Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Becca's Yellow and Gray Kitchen Concept Board

I'm linking up with Beth again to share with yall a little something I've been working on for the lovely Becca at Faith, Love and Babies. Becca shared a little while ago that she's been in a big debate deciding on paint colors for their kitchen, when I offered a little help I was so excited that she gave me the opportunity. Her one request was to not change her new and lovely wooden floors, of course I wouldn't touch those...who doesn't love wood flooring?
Becca's Test Spot

What is your design style or vision for this space?
Gray and yellow 

What is your overall goal for this space?
I just want to pick a dang color and for us both to like it at the very least.

Becca mentioned that she had a hard time finding some inspiration pictures for her idea but I did some searching on google and found a few that worked along with her concept and thoughts.

Inspiration Photos:

So with Becca's information and the above photos for inspiration I created a concept board for Becca's kitchen makeover:

I think the biggest change for Becca will be the paint colors she's looking at. Yellow and gray are a fantastic combination as they are both cool colors and create a fresh, clean and contemporary look however you have to be careful with the temperature of each in order to best have them compliment each other and open up your room.

I chose a cool gray and light yellow. Together they will open up their space and create a bright and cheerful room. With gray and yellow as the dominant colors, the accent colors I chose to bring is a variety of blues that have a base in the gray hue.

Some of the accessories are out of our ideal budget, my best solution to this is some always awesome Goodwill shopping. Don't diss on Goodwill shopping, I've bought several vases from there and painted them the colors I wanted for a heck of a lot cheaper!

Sherwin Williams paint colors 
Kitchen Print: ParadaCreations on Etsy
Print Frame: Canon (but you could definitely do a Hobby Lobby coupon and get it cheaper!)
Chalkboard Jars: PierOne
Ombre Placemarts: Target
Rug: Ballard Designs  (if her budget was endless and her kitchen was big, this rug would have been SO fun!) (another cheaper option here)
Yellow Baker Dish: PierOne
Pitcher/Vase: Amazon
Yellow Measuring Spoons: Amazon
Soap Dispenser: Amazon
Kitchen Towels: Amazon

Have any questions about something you see? Leave a comment and ask away!
 Want to have your own FREE concept board done? Fill out THIS form!
     Come back next week to see Mrs. Karla's Concept Board!
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  1. I LOVE anything grey and yellow, especially in the kitchen! Out of curiousity, what software/program do you use to make your mood boards? I love how you have yours all set up :)


  2. This is great. We repainted our kitchen Gray Horse by Benjamin Moore and our cabinets BM Cloud White and it made our kitchen so much more light and open. I love it. We have quite a bit of yellow for accents too. Gray is not the dreary color that everyone thinks it is!

  3. Such awesome use of colors. I love everything about this!! So cool!!

  4. So cute! I want to revamp my kitchen eventually (after I talk The Hubs into it) so I'm always looking for new ideas.

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the yellow / grey mix in rooms! Especially baby rooms! This kitchen looks fab though!

    Most Recent Post: Evy's Tree Giveaway


  6. That's pretty! What program do you use to create concept boards?

  7. Yellow and gray is such a cut combination! My dining room is already yellow...I wonder if I could get some gray accents in here to polish it up a bit...

  8. How gorgeous!!! I would adore that kitchen!!! :-)

  9. so fun and bright! i am really into white cabinets these days!

  10. Seriously I'm the worst person ever & I'm just now commenting. Thank you so much for doing this for us and spending time on this, you're just the sweetest and we appreciate this so much! Hopefully this will kick us into action and we can get our kitchen painted. KC still isn't sold on the yellow and gray for the kitchen but I'm definitely willing to settle for anything haha. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! You're so sweet for doing this for us! xoxox

  11. Hello I would like to know what program did you use to create the concept board?



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