Monday, March 4, 2013

Instagram Lately

Well I didn't write the next part of our love story this weekend. It's a great and exciting next part, for those of you getting bored by my randomness of freshman year life, but it will have to wait until next week. Kevin begins working a week of overnights this week and so I wanted to spend all of the weekend in the most quality time with him I could. For that reason, blogging can just wait.
So today, I quickly put together a little collage (thank you Picassa!) for Karla' Instagramazing link up...go ahead an load up your instagram pics and link up with her. (and don't forget about the linkup I cohost with her on Fridays! Newlywed Game). Except, that I sorta broke the rules because not all these are from the weekend...rather from the past week...oops.

For your viewing pleasure:
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Paying off our first loan, now we own our car! (also paid off a second loan, and half of another later that day too )/// Paisley is just too cute, right? /// Kevin and our friend Kenny behind the scenes at church..don't forget about the service of the tech boys yall! /// arm candy /// The baby sign I made for my coworker, get the DIY here /// Husband left me a love note on our neatly made bed for our 9 months, heart melts. /// Somehow I received Bob Stoops' wife's mail...crazyness (I HEART BOB) /// surprise tent  I made for the husband to celebrate 9 months! Post on that coming soon. /// Husband and I enjoying our love tent. /// What happens to toasters when you leave them sitting on a burner on the stove when the oven is on... /// Paisley...sweet! /// Again, cutest pup ever, right? /// My giveaway from Tennille came!!! /// We went to WinterJam with our small group and ended up having to sit behind the was still great. /// Getting excited about Easter! My church passed out signs and chalk to let others know. /// FINALLY put a picture up in the frame I won from Quall's Quirks like MONTHS ago.

‎"Let your NAME be lifted HIGHER, be lifted HIGHER, be lifted HIGHER...YOU are stronger, YOU are stronger, sin is broken, YOU have saved me, It is written, CHRIST is RISEN, Jesus YOU are LORD of ALL!"
(Stronger by Hillsong)


  1. Love that frame! And the tent idea! Matt is moving back in with his parents this month to save some moolah, so I'm thinking before he vacates his apartment completely we'll need a tent & movie night!

  2. those are great pictures! so glad you stopped by my blog :)


  3. Your pup is too cute! Love the tent idea too :)

  4. these are some great pictures! would def love for you to co-host my instagram hop with me sometime! take a look at my blog and contact me if you are interested :-)

  5. cute cute cute collage! Happy Monday - hope your week is amazing!

  6. Blogging can always wait when you have a hubby you have to spend time with! And by the way, I wanted to mention that my blog post today was inspired by yours and Kevin's awesome self-timer shots!


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