my creative outlet. :-)

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