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Friends, I posted probably ten thousand times about how excited I was to run The Color Run...
and it did not disappoint!
Check that off my bucket list!
SOOO many of you have posted awesome tips and tricks for keeping your items and homes and cars clean post color run. Thank you so much for that because I literally bookmarked each one of them and used tips from each of yall when we went. 
Alrighty, here we go, my recap of the most awesome weekend, The Color Run in Dallas:
 Kevin and I hopped in the car early Friday morning (well as early as we could trying to get our fur baby out with her crate and all her things to our friends house) and hit I35. The day was beautiful and the plains of Oklahoma stood out beautifully against the vibrant blue sky.

After lunch with Kevin's grandparents we met up with Kristina and took off to get our Color Run gear at Sports Authority! { Insert super excited squeal}

Kristina and I wanted to head to the mall next as we were on search for some fun socks to wear for the Color Run. The flowers outside the mall were so pretty and we couldn't help ourselves in the Disney store.

 We checked into a hotel in downtown Dallas next. Much thanks to Miss Kristina's dad and his fabulous traveling points. Sweet deal for us!

Kristin and I's outfits for the big day all set out! Pink and Yellow!

We decided to do some exploring around downtown, business side.

Me, looking a little rough, and my
pretty cousin!
I took way too many pictures of architectural and interior design elements. So many cool and interesting pieces of design and architecture! {ps: business side of downtown Dallas is dead after 5 on Fridays}

My sweet cousin who lives in Dallas, took us out and about the more populated areas of Dallas. It was fun to see all the fun and quirky places that have just boomed with restaurants and bars.

We ended up eating dinner at one of my Houston favs, it was such a good site for sore eyes...Cafe Express! Their sweet potato fries are simply amazing!

My cousin took us to a grocery store, KROGER (why aren't they in Oklahoma?!) afterward so we could stock up on breakfast items. Apples, granola bars, and Belvita breakfast biscuits (thank you Influenster for introducing me to this awesome brand!).

I'm pretty sure I feel asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

5:30AM...that's what time our alarm went off for us to get to an 8am run...crazy? yes. So crazy, that we in fact missed our first DART ride to the fairgrounds for the run but it ended up for the better because we got to take more picture in the hotel room before heading off.

Perhaps the BEST thing we got into was the #VSXColorRunner vip treatment. Magically, myself and Kevin entered in with who knows how many other people to grab this special vip treatment from facebook and got it! Only like 50 people got in on this deal...#lucky! The perks? We got to store our stuff in a locker, AND they gave us all kinds of free stuff in this bag...essentially an entire Victoria Secret work out outfit...Kristina and I shared the bag. Leggings for her, tank and bra for me...amongst many other sweet freebies. My biggest advice...FIND this and GET IN on it!

We got to meet up with a camp friend and gave her the second locker because she had to head out to a bachelorette party shortly after the run.

We were in the first batch of runners to begin...that would be my second piece of advice, get in the front...the dancing craze at the stage? Not worth it...besides why wear yourself out before the awesomeness that is the Color Run!

Then the race finally began!



PINK: (the best color...obvs)


Getting to all the color spots (phone pictures):


We clocked in at about 48 minutes which is actually pretty awesome for half running and stopping after each color station for pictures.

Then the color throw began at the finish festival (every 10 minutes)...awesome to be apart of and awesome to watch:

The After:

For those of you wondering why I'm doing the #1 sign's because our sweet camp friend is doing her aggies thumbs  up...couldn't let OU be left out!

Our plan of action to avoid coloring the DART or our lovely hotel was to change shorts and shoes...even shirts. Thanks to our locker we were able to bring it all with us! The plan went perfectly. We didn't mess up anything anywhere. After showers and lots of scrubbing we took off downtown in search for food.

Commence more pictures:

My cousin had told us about a newish park built on the freeway downtown...let's just say it was absolutely amazing! We ate delish mini cupcakes and saw so many happy families enjoying the beautiful weather. (We also saw several color runners, and we knew they were because they were still all colorfied...literally hours later...kinda odd friends).

We checked out of the hotel and headed to Kristina's house for chill time, movies and a delicious dinner by miss kristina and her mommy. BEST DAY EVER!

The weekend ended on Sunday with church at The Village Church and breakfast/lunch at Einstein' fav. Can we just go back to it all?

Have you ever done the color run? What was your favorite part?
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  1. I absolutely LOVED doing the color run!!! It was so so so fun!! Glad you enjoyed it :) :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed the run!! Looks like a complete blast!

  3. I'm doing the color run in May! Super excited :)

  4. I want to do the Color Run SO BAD! So glad you did it!

  5. That looks awesome! The color run is coming to Germany this spring and I am so excited to do it!!


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