Monday, March 11, 2013

Life&Love: College Getaway

This is a post series that I'm writing about Kevin and I's love story, read about why and how I'm doing this, as well as all the prior posts under the Life&Love page.

Shortly into September the biggest topic of conversation floating around campus was the big OU vs TX game held down in Dallas in October. Tickets were always hard to get and upper classmen always got priority. I hadn't thought much about it until I came back to my dorm one afternoon to a message waiting for me from Kevin.
Suddenly I had something fun to do: the chance to get away and hang out with my friends, the idea was incredibly exciting. I immediately contacted Kayla to convince her to go. With a ride down, a fun Friday planned, and an invite for a big watch party someone in the BSU hosted in Dallas...we were decided, it was a go!  

Kevin and I planned made the plans: when we would leave, and who would be dropped off where. I discussed with him the opportunity for M and a high school friend joining us in Dallas. I'd been wanting them all to get to meet and thought it would be such a fun weekend for M to get the chance to hang out with my best college buddies.

Before I knew it, it was Friday morning on October 10th. I got up out of bed, quickly double checked items for my bag for the weekend and started to get ready. We had planned to drive in and head straight to the State Fair of Texas. I texted Kayla to confirm our outfit choices of the day, we'd been advised to not wear straight up OU clothes as some people in the fair tend to get a little too rowdy and out of control. We both decided on simple but cute outfits.

I slid on a plain whiteT and some jean shorts, Old Navy all the way, and my rainbow flip flops. I popped in my pearls studs, draped a long redish beaded necklace around my necklace and put my big black sunglasses on top of my head. Grabbing my black sling purse and my bags for the weekend, I slid another textbook into my backpack and clicked the lock on my dorm room door. 

I could hear my cell phone going off as I clasped all my belongings on the way down the elevator...I'll be out the door soon enough, I figured, deciding not to wrestle through my bags to find it. 

I walked out the tower to see Kayla, Kevin and Luke standing at the back of Kevin's car, loading up their belongings into his little trunk. Why was I always the late one,  I thought to myself as I slowly shortened the distance from the tower to the car.

Kevin squeezed my bag into the trunk, and the four of us loaded into his car, Kayla and I in the back, and Luke up front with Kevin. Before we even hit the interstate I pulled that textbook out and began to read, I was going to enjoy the weekend but I could also make good use of car time as well. The conversation on the way down was light anyhow, minus the rather entertaining conversation about Kevin "stalking" a volleyball player by having facebook updates sent to his phone...which came about as Luke checked messages for Kevin while he drove...something we'd never let him forget. We took one pit stop at the Texas border and snapped a picture of the four of us there.

Midway down the interstate I sent a quick text to my mom and dad informing them we'd left Norman and were close to Dallas. I let M know that we were almost to Dallas too and that I'd probably not be texting much for the remainder of the day. Neither M nor my highschool friend was going to make it for the weekend fun, I was disappointed for sure but wasn't going to let it spoil a weekend away. Besides, I was super excited to hang out with three of my closest friends in Dallas, Texas.

Excitement really started to build as we pulled into the parking lot of the fair and prepared for our afternoon of Texas fair goodness like fried food, games and tons of vendor booths to browse. Kayla and I stuck close and kept our cameras active the whole time, documenting this day was going to be loads of fun.

Despite our attempt to not dress too OU-like, the guys wore as much OU as they could fit onto their bodies...our plan was foiled. Thankfully, most the attention was positive and we enjoyed shouting Boomer Sooner with random fans we didn't even know.

The whole day, Kayla and I found ourselves walking in a similar order. She and I in the middle and the guys on the outside. Kayla next to Luke and myself next to Kevin. Always. If we stopped to look at something and somehow changed this order, by the time we started walking again we were back in "the order." Kayla and I desperately tried to change this but the tendency was outside of our control and to everyone else we were sure we appeared to be on a super fun double date. 

There was only once that I distinctly remember being okay and perhaps even forced this tendency, myself, to occur, and that was our ride on the Texas State Fair Ferris wheel, The Texas Star. The entire wait of the line my mind was questioning itself on how we would sit in the cabin together...and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why I felt the desire to sit next to Kevin on the ride.

Finally, we got to the front of the line and with a random excuse and some maneuvering I sat on one side with Kevin and Kayla on the other with Luke. There was no explanation for it. There I was sitting next to Kevin, enjoying the time and grateful that I was sitting next to him. Why did I want to sit next to him? Where did this desire come from? What was I doing? What was I thinking? I questioned myself endlessly even as we rode on up to the top and gazed at the massive sprawl below of mini people and endless tents. Despite it all, I couldn't deny that there was something in me that wanted to be close to him, wanted to sit next to him. I didn't know why but I let it happen.

It was something that I'd wonder about for the remainder of the year.

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