Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saw It, Pinned It, DID it: Easter Egg Garland

My version
My favorite pins are the I-have-all-the-supplies-for-this-already thus making it a totally do-able project that the husband is sure to love for it simply costing zero dollares...that's right I went there.

I found this pin on pinterest world last week and decided I was definitely going to give it a try, I've been working on a scrapbook paper scraps organization recently anyway and knew I had some fun paper I could use for it.

The directions are really self explanatory here but the written instructions are in some other language so here's how I did it:
I chose to cut out the smallest egg shape and trace it onto the different solid papers and patterned papers I had. I only have a baby stapler but that turned out to be the perfect size for the baby egg shape anyway. I stacked 5 pieces of egg cut outs together to staple. I stapled right in the middle and then began to fold the pieces bag and forth till they flared around and made the egg shape. Then I took a small sewing needle, I'd choose a thick needle if you have one, I didn't and ended up bending the needle but it still worked, threaded a colored thread and went through the tops of each egg set. You will have to sort-of close the eggs to make this easier but don't worry they'll unfold just fine. I tied one end of the thread to my basket and then the other end and just moved the eggs around till I liked their placement.

That's it! Now go home and try it for yourself!
*Check out all the pins I've tried before, my thoughts on them and some pins I've created HERE on my pinboard.

- When you cut each shape out by hand it WILL NOT be perfect...and that's okay! Another option might be to use one of those cool paper cutters but I don't have one of those awesome machines
- Be bold! I have a hard time matching patterns together( that is one of my interior designer downfalls...I'm working on it!) but as long as you stick with similar colors, you'll be fine.
- Use a thicker sewing needle...mine bent

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  1. how cute! Have a Happy Easter weekend!

  2. That garland is amazing! I'm goign to have to make one!


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