Thursday, March 14, 2013

Into the Mind of a Designer

Not too long ago, I did a post for Samantha (remember when we swapped blogs?) about the principles and elements of design. She had asked me to write up something about design since we are both interior designers. I thought it was a great idea and was really excited about it until I sat down to think about what I would write about. I felt lost. I felt like I didn't have much to say.

The thing is being an interior designer hasn't really come up much in my blog. At one point I considered posting some design tips, or at least a little more about interior design on my little blog but I really haven't done much of that at all. It's not that I don't LOVE interior design, believe me I do, really, kind of have to if you're going to go through all the heartache that is majoring in interior design in college...but I don't want my life to be all about interior design.
ID Class, Sophomore Year
The world of interior design is bigger than you imagine. Interior design is all around you. Whether you realize it or not. The desk you're sitting at today was either designed by an interior designer, ordered by an interior designer or "sold" by an interior most scenarios. Every day, I go to work and I do interior design. I love it, I can't imagine myself doing anything else.

I bet something you're unlikely to hear anywhere is about the unusual and somewhat cursed mind of an interior designer. Think about it, interior design is all around you, as I've just said,...I've been trained and educated to analyze spaces continually in order to understand techniques and learn more...put the two and two together and you get a cursed mind. I can't go anywhere ever without analyzing a space. What type of lighting is this? I wonder if that product is Herman Miller? This floor pattern is pretty awesome. That wall covering is beautiful but I think I would have used it this way. Oh, wow, that use of color is extraordinary! I bet if they took down this wall here, and there, and pulled this, and created that...well then that would really be a good use of space... the thoughts are endless.

On a small side note
, I call it analyzing instead of judging because it truly is an analysis, my mind instantly picks up on everything to see how it works or doesn't work. I learn from it. It's not done intentionally, and hardly ever am I picking apart someone's design for the purpose of undermining their talent (so please don't be afraid to invite me over). I learn, I envision, I design. It's part of who I am.

Cardboard model of a museum I designed, architecturally and interiors
Junior year
So now take a few steps back and let's talk about blogging. When I consider blogging about interior design, I am hesitant. Beyond wondering if I truly have anything to offer, I wonder more if I really want to bring it into this world, my blog. In this world, I talk about my life as a wife, a fur-mom, crafter (because I finally have time since I'm no longer stuck in studio night after night), "chef", and enjoyer of every blessed part of life Christ has given me. Sure, my passion for interior design pops up every now and then, you can't separate me from my interior designess(yes I'm making that word up, it's habit-that is ending -ness to the ends of words), remember the paragraph above? I have a cursed mind. BUT in general  this blog is about my life, my life apart from interior design, my life apart from my job description, because interior design is what I do, not who I am, it doesn't define me.

One of my ID besties, before she left me, on a
late night drafting in the dorms
freshmen year.
Then on the other hand, some days I want to pull more interior design into the blog. One day, some day, I may want to embark on my own... be an interior designer, self employed. Create spaces for the everyday people. Do interior design, just me...or something like that a dream? Maybe. I can't say for sure. I've thought about having my own business for years ( I minored in business because of this reason alone, and the family I babysat for insisted I do so, thanks Mr. Ober) but I don't if that's still the route I want to take. I love where I work now but I don't envision myself here forever either. SO, basically, I don't know where interior design will take me. Therefore, maybe I do want to talk more ID on this blog? Grow my name, my brand if you will.

And so you have this....a glimpse into my wrestling thoughts.

I guess it all comes down to this...yes I love interior design, yes I am an interior designer, yes I'd love to answer any questions you have, yes I would love to work with some of you on your homes/offices/etc (check out my interior spaces and design page), yes I want to involve a little bit more about interior design to my blog...but it won't ever be my main focus.

My first portfolio. Hand/Manual Rendering Page.
Sophomore Year Interior Design Review
My main focus is to worship God by enjoying this life he's given me...and I enjoy life A LOT by looking back on the joyous moments Christ has given. And those moments, are generally the ones involving the people in my life that the Lord has graciously blessed me with not the spaces I'm designing.

So there you have it, the longest and most serious rant that has ever been written on this blog (except for maybe this post, when I had a rough day at work, wait, nope still no competition, that one was short and sweet).

What are your thoughts? Anyone else ever struggled with something like this?
Would you even like to see more interior design posts? Or should I keep it coming as it is?

Want to make this post extra long??? I knew you did! :) Here's a glimpse of what I wrote up for Samantha not long ago. Maybe reading through this will help you identify if you really want to hear more of my interior design wisdom.Then head on over to Samantha's blog to see the rest of the post. I've got pictures and examples for you to explain thoroughly. 

 I've got some serious "in" information for you guys, known very well by interior designers and vaguely by others. What is that information? Important knowledge for designing interior spaces.... understanding design elements and principles ...ready to swing back to school for a sec? I've got a short and sweet lesson for you!

These elements and principles essentially play out as "rules" in interior design. A well designed space incorporates all these elements and principles while highlighting specific ones. There are all kinds of definitions of these out there, including Wikepedia's page and even my own few projects I did in school. I've taken time to explain a few of those in detail for you today.

And cause we all know I'm picture crazy, another picture:

The above was done all by my hand...those plans were perfect! I had the most intense detailing for each page of that construction set, it's too bad my board presentation had to take a hit since I didn't spend as much time on it.... but I got a 100 on those construction drawings! #fact #draftedmylifeaway #worthit #notmissingit (and yes, yes I did just use hashtags in a post).

ONE last picture, promise:
Clearly we all LOVE interior design.
My senior ID class aka the one's who made it through alive


  1. I'm so jealous of your talent! My husband's family own an interior design business, so I let them do the decorating when it comes to our house... and when it came to our wedding, haha! I wish I had half as much talent and creativity as them and other designers like you! It's amazing to me. :o)

  2. oh this is so cool!!! I have no idea rally about any of this!

  3. Story of my life. Every bit of it!
    I struggle with how to incorporate interior design into my blog too. Clearly I have passion for it, but there is also a part of me that wants to leave it at work at the end of the day and blog about life after hours.


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