Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday, So happy so free!

What a week, I didn't post once (okay, okay but does Monday really count?) and yet I still felt busy and slightly overwhelmed. I'm hoping the weekend brings me peace and rest.

I'm back today though for one of my still all time favorite link-ups: THE NEWLYWED GAME! I hope you join Karla and myself for this link-up. Grab your hunny and ask some questions. It's fun and I bet you'll learn something new about each other. What are you waiting for?

If you'd like to link up, simply...
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2.  Post the button above to your post.
3.  Post the questions & your answers.
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5.  Have fun checking out everyone else's answers! 
You can link up anytime from now til Sunday at midnight EST!I'm excited to see your answers!

The Newlywed Game #12 
ONE:What bill would you love to hide from your spouse if you could?
I'd love to go on a giant clothing shopping spree...I'd even buy clothes for him too... and hide that bill, haha...working full time has gotten me more into fashion than ever before...I think I can blame blogging too...all you superb fashion bloggers! 
Our satellite bill once our promotional price ends. (that and the added  sports package he's always wanting)

TWO: If your spouse went out on a business trip, the very first thing you would do is…
Buy a ton of chocolate and invite all my girls over!
Uhh...I would pretty much just watch the movies she doesn't want to time you go out I'm watching the Amazing Spiderman! (such an exciting life)

THREE:What traffic sign best describes your spouse after a bad day?  (caution, yield, danger ahead… get creative here!!)
Private Road, No Thru Traffic...cause he gets quiet and his patience is limited but only in our home and not around others...does that work?
No Right Turn on Red...cause there's nothing right you can say(haha that's a good one! made me laugh)

FOUR:What did your spouse’s friends say to watch out for before you started dating your spouse??
His bathroom breaks..they can be long at times.
I don't think I got such advice from friends (hhmmm)

FIVE:What is your spouses dream car…what color?
He likes that boxy car...I'm not good with cars so I don't know the name of it...I bet he'd drive a truck if the gas weren't such a problem...but maybe not? I don't know...
Veronica already has her dream car, she just wishes it were in pink {Hyundai Santa Fe}...unless she wanted the ultimate SUV you could get . (not exactly true...I mean I'd probably go a fancier version of the Santa Fe or something, I love that size car...a sunroof! I want a sunroof...that and no I actually wouldn't want my car to be pink)

SIX:What specific sport or game would your spouse say that they are better at than you… and why do you think so?
Probably all of them!
Pictionary...obviously. (ha well maybe that ONE...)

SEVEN:What is the funniest thing that your spouse helps you do?  (helping you tie your shoes, prepare your toothbrush… something odd!)
Saves me from the "cold monster" turns off the fans in the morning and the AC before I get out of bed.
I don't really know..she helps me remember things I inevitably forget but that's really odd. (Yeah I can't think of one)

EIGHT:What do you think your spouse would say if they were asked what they like LEAST about being married?
Hhhmm maybe having to spend money on things he wouldn't have before thought necessary? I don't really know...
Having to patient even when it's difficult. (patience...not one of my qualities)

NINE:Who do you get along with best in your spouses’ family and why?
That's a hard one cause I'd like to say all three of them but I guess I relate best to his mom and sister...
Ginger but I get along with all of them well... (Ginger because he likes to ask her all sorts of things and just see what she'll say in response...think excited dramatic entertaining answers)

TEN:Finish the sentence.  Sometimes, I get annoyed at my spouse because he/she always (blanks) when he/she (blanks).
When he gets frustrated when he can't understand what I'm saying and I can't explain it in the way he's understanding it...does that make sense? Guys and Girls minds at work here.
She always leaves the surround system on when she watched TV without me. (Yall I try, I really do, it doesn't turn off me!)

Timer shot at work here...haha I bet yall were thinking I was going to say that, no a lovely
friend took this awesome shot...BOOMER SOONER YALL!

Next Week's:

1. What is your spouse's top 3 favorite desserts? Do you make any of them?
2. What are your spouse's hobbies?
3. What is your spouse's love language? See information HERE and take the quiz HERE. ps: Read the book! It will work wonders in your relationships.
4. What is your spouse's go-to music for the car?
5. What is one of your spouse's fears?
6. What is on your spouse's to-do list for the home? So what are home projects your spouse wants to tackle? Or other projects, if not home related.
7. What is your favorite date night activity as a couple?
8. What was your first impression of your spouse?
9. What is your spouse's dream vacation destination?
10. What was your favorite part of your wedding? Something you worked on, looked for, researched...just something you were proud of and glad to have.

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  1. LOVE the anser for #7!!! Scott does the same thing in the morning hahaha. The traffic sign answers are so awesome. I pat myself on the back for coming up with that question. People have been so creative. I just loooove Kevins answer for it! So perfect!

  2. I love the road signs you picked! I drive a Ford Escape (the new version) and it's about the same size as a Sante Fe and I love it! I opted for the panoramic sun roof. I travel a lot so I figured I might as well LOVE my car ;) And your hubby would do the same things mine would if I were to go out of town. Have a good weekend! :)

  3. This is definitely one of my favorite linkups too! I also love being able to get The Hubs involved.
    Your street sign answers were fantastic :)

  4. Who on earth warned you about your man's bathroom breaks? Wow. Good for him from saving you from the cold monster- that's what men are for! :D

  5. Love these questions!!!

  6. Love the road sign answers! And the bills answers! And the picture is so cute!!!


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